Birthing the Starchild into cosmic consciousness
The New Earth Energies for May 2011

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Celia Fenn

Beloved Family of Light, once again it is with Joy and Pleasure that we welcome you into this Space of Light and Higher Consciousness. You have been through many changes in the last weeks, and now the energy begins to settle as you move into the Deep Peace and Light of the Wesak Full Moon! Beloveds, we remember well the time when the Buddha walked on the Earth, anchoring the Divine Masculine energy of Love and Awakened Compassion! How wonderful it is now that this energy is being reawakened in those of you who are walking the path of Higher Consciousness and Love.

We know this is not easy for you, for there are so many on your Earth who still walk in the old ways and seek to express the energy of Apacalypse and destruction, and to activate some sort of catastrophe through their words and beliefs. Beloveds know that this will not succeed, for the Earth has moved definitely into the new Timeline and those who are evolving with her are moving forward into new and Higher states of Consciousness that express Divine Will and Divine Love.

So, we will begin this message by speaking first of the energy of the Divine Masculine that is being activated with this Wesak Moon, and then we will speak of the Golden Keys of Higher Consciousness that are being used now to open the portals of Love and Grace by those of you who are ready to embrace these gifts from Spirit.

The Buddha Moon and the Divine Masculine

This particlar Full Moon in 2011 is an opening or a Portal for the energy of the Divine Masculine gifts of Compassion. After the Shifts and Changes on the Planet over the last 6 months and the chaos that followed, it is time now to allow this new flow of energy to bring Peace and Compassion to your Hearts.

The Buddha was sent to the Earth from the Higher Dimensions of Light to be the anchor for the Divine Masculine energy of Compassion and Enlightenment. This energy is an essential step on the path of evolution, and it provides a bridge from the entrapment of material illusion into the clarity of Higher Consciousness. At this time, as you stand poised to make the shift from the 5th Dimension into the 6th Dimension of Magical Consciousness, it is necessary that you are able to release the hold of the material illusion that you call the “economy” and enter into the Magical Consciousness of ongoing creation, flow and abundance.

Beloved Ones, the Earth is now fully grounded in the 5th Dimension of Interconnection and Divine Will. The shift into 6th Dimensional Consciousness is to allow those of you who are ready to begin to make the shift into the Higher Consciousness of Magical or Quantum Reality and to begin to live in these Higher Realms of Magical Clarity and Creation.

The Buddha energy is the Bridge between these Dimensions of Light….the First “Golden Key” of Light is the energy of Compassion as embodied and anchored by the Buddha. At the Wesak Full Moon, this energy will be activated intensely by the waves of Cosmic Light emanating from the Galactic Center, and this will blend with the waves of Divine Feminine Compassion that are transmitted on the Platinum Shekinah Light, initiating a series of awakenings and shifts as those who are ready make use of their Golden Keys to shift into the Higher Consciousness of the 6th Dimensional Starchild.

Beloveds, the “Starchild” is the Magical Child within each one of you, that Being of Light that resides in your Heart and Soul and that knows the Joy and the Wonder of Infinite Cosmic existence. It is the Child of the Dreamtime, that part of you that Dreams and Creates from the Cosmic Rays of Light and Sound. The “Starchild” cannot become part of your Reality until you have crossed the bridge of Compassion into the Higher Realms of Light. Then, you may enter into the Dance of Light and become a Master of Harmonic Light and Time, and even begin the steps towards the next portal of the 7th Dimension, where one becomes the “Eye of God” in Human Form.

Beloved Ones, these are the Golden Keys that are offered to all who are ready. At this time, of the Wesak Full Moon, you are offered the Keys to the 6th Dimension, to enter the Realms of the “Starchild” and to become a Master of Light Harmonics and a Master of Time. But first, Beloveds, at this Wesak Moon, you will need to integrate fully the energy of Compassion and the Divine Masculine. This is done by releasing all material illusion and the ties of these illusions and moving into complete Peace and Clarity of Being.

At the time of the Full Moon, if you will meditate and Focus on these gifts, the Golden Keys will be given.

The Master of Light Harmonics

Beloveds, the 6th Dimension is the realm of Magic and Enchantment, or if you will be more scientific, the realm of the Quantum, or what was known by the Ancestors as the Dream Time. It is that place where “reality” is flexible and malleable, and where consciousness and desire shape cause and effect on the lower dimensions. Those who enter this dimensional playground must be “pure of heart” or they will be forever trapped in the “hall of mirrors” of their own greed and anger, endlessly creating “karma”. It is for that reason that in this New Reality the bridge to the Higher Dimensions is Compassion, for those who live by the Law of Conmpassion are pure of heart and will not be entangled in the illusions of greed and power.

The Starchild is pure of heart and seeks only to explore,adventure and share the gifts of Spirit. There is nothing to hold, to own or to hide, for all is open and clear in the Cosmic Fields of Light which are the playground of the Starchild within.

To journey in the Fields of Light it is necessary to be also a Master of Light Harmonics. This simply means to have activated your Light Body and to be able to function with that Light Body from its center in the Heart.

The Master of Light Harmonics is centered in the Heart and Grounded in the Earth Star Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra. The Master of Light Harmonics is able to keep the Light Body in a state of Harmonic Resonance with Divine Light and Will, and to absorb Cosmic radiations into the Light Body with ease.

The Master of Light Harmonics is always fully aware of the Energy and Light around him or her, and is able to maintain equilibrium and balance at all times.

When these abilities have been mastered and integrated, then you will be able to ride the rays of light and journey in the Cosmic Fields of stars with ease. You will be able to flow with the Cosmic waves and you will be enabled to shape the quantum flows into the reality of your choice in the processes of co-creation with the Light.

The Master of Time

Beloveds, when you enter into this Field of Starlight and you ride the Cosmic Waves in the 6th Dimension, you need also to be a Master of Time.
In the Higher Dimensions, Time is fluid and flexible, it is not a “fixed” reality as it seems in the lower dimensions.

In this Quantum level of Consciousness, you will learn to master many flows of time and to be able to exist in many different cycles or timelines at the same time.

This is not an easy task for the Mind, which has been conditioned to believe that there is only linear time as it is experienced on Earth. But, the Master of Time will come to know that all time exists in One…in the Infinite Now, and that all is being experienced as One.

The various Timelines are created to allow the Children of Light to journey and travel in many dimensions of consciousness. Time is a tool, or a Key, for entering different states of Reality and Consciousness. In the 6th Dimensions as you become a Master of Time, you will begin to feel how you can move between these different flows of Divine Light and Energy.

The Physical Changes in the Body

Beloved Ones, as you move through these changes, you will feel some physcial changes. Firstly, these changes will activate the Pineal, Pituitary and Thyroid glands very strongly. Those who enter into 6th Dimensional ways of being will begin to experience biochemical and cellular changes in the Endocrine system and in the areas of the brain that deal with perception and data transmission and reception.

In effect, Beloved Ones, you will be altering your ability to receive data and light transmissions from the Higher Mind of God. This means first there will be changes in the Pineal Gland, allowing for a wider reception of Cosmic “bandwidth”. In physical terms this may mean feelings of pressure and headaches or muscle pain in the back of the head, the base of the skull and the shoulders.

Then, the Pituitary Gland will start to restructure, and you may experience feelings of dizziness, foggy vision, strange noises in the ears and vertigo. The brain is being realigned to not only receive new data, but also to begin transmitting data at higher levels through light transmissions through the eyes and sound transmissions through the throat at the thyroid. So, the Thyroid will also be affected by these shifts and changes. In these cases, many of you will experience flu like symptoms with bronchitis and sinus, as well as Thyroid balance problems such as waves of heat, low energy or hyperactivity.

You may also begin to experience “time overlaps” as you begin to Master Time. In this process you may have intense Past Life experiences, or Future Life experiences that must be resolved and integrated into whatever experiences you are dealing with in Present Time. The key to dealing with these episodes is not to get too involved in the past life itself, but to recognize that these “time shifts” or “time overlaps” are your own way of integrating data so that you can move between your different timelines with ease, and so that you are free to travel the Cosmic Waves as a Master of Time.

The Eye of God

At the time of the June Solstice and towards the begiining of the New Planetary year at the end of July, many of you will use the next of the Golden Keys to enter into the 7th Dimension of Light, where you will become the “Eye of God” in atchetypal language.

The Ancient Egyptians understood that the “Eye of God” was that place or that state of Consciousness where the Being becomes a portal of transmission for Divine Light and Divine Will. At this point, the Being no longer rides the waves of Light, but becomes a lens through which the Light is focussed. This requires absolute mastery of Light and Time, and the ability to transmit and ground Divine Light.

It is these beings who become the “Eye of God” who will be the anchors for the manifestation of the New Earth. As the Divine Light is focussed through the lens of such ones, Divine Will manifest around them and through them, allowing the Divine to manifest and create through pure Love and Light.

Beloveds, at this stage, the manifestation is not “my will”, but “Thy Will”, and the Being serves only as a portal for Divine Will and Manifestation without any expectations and Desires. This is the work of the Ascended Master in Human Form, One who knows that the Human Form in its highest frequency is a vehicle for the transmission of Divine Will and Grace.

So, Beloved Family of Light, for those of you who seek to grow and evolve in the Light, there is much to look forward to in the months that lie ahead. The time leading up to the 11/11/11 alignment will be a powerful time of growth and evolution for many of you who are ready and who are called to be part of this new awakening and opening.

For those of lower consciousness, it will continue to be a difficult time as the old illusions of the lower dimensions continue to create stress and disharmony in those who have no understanding of the processes involved. For you, as you grow and expand in the Light, your work will be to hold Compassion in your Heart so that this Love may touch all those who are yet to awaken to the Reality of the New Earth and its creative potentials for each person.

We wish you Joy and Love in your Adventures with Light,

Harmony and Time!

© 2011-12 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global
Celia Fenn