Two independent witnesses, one in Sweden and one in the U.S., have confirmed in separate interviews with reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre a new and chilling form of remote electromagnetic warfare undertaken by FEMA (U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency) against civilians for kidnapping targeted civilians’ “minds, psyches and souls” around the world through non-locational technology and imprisoning them against their will in the bodies of U.S. citizen inmates in FEMA camps in the U.S.

Jordan Cansington, an autopsy technician and pop singer from Stockholm, Sweden, has confirmed that a sophisticated FEMA “dream warfare” electromagnetic weapons system captured her mind, psyche and soul during the dream state using non-locational technology and implanted these in the body of a male inmate of a FEMA camp located in the U.S.

Ms. Cansington’s FEMA capture occurred in March 2011. The male inmate was a U.S. citizen about her age, in his mid-twenties.

Ms. Cansington stated that the FEMA camp where her mind, psyche and soul was held against her will inside the body of the male inmate was filled with similar inmates, many of whom had been captured through this same method of “mind, psyche and soul” capture.

Ms. Cansington stated she was not able to obtain the exact physical address of the FEMA camp in the U.S. where she was held during her captivity. She was, however, able to draw a recreation of the layout of the FEMA camp where she was held during the “dream warfare” non-locational illegal detention of her “mind, psyche and soul” (See video above). Ms. Cansington states that FEMA camp where she was held is located in Oklahoma, and that the layout of the FEMA camp is somewhat similar to an alleged FEMA camp at El Reno, Oklahoma (See photo above). Ms. Cansington is currently working ascertain the exact location of the FEMA camp where she was held, using a Googlemap list of FEMA camps.

The targeted FEMA camp population appeared to be highly psychic individuals who have special psychic powers, can be considered “Indigos” and have attitudes against the New World Order.

Ms. Cansington stated that she was able to free her “mind, psyche, and soul” from the body of the FEMA camp inmate after several days because of her strong “mind, psyche, and soul” abilities and focused spiritual energies.

View video of drawing of layout of FEMA camp

Readers can see a drawing by Jordan Cansington of the layout of the FEMA Camp where her “mind, psyche and soul” were abducted using FEMA non-locational “dream warfare” technology” in a video embedded in the article above or at the URL below:

FEMA “dream warfare” technology confirmed by 2nd independent witness

A second independent witness, a U.S. citizen and resident who preferred to remain anonymous, confirmed that she has suffered a similar unlawful abduction of her “mind, psyche and spirit” by the FEMA “dream warfare” electromagnetic technology. The witness confirmed to reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre that her “mind, psyche, and spirit” were abducted to a FEMA camp, where she was held in the body of a female inmate of the FEMA camp.

This second witness also confirmed that a friend of hers who was abducted by FEMA “dream warfare” technology died at the FEMA camp.

FEMA “Dream Warfare” technology confirmed in prior interview regarding grey ET soul transfer technology

The existence of electromagnetic technology similar to the FEMA “Dream Warfare” technology was confirmed in an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released on January 19, 2011, where Suzanne Hansen, Founding Director of UFOCUS NZ Research Network (New Zealand) publicly reveals the unique and compelling history of how she first met the soul of her son aboard a Grey ET spacecraft when she was only 8 years old and her son appeared as a “Ball of Light.”

In her interview, Ms. Hansen reveals that later in her life, after she was married and pregnant with her son, she was taken aboard a Grey ET spacecraft, where she met her son’s soul once more as “a Ball of Light.” On this occasion, her son’s Soul was inserted into her womb and her son’s body in a procedure by the Grey ETs, who also gave her deep information about the future positive social role her son would play on Earth. Throughout her life, Ms. Hansen states, her experiences with the Grey ETs were “transformational, purposeful, and positive.”

A full video interview and photo slide show of these grey ET “mind, psyche, and soul” transfer technologies can be examined at:

Secret grey ET treaties and misappropriation of “mind, psyche, and soul” non-locational transfer technology

Using secret treaties, many of the technologies of grey extraterrestrial civilizations, including 4th dimensional non-locational “mind, psyche, and soul” transfer technologies such as those allegedly employed in the illegal kidnapping of Ms. Cansington and a 2nd independent U.S. citizen to FEMA camps were transferred by the grey ET civilizations to the U.S. government black budget agencies.

These U.S. government agencies, such as FEMA, may have apparently either used, adapted or misappropriated these grey ET “mind, psyche, and soul” electromagnetic non-locational transfer technologies to be able to kidnap the “mind, psyche, and soul” of an innocent individuals around the world and “enmesh” them into the body of a U.S. inmate at the FEMA camp.

To discuss these U.S. government secret treaties with grey and other ET civilizations, Researcher Jim Nichols joins Age of Discovery on March 26, 2011 at 7:00 pm PST (10:00 pm EST) on with Exopolitics founder Alfred Lambremont Webre, time traveler Andrew D. Basiago, and cosmic mythologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower.

This program can be accessed at:

Ufology: ET Treaties and Hidden Agendas affecting the Earth

Public crusade to liberate similar “dream warfare” victims in FEMA camps

Ms. Cansington has vowed a public crusade to bring this new form of mind, psychic and soul warfare by FEMA to public light, and to liberate those held in the FEMA camps in the U.S.

Ms. Cansington is in touch with a network of individuals who either have been abducted by this FEMA “dream warfare” electromagnetic technology into FEMA camps, or who are aware of it and who are attempting to bring this new form of warfare to public light and to liberate those individuals who are being held illegally in FEMA camps.

Part of the challenge in identifying the victims in this new form of illegal international abduction by FEMA is that the victims’ “minds, psyches and souls” are held prisoner inside the bodies of other inmates, thus making positive identification in the 3rd dimension difficult.

2008 Public Warning about FEMA dream warfare by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Ms. Cansington was able to locate reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre on March 12, 2011 through an Internet webpage that posted an email sent out by this reporter in 2008 warning the public against this type of FEMA “dream warfare”. The 2008 email is located at this URL:

How to evaluate the FEMA programs for unlawful abduction of individuals worldwide using “mind psyche soul” non-locational transfer technology

1. FEMA “dream warfare” non-locational transfer technology exists – The FEMA “dream warfare” non-locational transfer technology exists for abducting “mind psyche and soul” of an individual and enmeshing these in the body of an inmate at a FEMA camp exists and has been demonstrated in grey ET ships, in the soul enmeshment of a married pregnant woman and the soul of her son.

FEMA and/or some black budget agency of the U.S. government including but not limited to DARPA, NSA, CIA, NRA, or some related agency more probably than not has misappropriated and retro-adapted the grey ET soul non-locational transfer and enmeshment technology to a mission of abducting the “minds psyches and souls” of innocent individuals around the world into the bodies of inmates at FEMA camps in the U.S.

2. Targeting individuals of high psychic and soul capacity – By the evidence of witnesses, FEMA appears to be targeting individuals such as Jordan Cansington and the 2nd independent U.S. citizen witness who are of high psychic and soul capacity. FEMA’s intent appears to be to engage in spiritual warfare, by derailing the soul mission and path of these individuals, on behalf of a international war crimes racketeering organization, who some refer to as the Illuminati.

3. Unlawful activity of FEMA – This unlawful activity of FEMA, which constitutes crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and the Geneva Conventions, must be made public and prosecuted without delay by public prosecutors in nations that are signatories to the Rome Statute of the International Court.

4. U.S. Congress & Executive branch co-opted – The U.S. Congress and U.S. Executive branch appear to have been coopted by the international war crimes racketeering organization (Illuminati) that exercise command and control over these FEMA “dream warfare technologies. A veritable constitutional revolution at the ballot boxes in the 2012 U.S. Federal election therefore is in order, to rid the U.S. Congress and Executive branch of any taint of operatives of the Illuminati, and the restoration to the U.S. of a democracy by, with and for the people of the U.S.

5. ET disclosure – An ET disclosure and truth-amnesty process aimed at full public disclosure of all crimes committed as a result of ET secret treaties and ET technology transfer and adaptation for war crimes purposed must be undertaken as part of a 2012 U.S. Presidential platform

6. FEMA – A full investigation of all FEMA concentration camps, including those holding FEMA “dream warfare” non-locational “mind psyche and soul” prisoners in the bodies of inmates in these camps, or in their own bodies, must be undertaken immediately under the Rome Statute of the International Court, the Geneva Conventions, and the War Crimes provisions of the U.S. Code Annotated (USCA).

Alfred Lambremont Webre