Ing Ivo A.Benda’s performance about Universe people of Light

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We are universe people of light.

We love you, people of planet Earth.

Ing Ivo A.Benda’s performance about Universe people of Light.

TVT Turiec – Martin (Slovakia)

Television Turiec on current topic

    * Dear televiewers, it’s Tuesday, November 25 th and we are meeting at today a bit unconventional literally extraterrestrial present topic Cosmic (Universe) people. Are they or aren’t? This question will be answered by Mr. Ing Ivo Astar Benda who gave 200 lectures discussions in several TV stations and many other activities right on this topic. I would like also to mention that Mr Benda came from Czech Republic and in fact, his visit in our studio in his first visit of our city. Welcome, good evening

    * Good evening

    * I would also like to remind you, dear televiewers that question regarding this topic can be raise on telephone number 4220 594. And so, we can go on the hot topic.

    * Yes

    * Mr. Benda, I am concerned in how did you in fact get to the topic Cosmic People.

    * So…Yet from childhood, I did notice that there is so big universe, gigantic lots of galaxies, millions of galaxies and worlds there got to be and it was strange to me that this society is not somehow cooperating nor communicating with possible inhabitants of theses millions of worlds so I did search a bit and I was influenced by of course Daniken’s books 30 years ago the other books that were later available and mostly from year 90 foreign books that were translated into Czech. Roughly, during 7 years I have read through 50 books about Cosmic People, thus cosmic positive beings, loving, and among-them there were also books about that others, negative about those evil and sophisticated and from that I got a quite accurate information about this our status, or this our situation because that has a big effect on us, terrestrials. So then I was looking for someone who is communicating with those positive cosmic people. That was a hard task, but I have found on lady, from who in fact i have learned, what are the conditions for contact, she announced them to me, the I wrote them down to those roughly 10 points and after fulfillment – basically of 2 conditions that means in my case : not eating meat and disposal of negative sources from an apartment, that means – about negative aliens, about wars, generally about killing people and further some magazine about erotics, so this main sources, thus emitters of bad energies. I did liquidate from my apartment and then, during few days, 10 days I did make a contact by internal communication by heart chakra and you can then beautifully talk. After fulfilling these conditions of connection with them, with beautiful Cosmic People.

    * So is this possibility accessible to all people? Can anybody contact?

    * Yes, really every human has his spiritual heart available- possibility to contact that is some people called intuition, or “inner voice”, or “in spirit”. In fact, it’s not ours, but those are informations from them. Those Angels of Light or Cosmic People and anyone can work with this information, people work with it someone less knowingly, someone more knowingly and we have information just about Cosmic People to make people understand and realize that they are here, that they look about like this, that we have such a portraits available and they can make contact with them. That these Cosmic people are waiting with happiness and love that the terrestrial people will finally start talking with them and they will not just unilaterally talk to them.

    * So, it’s rather about human’s will to meet or communicate with them…?

    * Exactly

    * Can’t they come here and show up to everybody and talk to us…?

    * They cannot, for the simple reason that it would be intervention. They are so loving and so tender that they cannot step in somewhere without announcement, without being asked by those people to do so, but the people have to ask them to appear here. Thus, it’s necessary to sue in fact – in a loud voice, or in spirit. Them, cosmic friends with happiness, and with honest desire and you can talk with them. Without pen or with a pen. In fact, write a talk. They are waiting here for that.

    * You mentioned that they are among us. How do they get here on earth? And where exactly are they from?

    * Yes, cosmic people are here in big number around planet Earth, because planet earth has big problems with terrestrials……That mean that negative people’s thoughts destroy planet Earth. She is a living being, she is not some dead clump but a being, she is a female spiritual being with this physical body on which she is carrying us, on the surface, she give us conditions for life and people are just not realizing that and they are harming her by their negative thoughts. So plant Earth has called these cosmic beings in larger number to help her and so, they are helping plant Earth and us, terrestrials. They arrived here in big motherships like this – of kilometric dimensions, nowadays they are here in the range of 100 000 of these motherships in this solar system and in number of 250 millions of Cosmic People and that are two main squadrons so that is mainly Ashtar’s big cosmic squadron that is the being who I have showed previously this one commander of this squadron because there is obviously some organization of these ships, …… but it is simply beautiful, wise, loving being who already leaves on this body re-counted to our time 28000 years and i am also cooperating with this being very much for several years since year 97 knowingly, and this being, in fact, this cosmic human has for us, terrestrials important messages announcements that we have in our materials that means – also on Internet ( in number of 2000 announcements and also other books, from other literature here is also a portrait of Ashtar Sheran so these beings are her in large number to help us, terrestrials and planet Earth…in the situation we are situated in. Everybody sees, that something is going on here something different, something carping so we do not have to tell this here much. Yes?

    * I am also concerned. Do you really have an experience from direct meeting with them?

    * Yes, I am meeting them in the motherships as I have told – Ashtar’s big cosmic squadron takes turns with Ptaah’s cosmic squadron from Pleiades… …this is commander Ptaah where they take turns each half a year in watching and helping planet Earth.  I am also meting them on the ship that is done the way that at night sleep they take my body and I find myself there. I can be away for 2-3 hours at night of course – nobody can see that and I can be there for three days or a week, there is other time. So I am talking with them, learning watching things on screens, on tele-panels, in working theaters, I was also on the mother planets. We just cooperate in various ways, having fun, I am discovering another things, which I just would not discover here on Earth and also other people are doing this. So I am not doing it alone, there’s more people but they have at a private thing certainly, because, obviously they are not public agents. So we are contacting here with these beings but the main communications is via that heart chakra and there are some conditions to meet, conditions for contact as I have already told. So anybody who wants shall choose himself, and the doors are open. They say – our ships are also your ships, as soon as you get here, as soon as you meet the conditions for contact.

    * I am also concerned in that – can the contact harm people somehow?

    * Regarding Cosmic People of Light, everything is under control according to skills from many other planets so they will not cause even a smallest harm – they, these Cosmic People of Light obviously there are also other Ets, negative, that is an other chapter but if a human behaves a positively and d lovely in his life, that life is determining, not what he is saying, the he really has an opportunity to contact with them, soon, and he does not have to worry if as I am saying – he lives positively and lovingly, he does not accumulate senseless properties, does not think about it or other characteristic for example, and so on – you know that from life. So there is a picture drawn by young Terezka, 8 years old, who is occasionally on ships and he drawed here big mothership, this one has a len’s shape of 2 kilometers in diameter, where there are several floor groups, on the top there are command floors, where commandery is, – because everything underlies to some control, then there is a working floor, with big monitoring halls, big tele-panels and halls where even 50, 100, 300 can be, then there is a floor with greenness, something botanical garden on Earth with ceiling 30, 50 meters above, then accommodation floors, floors for free amusements, lunchroom so everything has Terezka beautifully drawn. Inside the ships it is very spacious, not like in our submarine ceiling are 9-12 meters above, so I felt like in a giant domes, palaces, all walls shine, there are no spotlights, there is total calmness, harmony, no stress or nerves, nothing like that like we know here and those Cosmic People are basically young beautiful, they are not old, they are nod sad or somehow mourning, nothing like that. They are cheerful, humorous, but they are extremely wise and educated, and they can really help us a lot.

    * That is interesting. Many people besides them who believe in Cosmic People already have some experiences with so called UFO, or something like that, with flying saucers…Many people watched them, there are many photos, also you bought some. Tell us where do these takes come from and it is possible to catch them – have you had some advice that it will just fly there? How did you manage that?

    * So we are giving people information in text state, mainly as messages, so there are not texts like “I think…” or “he thinks…” but as messages, that were received by that telepathic way, by heart chakra with a pen. Then by pictures, that means photographs and movies many people participated in this for 50 years here on planet Earth everything is by the fill-in way, not that the people have to own it like “That is mine…” But it should be shared together at that squadrons are organized basically into big motherships of kilometric dimensions and these big motherships garage small ships and in that small ships they bring themselves near planet Earth. The ships have basically shields, to avoid disturbing that people. That’s because they can’t scare or disturb somebody in his living because then they could not be lovely and positive. If this happened somewhere, then those were the other Ets. They did not care obviously. So Cosmic People in no case, and moreover they ships are always rounded. They are never angular, or some like that because round shapes are always for harmonic vibrations and they have extremely beautiful harmonic vibrations. It’s about that. About frequency of energy of their bodies, their thoughts and whole system they populate. So really, Cosmic People are here in large count you can see small ships here, on that picture where in small ships in large count they come near planet Earth, doing various measurements, monitoring status of various energies

    * Will they land somewhere ?

    * They land, obviously

    * They also come out of ships?

    * They come out, sometimes, when necessary but only when it is really required because these terrestrial energies are less comfortable for them, I would say, nature is more pleasant for them, but they surely won’t go to city just without consequence. Rather under some special task and shield but except that, it is not attracting them much. So it is really an interesting topic that I am solving here among us. In Czech countries and in Slovakia and many people are interesting in this, more and more. I do not need any organization for that, I am a natural person. I do these lectures, and really anybody can serve himself with information from that Internet or printed paper or from lectures.

    * And what are your experiences…? Right now we can see on the screen probably a shot from a saucer Isotype. (Crop circle)

    * That is also a civilization a way that civilization uses to let us know that they are here…Yes

    * Is it on of the Cosmic People’s communication methods?

    * Yes

    * They do it too?

    * They do it too. So we say that isotypes – thus crop circles are done by all people or all beings, because there is an area of free will here. That means – cosmic people of light do it, negative aliens do it, then also Planet Earth is doing it, then also terrestrial falsifiers do it. Because it is allowed and as it is allowed everybody does that. Basically angular isotypes are from negative entities, and Cosmic People have only, as I am saying – rounded isotypes. The largest we have there is as large as three soccer playfields. Kind of spiral, also on our FrontPage

    * We did not yet mention, how do you communicate with them? You mentioned by heart but do they communicate by speech, like us?

    * They communicate each other telepathically by images gigantic amount of information – communication images and also by vocal chords in small amount and that is then a kind of high voices high-pitched like some bubbling stream, and very fast. Very fast. So everything exists, and it only depends on people, what will they do with the information.

    * As early as a few televiewers have spoken, so first question – how can we recognize the Cosmic human, thus if he is a friend?

    * Yes, that is an important information. Thus, it is necessary to the own heart and the own feeling. Actually it is about own sensing – as when you meet a terrestrial like when you practice or sensing a terrestrial, if he is a good human or a bad human exactly the same process. So the basic is to trust yourself, your feeling, not just intellectualize, but the sensual communication.

    * Next one – you are saying that they came to help our planet, to help finish the evil. The telewiewer supposes – he does not feel the results. He doesn’t, and most likely more people…So how will you explain this?

    * I would say it like this – there is a mixture of all possible energies here. I have realized that like this. That means there are people from negative spectrum and many means of wrong, and variations of wrong – right? to the spectrum that they are very positive and good-hearted loving people, and there is very little count of these people, obviously those very positive, I would say, those well good-hearted and then it is obviously a smooth curve. Those who have all chakras opened, chakra system – healers know that – there is about 1% of such people here. Then there is about 10-15 %, who are trying their best and who are doing something with themselves and want to do. That’s the way I would tell that. So there are large spectrums of people, and it is important to try best. Train the love, on the nature, on animals, in relations between people and the one who is devoting himself, has the results. Even when he is in some environment, then he is meeting nicer people, during years he is meeting the bad people less and less and that is also a kind of reward for that he worked on himself. So I am advising people not to be concerned in the others, what about the others…but to start being concerned in themselves. What is there status and what to do or what to do with themselves.

    * Good, next question: How could they help us?

    * How could they help us. I would like to say – Basic help is the communication, thus in actual life situations they tell us – you can do this, or you can do that. Yes? in concrete life situations. Surely it depends on a human, if he wants to follow that or not. They are not manipulating anybody. They can also send him love, which can com across as you feel good, full of energy. Yes? and so on, but it is not “self” . Yes? They are doing that by virtue you have previously behaved somehow, that you have attracted them by your behavior – everything is based on a law – alike attract alike. Yes? So those are the basic ways of helping. So not like “opposites attract”, but the other way. No. Alike energies, same vibrations attract. It is concerned about vibrations of energies – frequencies of energies of your bodies. Yes? Again healers know that I can also show some interesting picture that our body not the only one – that physical body but we have many other mental bodies someone calls it also Aura, but those are another bodies. There are many of them as I am saying; each of these bodies has some vibrations, frequencies of energies. Obviously there are also blocks that mean areas where energy does not flow where in fact blocks rise from ungovernableness of some situations, behavior so we have it like this. This is the situation of people here. So if it is necessary to work on myself that means to control my thoughts, to minimize negative thoughts and maximize positive thoughts positive approaches. Yes? And then by those positive approaches I am cleaning out those blocks. I am in fact removing those blocks. That is extremely important. Further communications depends on that, further flowing, healthier life because also failures of the physical body comes up from those blocks, and so on because also failures of the physical body comes up from those blocks, and so on.

    * So when we are talking about a body – I think we have not previously mentioned how do Cosmic People look like – I see that they look approximately like us. what figure do they have ? Are they tall, small…?

    * I would like to say that Cosmic friends are from many various worlds that mean those worlds are very various, they are not the same so we are not talking about just one planet…just Plejadien civilizations are really thousands of worlds, there is Cosmic confederation of planets in our galaxy where millions of civilizations are joint and there are also 3 more millions of civilizations associated. So together 5 millions of positive civilizations, and – pointing out that – on different degrees of development. With this, I am also saying that our civilization, on this planet Earth can become a member of this confederation of planets if it will ask for it, if it will fulfill some conditions and if – simply – it will want to If people will want to. There are of course two ways either the way of governmental representatives that means – presidents of big countries were called since 1949 – Truman – Stalin – Where Cosmic People landed on the airports offered them cooperation, help in actual projects. Sadly – they were rejected then they offered it to another presidents – of France, England, Spain, Italy so nowadays, they appeal on representatives of smaller countries including Slovakia and Czech republic a month ago, on TV Joj there was a shot where they asked presidential office, if they linked or discussed about it and spokesman mrF?le confirmed that they discussed it, in fact with us – had the negotiation on 12.12.2001 for two hours in presidential office and we specifically explained the possibilities of concrete projects of cooperation in the terms of improvement of life quality. So cosmic people do not offer the cooperation in the sense to help us have more goods, properties, flats, houses and so on instead, in the first place it is about overall way of living to make our life harmonized, to make it more humanistic, to make us healthier, more satisfied, happier and the life more fruitful, so not dull, to make it not be just to work, from work and of course – the work is long, tiring…So they offer such a life conditions to make us live like the life is on their planets. That means – there is regularized – those are cosmic laws which they know – that human has to work for the society for the necessarily long amount of time. Of course, as soon as he works more than necessarily needed, than it goes to negative purposes. They know that. For our economy that we have here on our planet it would mean that we should work – simply counted – 4 hours a day. The rest of the time could the people have free. Really free for their rich, personal life – relationship, friendships, vacation, relaxation, education, nature, making love with partners, and so on. They offer all this, these projects of cooperation and it can all be done without any giant financial resources just by specific learning, knowing, education training and by change – organizational change of the systems we have here. But it is up to us. They do not force it.

    * I will also ask you – you are always talking about Love, those people…It is usually being connected with God – do you believe? In God?

    * Yes, I believe in Creator primary of everything and everybody or God anyhow anybody calls him, I know that Cosmic people work for Creator Primary, really they consciously cooperate with him, work for him, and they do not do it for themselves. So they work for Creation generally. And by myself I did not attend to church but in fact, I always believed that some being like this exists as highest good, highest wisdom, highest Love, highest intelligence, highest – simply all the positive attributes.

    * How often can you meet and how often do you meet them?

    * I am telling – mostly it uses to be in sleep – as long as we talk about physical contact on then the communication is running practically continuously.

    * You do not have some time gaps – like a week or two – not at all simply when anybody wants …

    * I devote myself to this work fully since 1998. So I do not work at former employment so I talked with them all the time – continual communication all the day by the internal way and I cooperate – what I do, I do with them. Also, what I am telling here, I am telling with Ashtar sheran. He tells it to me, and I am connected with him much as we just cooperate.

    * Good, we have another question by televiewers – How the photographs you are showing come into existence? How could you prove that they are not forgeries?

    * Like this : On one side, we have many text informations, those are received from many people – from Czech and Slovak countries it is more than 100 contacted, they are not in any organization, they did not make a bargain and so on, they do not take money for that, and so on. Then, there are books on our website roughly 50 books, which are from another foreign authors and those people again did not make a bargain and they have there completely similar and same information. Pictures are from the world, pictures are either photographs – this is also the case we have here exceptionally such a photograph of Asket, from Mr. Meier specifically of course, there are more photographs, but sadly negative people have putted them into drawer – either some UFO – organizations or some spy (intelligence) organizations. It is like that, Friends told us that. In fact, they told us that certainly when most of the original photographs is being hidden and not showing to people. Then they persistently not let us make those – that is wasting of energy. So besides theses photographs of ships and movies – we also have movies in daylight. Then we also have photo montages – done on computer – of the motherships for example, for example this is carriership Share which is an Ashtar Cosmic Squadron headquarters ship, 42 km long and there is an extensive center of that fleet.

    * I would like to know where exactly are these ships ?

    * In our solar system, there are 100 000 of them – those big carrierships. Specifically this Share – We have it in book UFO – contact, I did also read in some other – has been watched also by American military organization in 50s as it just rotated around our planet. When they removed this shields. Normally they have shields to not disturb those people. But for a short presentation they presented themselves. But as I am saying, also small ships landed at those airports. It was Edwards – Muroc in 1949, in 1954 – there is some dates in those books, so today we do not make photographs a lot because it is obvious that anybody can say that you have done it on computer…The photos we have are from the time when there were no computers – 70s, 80s from various people – M Adamski too, yet in 50s, till 1965 – this Mr Adamski also have done hundreds of lectures in USA – some information exist, from various people, who did not make a bargains, did not make any big organization, those people…I also do not have any organization, I don’t need to, and most important is to give it to people.

    * On lady has…it feels like more and more are concerned about this and they start to realize that can be someone else besides us some people are absolutely denying it. I will not comment which group do I belong to but…lady has called her husband began to devote himself to this question and whole family perceived that. She supposes that it is concerned about some manipulation with people because he stopped to be interested in anything else. She supposes that it is a sect. And there is another similar question – apparently televiewer means your lectures and everything that relates – and scientists, about your activity? And he also supposed that it is a manipulation with people.

    * So I would move now to the second part of our topic because our topic has two parts on part is about Cosmic people as such and the part is about us, terrestrials – about our status. And I consider it as important to tell people. So I have here such a schematic, where you can see the physical body – healers know that – that they have fist, second, third fourth, fifth sixth, seventh chakra, main communication channel, where some energy is flowing, it is located in the area of the backbone and by the negative acting of people, the blocks are arising. So this main communication channel is gradually being blocked and is non-functional to the people. Through those chakras, the feeding of those bodies is taking place. First chakra feeds physical body, second the next body, third the next. We have many bodies. Of course only 1% of people have all those 7 basic chakras opened because that 1% are positive, really loving, in the specific life. They are spread, inconspicuous people. Most people sadly have those chakras closed, caused by unhandled situations – negative acting and so now besides the main channel people have two subsidiary channels. On is the positive subsidiary channel, which is the left part of their body and the other is negative subsidiary channel which they have in the right part of their body. Healers – I am emphasizing again – know that. Into the positive subsidiary channel, from the top, from this side, the information is supplied by Cosmic People – Angels of light – different names, it is the same from these positive, loving civilizations intuitive information. So the one that we call “in spirit”, “inner voice”, soft, pleasant, intuition. Right and correct information, but not manipulating. Emphasizing that. Into the right subsidiary channel, by the remote data transfer from another worlds, dark worlds, from underground information is supplied by another entities using computers manipulating information, which are of course delivered as positive because they do not claim themselves – we are negative – we control you – and so on but instead, they are hidden, right, because that is the comfortable way to do evil and manipulation and remotely, by the remote data transfer, they transfer those energies. Antennas are on the moon. There is an entity “informatic-analyst” who in fact, analyses the overall situation of the manipulated scene – he does not manipulate only that terrestrials, but the whole scene – and it creates the tactics necessary to create the blocks in the bodies of that human because the more blocks it has, the more is the physical body is controllable. The less blocks it has, the more the body receives the right information from the Creator primary, by the main channel, here from the top and helpful information, positive, from those cosmic People. But if there are blocks, and more – it is a measure, not yes or no, but it is a measure, the less right information they receive and so, the present status is that people receive and work in life for only an hour a day, roughly in various time periods with the right informations. The rest, the thoughts – they are the initial thoughts, in fact they receive from the negative entities and they adopt them. So I would emphasize that the initial thoughts people have are not their own thoughts, but they came from these two sources: Either by inner voice, from loving positive beings or they came the violent method – we call it “impact” – as delivered forcibly from those negative entities – of course of course sophistically, like – it is needed to be done…you have to do it, to be well off, or to by that thing, or that, characteristic…anything that is normally in life, those are the initial thoughts, like an “idea” and these are not ours. But in the moment, when we decide to follow this thought, this kind of energy – we do it in heart, immediate decisions – in that moment it is ours. And in that moment, we are responsible for that decision and responsible for the steps and acts that we do regarding that initial thought. This is how manipulation works. So here you have the answer for those your questions. Vast majority of people are 95% controlled by these entities also scientists and other various so-called experts belong there who always request evidence – may they not want evidence, when controlling works by method – we are hidden. Right? So then, there is about 5 % of people who do not let themselves to be controlled and they really have a very good status. To this, I would like to tack – there is another being, who elaborates those controlling energies – it is a programmer and then it is a “misleading entity” – operator for remote data transfer. On their screens they have the life tapes of people, in the middle the tape of that controlled human, next, by the side – 6 tapes, for example, like films, there are another people in his proximity – family, employment. So-emphasizing, they are the controlling scenes. Somebody may call it Destiny, but it is, in fact, that controlling program. In fact, it can be changed. To make the controlling working, those negative aliens, those entities, encapsulated Spirit and Soul because in the case of Cosmic People and in the appropriate order, Spirit controls through Soul the physical body in full communication. Here, nearly nobody has it. So nobody also knows it. So they encapsulated Spirit and Soul into as such capsules to make the physical body to these blocks, that they make for many lives, in stages, according, to the pan of blocks to make it more and more controllable as a puppet, as a puppet world. So I consider this important to tell people, because we have this information. Here you can also see how the capsule of Spirit and Soul looks like – there is a common control system – computers, we call it data system, which does not control specific entities – those are the usual behaviors – also alcohol and those usual, routine negative thoughts, and then there is an individual control channel that means – when common control system does not work, then they must devote themselves to the controlling more individually those entities, through that individual control channel. These Spirit and Soul are in another worlds – in Spiritual and Intermediate worlds and in normal arrangement they should control the physical body.

    * We should again move to the questions…televiewer has called – you claim that you are meeting these people…that in fact, it is only your statement. He asks if you have proofs. For example – commune photographs or something similar.

    * I have already said: Commune photographs…anyone can controvert that. That is not a proof. Because today you have the computers…Look at the commercials…Into such control programs I just will not enter. At all.

    * Ten another question: It is hard to believe to something that not visible or tactile. Either in your statement, regarding to televiewer, there is a conflict. They came to help us to have a better time but the opposite is true. The aggressivity of people is growing up – also for example terrorism, in last years.

    * I have told that a while ago: Every human is choosing the initial thoughts here and which ones he adopts – if he will adopt the positive, from those Angels of Light or the negative ones, from those negative entities, that is only in their hands. I am EMPHASIZING: Cosmic People cannot command anybody to behave so and so. They would then not be positive beings, they would become negative entities – negative beings, if they would manipulate and command…land here, do some screening, schooling – do you understand? – in violent form…and even people did not ask them…that does not work this way. Then they would not be positive beings.

    * So it is not to be intended like some televiewer called us – that why in fact they do it through you. He does not mean specifically you. Not only me – many people but more people who believe in their existence and they are able to contact with them somehow – that why they do not show up to all of us.

    * Exactly

    * For example we do not believe that, why they do not come here, show up, talk…

    * There a possibility that they would show up in TV, this possibility exists but it is conditioned that people would ask for it. Because again – if they would enter there without being asked, then it would again be an intervention. And so why they do it through some individuals – Because I have already said : They offered cooperation and thy still offer it to presidents and governments, of course they have that informations in safes, when they were on the airports – that was in those big countries – Muroc AFB base in California was renamed to Edwards to make it secret, from 1949 – they were there in 1949 with Truman, in 1954 with Eisenhower, with Stalin they was in Moscow at Vnukovo, also in 1949 and – in countries want to put it safe into secret safes then …they say – if you do not want to cooperate, okay, we feel sorry and we well be connecting with so-called ordinary people. That is a simple answer.

    * I would like also to ask you about your name. Ivo astar Banda. You have this name since your birth?

    * My name was Ivo Benda, and from that year 1998, I am strongly cooperating with astar seran (ashtar sheran), that beautiful being. So he proposed me also to use his first name so I use this name too in my name. Because we are connected very much. Because we cooperate very much.

    * Good, dear televiewers, time given for our today’s current topic has expired. So what do you think – are they, or aren’t? We will let you conclude. Of course we will not force you to believe in any opinion. Thank you for your attention. I also thank to our dear foreign guest that he agreed to attend in our studio.

    * I also thank you for your interest

    * And I am looking forward, dear televiewers again at any next Current topic. I wish you a nice evening.