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Astrology/Zodiac Signs information characteristics and personality traits.

Remarkable Indian Astrology & horoscope readings as per ancient Vedic astro logy system from Vedic astrologers of India.

Conspiracy videos, movies and documentaries exposing the secrecy behind the institutions of global control.

This site is a directory of links to prophecies and predictions relating to the year 2012, no matter whether they relate to global catastrophes, changes of consciousness, or mundane predictions about science and economy. Which ones turn out to be correct will be revealed in the fullness of time .... The aim is to provide signposting to other sites as simply and objectively as possible, and it is an ongoing work.

Over the past twenty five years, Lawrence E. Joseph has written on science, nature, politics and business on five continents for publications including The New York Times (Magazine, Op-Ed), Discover, Salon.com, and has also authored a number of books, including Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization’s End and AFTERMATH: A Guide to Preparing for and Surviving Apocalypse 2012.

Eos Isabel Yolanda- Empathic Psychic Medium and Spiritual Channel. Your Guides know
why you are here, what you are learning, and how to change the mental/emotional patterns that keep you from enjoying your life. Learn how to create your reality, one thought and feeling at a time.

Inform yourself or others about Spirituality & Health

Angels, Fairies, Earth Spirits, Sprites, Gnomes, Archangels, Devas, ...

Holistic Local - Holistic Health, Green Living and Personal Growth

Mayan Majix - Learn about the Mayan Calendar and the Evolution of Consciousness as presented by Ian Xel Lungold. Mayan Calendars, DVD's, Mayan Astrology Reports and Articles updated daily to expand your consciousness!

Get your free basic metaphysics introduction package here. This includes a 7-Day "What Is Metaphysics?" E-Course, the bi-monthly "Metaphysical Mind" Ezine, and over twenty-five spiritual E-Books all at no cost!

Great resource to learn about Guardian Angels, cocreating with spirit, Benevolent Outcomes, weekly free newsletter and blog.


UFOseek.com - UFO paranormal Directory, Community and News.





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Description: Draw a parallel between two visions of the world, two realities through the news. Reflection and exchange of views on human reality and our relationship to the world.


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