If we are immortal spirits, then the body is only the “costume”, the psyche is only the “character”, and our soul or spirit is really the same “actor” playing a new character in a new costume.

The “players” and elements of the karmic “plot” are chosen before each reincarnation; but the play itself is subject to “improvisation” in “real-time” as the life-long drama unfolds and the players interact.

We can create a comedy or a tragedy, for we are writing the script as our souls come back to play a new role on this stage we call Space/Time.

All that matters is the choices we make.

Our choices and their consequences keep changing the reality we experience. Karma is just the consequences of old choices – old beliefs and old attitudes – which unconsciously create and re-create similar consequences, until we become conscious of them and choose to change them. In the ancient Sanskrit language “karma” meant “action”. Karma is not a punishment but an opportunity to correct old mistakes and make our lives (and ourselves) better.

Free Will creates Karma and can change Karma. Our past life karma was created by exercising our own free will – that God-given right to choose for ourselves what we create in each lifetime. It’s no less a right than a child’s right to choose the course of his own life after he has been raised and guided by the human parents who created his body. more

As children we learn from our mistakes. Who ever learned to walk without falling down a lot first? Karma is just uncorrected errors and lessons yet unlearned by the soul that came to animate the child’s physical form.

As Werner Erhardt once said: “The Truth shall set you free, but first it might piss you off!” Karma is simply a persistent reminder to challenge us to perceive the Truth, even though we may perceive it as a thorn in our side. Karma is more persistent than our own stubborn refusal to see the ultimate universal Truths; so eventually we will learn the hard way, even if we refuse to learn the easy way. Often we refuse to change until it becomes too painful not to.

Only when we realize and accept that we are responsible for creating our own karma, can we choose to change it by making better choices this time around. This is the essential meaning of the old adage: “What goes around, comes around.” What we chose in past lives is coming around again in this lifetime. We can get off the “wheel of karma” by making better choices when similar situations come up again.

Choice and Consequences

One might see “karma” as a continuance of the soul’s “personality” from one physical reincarnation to the next – in other words, we carry the same beliefs and habits in our soul’s “memory” each time we reincarnate, until we make conscious choices to change old beliefs, cancel mistaken beliefs, or create new ones.

In this lifetime we come as old souls in baby bodies, with all the karma created by the consequences of choices in all our past lives. We are given this lifetime as another opportunity to clear old karma by making different choices in the similar situations we keep creating for ourselves until we get it right.

Karma is just uncorrected errors and lessons yet unlearned. The important thing to remember is that we can choose again. We do not have to remain a “victim” of the karma we created ourselves. We can use our Free Will to make a better choice next time, one that does not create karma to remind us that we made a mistake.

Mistakes require correction, not punishment.

When we learn to make choices which keep us in tune with the spiritual laws of the Universe, we don’t create karma. It is like learning not to defy the physical law of Gravity, so we can avoid falling down.