There was once a young man who was searching for a master to teach him how to find God. He walked through the forest until one day he came across an old hermit’s cave.

He told the hermit he wanted to become his disciple, and the hermit agreed to share his home. In reply to the young man’s questions, the hermit gave only short answers and very simple exercises to carry out.

His disciple was not satisfied with this and pestered him with questions about finding God.

Walking along the riverbank one hot day the master said, ‘Let’s stop for a drink’, and they lay down and drank from their cupped hands.

Suddenly the master seized the disciple’s head and forced it into the water holding it under for a few seconds before letting go. Gasping for breath, the disciple looked at his master in disbelief.

‘What were you thinking of when you had your head under water?’ asked the master. ‘Air – I wanted to breathe’, replied the disciple.

‘Very well’, said the master, ‘just remember that if you want to find God, this is how you should think of him.’
And I too say to you that when you pray, you must think of God with all your heart and soul. Think of nothing else.

Be like the young man who, with his head under water, wanted only one thing: to breathe.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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