TRAINING PROGRAM WITH PRK-1U: 28.01.17 Stefano Candela & Olga Toloshnaya

February 7, 2017 by Surfer 
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TRAINING PROGRAM WITH PRK-1U: 28.01.17 Stefano Candela and Olga Toloshnaya

TRAINING PROGRAM WITH PRK-1U: 28.01.17 Stefano Candela and Olga Toloshnaya: https:

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  1. De plancke says:

    Thank you Olga Toloshnaya for your Webminar and explanations given.

    Can you tell us more about how to use series number or/and geometrical forms while connected at the device ?while our thought is connected on the lens:

    Would you confirm that G Grabovoi would keep, the device we buy ,in Belgrad if we ask him,instead of bringing it at our home?

    You speak also of a new PRK-1U?
    We just have the Test with G Grabovoi on the 02/02/2017:will we get the new device?
    As it has to be improved after 4 years of running,to make “Up Date”?so we have to send it back?

    When we buy the PRK-1U can we have “Free” webinars with G Grabovoi ?as for with the device will be delivered the texts of the Education Program of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi in the electronic form.

    Thank you very much to answer the questions.

    looking forward to seing you on a next webminar,
    With respect and best regards,
    Laurence de Plancke