The energy this month is a lot like a big, red balloon. There is a red, vibrant life-filled energy that is expanding. It is moving outward. This means it is possible that many of you will feel expansive and free this month. Many will feel that things in your lives finally get bigger and move more freely. Things finally get moving. But, this expansion also means that anything that is off course is likely to blow up in your face or explode. Things that are not meant to move forward are going to fall apart this month.

The energy this month is like an amplifier. Those things that need to unravel will unravel faster and bigger. Those things that need to grow and flourish and take root are going to become stronger and healthier. The trick to using this energy is to be more intentional than you ever have been before. To be more conscious about what you are feeling and what your agenda is, and to be more conscientious about how your actions may have effects. This is a very important month to be awake and alive and intentional.

Remember the guidance for this year is that the year 2011 is a time for preparing and building structures that make your life work better. This is truer than ever during March. This is an important time to be productive. It is very important this month that you invest yourselves in the things that feel right to you and the things that you want to increase in your life. Choose the things that will lead you to where you want to be; focus on the things that feel good and feel like they are in alignment.

It is so important this month that you cease investing in things that are dying or do not work. If you are not sure whether something is dying or not, start investing in it and see what happens. If you really commit yourself to it all the way and start investing, if it needs to die it is going to die on its own really quickly. Just based on the energy you start pouring into it. If it is meant to flourish, it will flourish just as much because you put your energy into it. This is a good month to commit to things but, do not get attached to them. If there is something you think you want or want to happen, commit yourself to it, invest your energy, engage with it, get involved but do not be attached to a particular outcome. Do not tell yourself, “I am doing this because I expect it will lead to something.” Do things because you feel that they are right for you now. Stay open to where things might go and how it might unfold in ways you did not expect. Stay committed and invested with your eyes wide open.

What more can we do to work with the energy of this month?

This is an important month for honesty. That sense of being intentional and conscious requires that you remain honest with yourself and with others. Any of those patterns or habits you have in your life where you hide the truth, where you do not really look at things completely, where you pretend some things are not happening, those patterns are going to get you in big trouble this month.

Commit yourself more than ever to looking at things and seeing them as they are. To saying what you really mean even if you are afraid of how people will react. Say what you really mean. Be as honest as you can and trust that those who need to stick around will find a way to understand. Those that do not will find a way to leave. Trust that if someone leaves or someone cannot handle your truth, that they might not belong in your life anyway. It is time to be honest. It is time to be clear.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about March 2011?

We are going to go back to this idea of the color red. The color red represents vibrancy and life. It is the color of blood; it is the color of fire and that sense of a deeper human experience of what might be reflected in the idea of blood — your sense of your own mortality. Those deeper parts of you — your emotions, your anger, your sexual drive, your biggest fears, these things that make you so very human, including your mistakes and your flaws — they are going to be very evident this month.

It is an important month to be forgiving of yourself and others. To accept that everyone has flaws. To be willing to work with what you have rather than holding on to some abstract ideal. This is a very human month.

Remember that color of red, the color of blood, is also the color of the human heart. There is a lot of love available. A great deal of fun is available if you will catch and ride the wave of being honest and conscientious and willing to engage in what is happening rather than waiting for something. There is nothing left to wait for and waiting at this point will only put you behind. Even if you are not sure what to do, even if you are not sure how everything is going to work out in your life, find something to do that feels right even if it is small. Roll up your sleeves and get working. There is so much energy available this month. If you will move with it and work with it, you are going to have a lot of fun.
Jen Eramith