At this time, we are often witnessing the fall of dead birds almost everywhere in the world. What does this mean, and is this in relation to the wounds of Egypt?

They tell me:

“We are going to try to make you understand what is happening because, once again, you do not have all the parameters.

Human beings have made a thousand and one suppositions and all of these suppositions are false. Sometimes, they try to reassure themselves; they give explanations that, as you say on Earth, do not ‘hold water’, for all that they cannot understand.

We can tell you this: we have often told you that very important signs would be given to you.

Right now, a phenomenon is taking place that you may consider to be strange, but it is natural. This phenomenon is the immense transition that is in the process of manifesting itself, and in this transition, there are rays of electromagnetic energies that are penetrating, not only your solar system, but also each of you.

This may also seem strange to you, but there has been an agreement between the soul groups of certain species, in order for a part of these species to accept to disappear.”

They are showing me what has happened to these birds. I see what looks like an enormous shockwave.

“ This is a wave that you cannot perceive; it is an uncontrollable force that has gathered them together, struck them, and wiped them out. Be certain that during this annihilation, no animal has suffered, because the animals died instantly.

Therefore, there has been an agreement with the soul group of certain species for them to accept to disappear in this way, from this pulsed and selective energy that has struck down these lives, so that man will ask himself questions.

Unfortunately, this has not sufficiently provoked any questioning because in the end, men do not believe in any great changes. They speak about them, but they simply do not really believe in them because they do not want to be afraid.

For you, human beings, it may seem bizarre to you and difficult to accept us saying that, deliberately, we could have acted upon a life to destroy it. It is not us who are telling you this, but beings who are much more evolved than we are who have taken this action vis-à-vis some animal species, whether it be birds or fish (and you are only at the beginning of some very strange things that you will not be able to explain). The beings who have decided to produce what you could call ‘the wounds of Egypt’ (but this is no longer in the same context, nor in the same timeframe, nor for the same reasons) have done this to shake up a little the human consciousness.

If humans had been responsible with their armaments, with their waves, there would not have been a selection. There had to be a selection in order to alert them more, to make them become more conscious of all that is to happen.

Honestly, you do not see all that is coming, but it is gigantic.

We have recuperated the essence of life of all the fish and all of the birds that have died. We cannot explain the method to you because it is incomprehensible to humans. We have not uselessly sacrificed a part of the species; we have recuperated the essential, and there is only their terrestrial vehicle of manifestation that has fallen from the sky or come out of the waters.

We would like to explain this phenomenon to you with human words so that you could understand, but it is impossible. We are going to try to make you better understand.

Imagine that above us, your Brothers of the Light, there is an intermediary consciousness between the Creative Gods and us, a consciousness of an immense power that can act upon the matter of the worlds, and this powerful consciousness sends as it were, thoughts or shockwaves.”

I am saying ‘shockwaves’ because I have no other words to explain it. They are showing me images and I am very ‘handicapped’, very clumsy at explaining the inexplicable. For me, in this case, it is explaining the inexplicable.

“Before this immense consciousness destroyed this life, it has recuperated the essence of this life, it has recuperated the soul groups of all the animals that, in a certain way, have sacrificed their life in order to alert you, to make you understand, and also to make you understand the sacredness of life, because life is sacred no matter where you are. We cannot destroy life gratuitously like you do on Earth.

At this time, there are an enormous number of species, whether it be birds, fish, mammals, etc. that are being removed from the Earth, just as there are many humans who have been removed from the Earth for already some time now, to be taken to immense spheres of waiting, that await you in anticipation of the transition, and in anticipation of what is to take place on Earth.

Concerning this, we would like to open a small parenthesis: nothing is completely final; only God, the Source, really holds the truth concerning your future. The only thing that is absolutely certain is that the transition will take place and that you will really elevate yourself in consciousness. All that we have said at the beginning of this discussion will be reality (see the message on the program for 2011-2012), more or less rapidly for some, but truly, during this beginning of a cycle, all will change for you.

Concerning your end of life in this world and concerning your evacuation, there is still a small possibility that remains to be determined based on the point of no return that you will have crossed or that you will not have crossed, that is to say that you could, in this world, experience the transition, experience the transformation of your world and of your own transformation without being evacuated and without there being such great upheavals that your world could no longer support any life, no matter what it is.

There is still a possibility that it will be thus, for you to experience this transition in perfect harmony with the consciousness of your planet Earth and with the help of not only your galactic brothers, of the Beings of Light but also with the help of the energy and Love of all of the spheres of your solar system and of all the spheres of your own galaxy.

You are thinking: that makes for a lot of spheres and a lot of energies. No. You are not aware of it but you really are a part of all creation with which you function in harmony and in symbiosis. You have within you the scheme of creation; this scheme dwells in your divine part. Isn’t it extraordinary to be aware that you have the scheme of all of creation within you? Do not try to go and find it, you will not find it because it is in your divine part.

From the moment that you have within you the scheme of all creation, you are in communion, in symbiosis with it. You are never alone, you exist only through the life that has been created everywhere in the Universe. Everything is related to everything and it is necessary that it be this way.”
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