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August 25, 2011 by Veda  
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Have you been noticing a rise on reported aerial visual and auditory anomalies? Weird sounds coming from the earth and sky seem to be reported from different countries throughout the past few years. As recently as this month, there have been a few reports from Canada and Ukraine in which people describe either strange mechanical sounds emanating from the skies or a combination of low rumbling and low frequency hums.

Throughout the past few years, there has been an increase in aerial anomalies reported throughout the world. The Sydney spiral UFO that was reported last summer as well as the awesome Norway spiral that captured the world’s attention.

Meteorologists, astronomers and Armed Forces have been unable to explain the lights

These major world headlines captured the imagination of many. Online rumors began to spring up immediately with people claiming that this was some obscure government war project to cries of alien invasions. We heard them all.

But there is a more serious and strange phenomenon being reported across several continents. Loud and mechanical sounds were recently reported in Kiev, Ukraine. A YouTube user from Kiev uploaded a couple of videos in which he claims capture the strange sound heard above the city.

YouTube has an interesting collection of videos in where people record these strange vibrations and noises. For example, the following compilation of this strange phenomena was uploaded by fidockave213 over at YouTube. It starts off by showing the famous Kiev, Ukraine, “mech noises” and goes on to show some interesting footage of other noises that are similar but heard throughout different parts of the world. Interestingly enough, the video also shows footage of the Windsor rumblings that were reported here on GhostTheory earlier this week. Watch it:

"It was recorded on 5 floor of building. Civil work are really spent in several the next houses, and it is audible on video. But these civil work – as if mosquito peep in this awful rumble. Neither force, nor power of a building sound doesn’t come within miles that was audible. Turn on your sound dynamics to a maximum, and you will hear almost the same effect which was when I heard it in live.”
This video was recorded using videocamera, but first minutes of the video the lens cover is closed to recording sound. Also, look at the clouds on the end of this video"

Just what exactly is going on? Is this all just a coincidence? A hoax from the Ukraine (given that both videos from the Ukraine are from the same user) or is this come type of military project like HAARP?

What is causing the strange noises being reported? Is this part of hoax? Or is this some sort of secret technological weapon being developed and tested by some obscure military division? Could the rumblings, vibrations and sounds heard in Canada be a product of this technology?
Or am I just kidding myself, and you as well? Well, let’s take this following video into consideration. The video is said to have been filmed on June 22, 2010, in British Columbia. The video starts off with a high pitched sound being heard and recorded early in the day. Just a few hours later, the person who had recorded the strange sound noticed that there were some ionosphere lights showing across the sky. These are sometimes referred to as “earthquake lights“. Surprisingly a 5.0-magnitude earthquake was registered across Canada just a mere 11 hours later. All of this was caught on tape:

Of course, you’d first have to trust the people who record these strange sounds. Trust that they are not artificially embedding the sounds onto the video, and trust that the videos were recorded on the dates specified. If we were to trust these people, then we are left with the question: “What the hell are these sounds and tremors?”

Many are already blaming HAARP for the sounds. Saying that HAARP’s research into the Earth’s ionosphere has something to do with the “New World Order”. Which makes for a entertaining conversation but that’s about it. If you were to follow and listen to conspiracy theorists, you’d probably remain indoors for the rest of your life.

There are several other videos floating around YouTube about “strange sounds from the sky”. Take the following for example:

Sources: ghosttheory.com, youtube, others

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  1. Veda, thanks for the above –

    – Still attempting to uncover the mystery as to what many of the recorded
    sounds were. Any ideas, theories, new information would be most appreciated,
    we have a thread running HERE: ltlweb.com you may wish to check out – upon registration you may post.


    Joe (Bigsky770)

  2. Bear says:

    Veda, what is a conspiracy? Simply, two or more people plotting something, usually nefarious, in secret. Conspiracy theorists are, more often than not, conspiracy realists. Personally, I only go by evidence.

    As for these strange sounds, I’ve heard all of the theories, from HAARP to the trumpets of Revelation. I can’t say for sure what is happening, but one thing is for certain – I do not trust my criminal, corporate governent. If TPTB do decide at some point to tell us what these sounds are, or what the true nature of UFO’s are, I will take it with a HUGE grain of salt, and probably believe the OPPOSITE.

  3. Benny says:

    I heard this strange sound twice this year once on march 8 2011 and again on september 6 2011. The september incident I went outside there was no bad weather. But this incredible gust of wind hit me as the hum like buzzing sound got closer. Then way up in the sky I saw a really big U.F.O. I was really shocked. The vibration from the sound hurt my ears and I felt it all over my body. I don’t own a camera so I couldn’t record it. The sound I heard is very similar to four of those videos. The craft was big had three lights underneath it. And it was pulsating. I live in Va. Bch. Va. I know it wasn’t a military plane. I work at a naval base. And I have never seen anything like that before. I think we are not alone anymore. Get ready because something really big is going to happen. Thank you and Take care.

    • Bear says:


      I believe you. I saw UFO’s, with witnesses, more than once, when I was 19 (I’m now 52). However, at this point, I question whether these craft (entities) are benevolent, or even if they are aliens. I just have this feeling that, one of these days, we will have a worldwide sighting, and it will be used to bring in the New World Order’s global police-state. I don’t know if it will involve a hoax where the “visitors” (real or genetically modified humans or even demons) are perceived as enemies, or friends, or both, but as I said in my earlier post, I don’t trust our government in the least. Just be open to ALL possibilites.

      If they land on my street, I will not shoot at them, but I will not welcome them with open arms either. When you meet someone for the first time, you don’t automatically trust him/her. You need to see how they behave over time. I know some people are looking for a savior of some sort to help us avoid global catastrophe, but that is the danger, IMO. Great caution and wariness should be the rule re: these matters.

  4. Benny says:

    One more thing start looking at the sky just above the earth it’s starting to look really polluted. And if you listen you’ll hear this weird whistle sound coming from way up in the sky. I’m serious start listening to the night sky it starts over every night at around 12:45a.m. every night.

  5. Steven says:

    Interesting testimony Benny. Thx

  6. Robertfrom chile says:

    I’ve been talking with friends from around the world who have repeatedly heard these sounds. personally the night before the earthquake in Chile. sounds heard on several occasions made ​​me leave the house. I still remember that I was sleeping restlessly. clear my awakening was violent because the earthquake was over my head. I have no explanation for that.

  7. Brendan says:

    Most of these noises can be explained for sure, others are just strange… I just came inside after hearing some strange sounds in Toronto, and thought I would check online and see if anyone else heard it and thought to post something. Reviewing these videos the sound was most similar to Windsor ON reported sounds… only it pulsed in repetitions of two. No vibrations however, though it seemed to be coming from far away.

    Anyway… the Florida sounds are definitely the testing of a rocket engine. I know technically there shouldn’t be testing going on that close to a residential area due to the noise… but I’m sure of it. Just look up on youtube a clip of a Rocket engine being tested. those suckers can even create rain clouds but the hydrogen fumes.

    There are a bunch of videos of sounds coming from places next to a harbor, and one even suggests it could be a ship… Logic tells me, that its clearly ship horns going off to single coming into port, especially when the weather is bad. In one clip from Canada (not the Ukraine) you can even hear seagulls in the background.

    That being said I have no idea about the Windsor one, but it COULD be some kind of drilling going on, and there IS a mining facility close by. It is eerie that I heard a similar sound though, that I cant really relate to anything. Thought at first it was a train, but I never hear trains in this area of Toronto. If anyone else heard something around 12:45 anywhere around the GTA let me know, if I don’t find anything about it, it was most likely nothing to be too curious about.

    • Gta-2012 says:

      I have heard this sound in Toronto it sounded like the one from Conklin, Alberta more then any of the others i was near the lake and at first i thought it was a Huge plane flying over head, but after it sounded more like metal blocks being dragged and it actually vibrated the ground this was last month December, anyways i thought i was just going crazy and left it alone and now i see this is happening all over the world.

      Gods Trumpets!

  8. Karen root says:

    About two months age , Maybe 2;30 am, I woke to a roaring that stopped abruptly. We live on the Flank of an active Volcano, thought it might be acting up.. Nothing noted by USGS.. Then, my Son mentioned hearing it too! thought I was crazy.. Shook the earth, sort of a constsnt thunder sound

  9. Poec says:

    My bet goes to Large Hadron Collider

  10. Brent says:

    It was about 2 weeks ago, I heard some strange noise lasting more than 1 minute of which exactly the weird sound from Ukraine.

  11. Kayge says:

    Immanuel Velikovsky explains the likely origins of these mysterious sounds in his book “Worlds in Collision”. He states “Earthquakes are often accompanied by a roaring noise that comes from the bowels of the earth. This phenomenon was known to early geographers. Pliny wrote that earthquakes “are preceded or accompanied by a terrible sound”. Vaults supporting the ground give way and it seems as though the earth heaves deep sighs….The eruptions of volcanoes are also accompanied by loud noises. The sound produced by Krakatoa in the East Indies, during the eruption of 1883, was so loud that it was heard as far as Japan, 3,000 miles away…”

    Velikovsky theorized that around the time of the Exodus,the earth was disturbed in its rotation by a near-passing comet which caused numerous upheavals. Many contemporary descriptions from around the world describe strange sounds: “the sky and the earth resounded” said the Midrash. “Loud did the firmament roar, and the earth with echo resounded” says the epic of Gilgamesh. In Hesiod “the huge earth groaned” “the earth resounded terribly, and the wide heaven above”. The passing of the comet also produced “trumpet like sounds” Homer states “The whole earth rang, and round about great heaven pealed as with a trumpet”.

    We have recently had comet Elenin and others pass close by the earth and many observers, such as innuit elders, have noted in recent times that the earth seems to have shifted on its axis. Perhaps a resulting twisting of the strata of the planet is the source of these mysterious sounds.

  12. Micheline says:

    No, I was here in Japan for the big quake. I was not that close to the epicenter. I have not heard about any sounds like from people who went through the quake yet. I was never able to leave my work to go and help out. The only thing I could do was participate as musician and artist in some charities to help them out with food and stuff. That is the first time I have heard of this Very weird. I am not sure about HARRP. I am not one to believe in something I have never seen with my own eyes. Even it does exist. I need tangible evidence. I was close enough to this big earthquake though to feel it. I went through the after shocks. It was pretty scary experience. It certainly made me question my whole existence, the idea of how safe the world is or is not…hahahah oh boy what a crazy year last year was…

  13. Maggie says:

    I think it is interesting that the birds are not bothered by the sound you would think if it was anything supernatural they would be the first to fly off, but they are sitting in their nests chirping away, I do know there are strange lights and sounds just before and earthquake so if I heard it I think I would be getting my emergency pack ready to go, but then again the animals and birds are not concerned, it is an interesting story, I wondered what the notes and the frequencies of the sounds were, maybe it is aliens who have watched ‘close encounters’ and are spelling out at us to turn our internet sounds down ! or maybe it is a hoax, I would love to know the story, I wonder about HAARP and all the chem-trails, we used to see a lot of them here but they arn’t happening anymore, for some reason, there is a lot of stuff going on in our world we are not aware of and that is the scariest thing of all.

    • Atomistic says:

      I was noticing the birds, too. The birds and other background noise actually sounds very similar in many of the videos – but like way too many tweeting birds for a city. And crickets during the day. And in totally different locations and weather conditions.

      Also, none of the people in the street or in the other buildings show any interest. I’m a wishful thinker, but the more I study these, the more they reveal themselves.

      BTW – I watched the Close Encounters scene a few hours ago to see if there were any similarities. Not so much, but there were some droning noises that made me think twice. Nonetheless, very cool to watch amongst all this talk!

  14. John says:


  15. Vail says:

    If this is a natural occurance, then it shouldve happened sometimes before throughout history somewhere…if this has happened before then there must be some recorded experiences.

    if theres no historical record thats similiar to these noises, then this must be something totally differant, and NOT natural…rather engineered by modern technology.

  16. Phoenix says:

    Ive heard these strange rumbling and grinding noises in the sky above Strathmore, Alberta. At first I thought it was a passenger airplane or a snow plow plowing away but the noise stayed there for a few hours before daybreak and it wasnt snowing either. I had an ominous feeling and couldnt fall back asleep because of it. Im not sure what it could be nor will I jump to conclusions that it is UFOs or HAARP.

  17. Thunderblaze says:

    I think its the same sound that tripod in war of the worlds was making :)))

  18. Mike says:

    Seems like a promo for War of the Worlds II. It would be a pretty clever marketing strategy to make these videos and release them prior to the announcement of the film.

  19. Uknown says:

    Its from out of the universe.. military and others are using geographers to cover up with all their “theories” of plate tetonics.. how long do you think people will believer that bull, my cousin heard it in colorado, she studies geography and land mass… it was last week and theres no way.. same sound all around the world.. im not anti government but they can sure cover up everything..

  20. Merideth says:

    Honestly to me some of the sounds mimic prayer, like monks prayers
    The same humming vibrating sound, or a battle horn. With the coming of the planetary alignment
    It is believed that the barrier between the seperate dimensions will part
    And the worlds will reunite again. personally I think it is linked to the planetary alignment theory.

    • Atomistic says:

      I’ve been looking at this stuff all day and trying to find someone who correlates it with planetary alignment. I also hear similarities to things like chanting monks, horns – something primal.

      Despite the similarity to the War of the World tripods, tunnelling machines, and Godzilla, there are tons of harmonics in the sounds and it would reason (with little confidence) that there may be some relation to our planet’s position in our galaxy and universe. Not sure how, but there’s something about harmonics that make me think of the ‘nature’ of things.

      Clearly there are many fake videos and some have become more like mash-ups and memes, but it all seems to be based on common beliefs or desires about our existence, whether it be religious or extra-terrestrial.

  21. Azuregreen says:

    The four Angels have been let loose to prepare for the hour, the day, the month and the year to slay 1/3 of men. Here Ye is sacred to God, the eminent trumpet sound in his name, The one true God comes to rapture, his fate to slay the wicked and send this evil world straight to hell. —Taken from “Red State” that has the exact same sounds during the preachers speech.

  22. James ford says:

    There were some strange sounds on Oahu, HI – youtube.com/watch?v=gV4OMI1jzo8

  23. Bobbi daniels says:

    I wonder if this is a change in the Earths Magnetic field? I know it only happens like once every 700, 000 years at a time. But who knows?! But all I know is that people cannot live their lives scared. Just moved forward and look forward to whats next to come!

  24. Abdullah says:

    Hi.. i just want to tell that.. on 11 & 12 january 2012 this strange sound hear come from the sky between 3am-5am at Kota Samarahan, SArawak Malaysia. this strange sound can hear 8 villages in this area. some of the university student recording the sound using hp. but the sound not very clear.


    one of my staff at my office staying at that area also hear that sound early in the morning between 3am-5am..

  25. Ak47gold says:


  26. Shirley says:

    You do hear a bang before a quake.I heard a big bang,that sounded like a really noisy dump truck banging around.I spoke to two friends in my town that night and they heard it too.Then the shaking began.We had a 3.0 quake that night.Those eerie moaning sounds may be what brought down thousands of birds in utah before Christmas 2011.There were other birds came down as well in another US State this past year as well.Maybe that moaning is interfering with them as well.Another theory could be that during that quake in Japan,the earth is now 3 degrees off its natural course.

  27. Mike says:

    Hello everybody. A little of topic, last night i heard at TV news about this weird sounds and today i came across this thread. I didn’t hear so far this sounds but some of you said it might be HAARP project doing this. Maybe HAARP is responsible for the drought in my country? It didn’t rained for 6 months and so far no snow. Im living in Romania and so far in all the country for half year the precipitation was almost none. In our recorded history the longest drought period were 3 months. Or maybe i’m a little paranoid :)))

  28. Bear says:

    The drought could be the result of chemtrails. I live in Buffalo, NY and so far at least, this has been a very mild winter here. They spray here like crazy, as the elites do worldwide. I don’t know if they’re setting up a global food dictatorship via Monsanto’s aluminum-resistant seeds (see the movie, “What in the World are they Spraying” on Youtube), or if something else of a nefarious nature is going on. The billionaires that run the planet are brilliant, but psychopathic.

    Also, these strange sounds could be the elites’ underground bases being completed in preparation for some future event that they forsee, probably more revolution due to the sabotaging of the world’s economy, at the least. Of course, there are also vortex’s that appear in the sky or UFO’s that emit noise that can’t be explained by the above.

  29. Isaac says:

    Ok guys, come to think about all this noises you all heard. Lets think for a minute outside the box, forget those HAARP or SURA or any mining things. UFO have been sighted often and strange discover about aliens landed on earth. Ok, what im trying to say here is what if this things are trying to communicate with us? Giving signs i suppose? Maybe i might say it wrong but i think these aliens or whatsoever planning to explore earth or something we don’t know? According Bear, its true, we don’t know what they’re up to or are they harmful or harmless? Although we don’t know much about those stuff but i think some people could explain it. Those who works in Sector 51. I think they could solve this unexplainable case. What i think bout these case is that the aliens(something up there) would 1 day come to earth, either to rule the earth or explore. I don’t know. But they will Like i said, many sightings had already been seen.

  30. Johanna says:

    Hi all
    I have been doing alot of reading and watching of videos and I agree with the people on here saying the sound is like the movie “War of the Worlds”. I live in Windsor, Ontario and we have been hearing strange sounds of rumbbling and pulsating with tremmors for a few years now and our government and city officials have ruled out the sounds coming from anything Mechanical. We are across the water from “Zug Island” which is an industrial island and the sounds are not from there or from our local salt mines. I do believe that something strange is happening all over the world but some of the videos i believe are a result of viral marketing for either a new movie or game (videos from the past few weeks). I have seen unexplained things in the skies over windsor, dont know if they were ufo’s or something else. What I do believe is that they are not a sign of the second coming or anything biblical I would believe it to be something cosmic first.

  31. Azure says:

    If HAARP would be behind this, would they admit it ?
    CERN or LHC is highly improbable.

  32. Berra says:

    Why if these strange noises are really happening?? Why is the media not showing them on tv at all? Is there something there trying to hide from us?? And would they say oh yeah the noises your hearing are blah blah this!?? Don’t they have a good explanation? Or there trying to find something catchy to say.

  33. Sop says:

    Two weeks ago. In Costa Rica… it was heard in ALL the country.

  34. Sop says:

    Our government tried to convince the people that it was a fireworks show at midnight, closing some festival. No way 150 fireworks could be heard in the WHOLE country.. so I am afraid.. if there is government coverage.. not scientifically asking questions, but plainly covering up an event.. its something artificial rather than natural.

  35. Davor says:

    Honestly i am not really a smart person, but i been researching on internet and all those possibilities might be right.I was thinking that we should start a page on facebook and if we get enough people talking about the noises what been happening lately and asking every government on answers that we should know because we are concern about our lives what the hell is going on here. what you think people if you like that idea write something so i know and we can start this today maybe that gonna lead us to a new revolution and Jesse Ventura can probably help us with that

  36. Davor says:

    And i want to add on the i Live in Canada to be fore specific Saskatoon. I been living here for 5 years and every year we have a lot of snow and it’s usually – 20 or even more well this year it happened to be +6. when it’s supposed to be way colder and plus we broke a record for January.And this whole thing lasted around 3 weeks it was insane. idk what is going on with this world but i don’t think nothing good is ahead of us. and plus i have to say that i did seen UFO when i was young and it freak me out so i ran inside and cried i was not that young tho i was 12 also my brother and my neighbour were there with me. and yeah couple days ago i think it was about a week ago or so i hear the creepy noises 2 and i was wondering what that was and my friends told me i had 2 much drinks and told me that was only a train, but i knew that train doesn’t sound like this. anyhow i wanna share that with u because it’s seems like u are a nice group and stuff happened to u 2 and u want an answers

  37. Elton says:


  38. Selena says:

    We work in toronto ontario and yesterday we heard really strange loud high pitched sounds coming from the sky sounded like machinery but there was nothing around so we googled it and came across this site. we were all hearing it and it seemed to get louder at some points. really weird.

  39. Davor says:

    Yeah thanks buddy imma join and the rest of this crew should going 2

  40. Sonnyskies says:

    Nice posts everyone. I only found out about these strange noises less than a week ago, but I am glad because it was only a couple of weeks ago I heard what sounded like a jet plane thrusting to gain speed like during a takeoff [ we are only a few miles from PHL International airport ]. What little breeze we had would not have been from the proper direction to have planes take off over us. The default positioning is for planes to land at PHL coming in from our direction as we are directly on the glide path so this sound of a jet plane thrusting forward seemed strange but not overly concerning,BUT, it lasted well over two minutes!! and did not diminish in sound intensity! Sometimes when planes take off over us the engine thrusts can be heard for a while under certain atmospheric conditions but it slowly diminishes in loudness. This sound did not diminish until it ended. Immediately afterward my adult daughter came out from her study room with a puzzled look and asked if I had heard the same thing. It was really kind of freaky to her also. It was a few days later when I happened across a news blog regarding unusual sounds around the world. Now I understand why so many people explain these sounds in different ways, it all depends on what you are accustomed to hearing in every day life. I am also wondering if it is not so much new and different sounds being emminated as our usual array of sounds being amplified by quirks in atmospheric conditions perhaps being caused by quakes and Earth shifts underground. One thing I do want to point out however is regarding chem trails. These are just common con trails [ short for condensation trails. ] The length and intensity of con trails is dependent on the amount of water vapor in those high levels of the atmosphere. When the dewpoint is like -90degrees F the tiny amount of vapor from jet engines will not condense into ice crystals but as the dewpoint approaches that of the atmosphere’s temperature the jet engines can add just enough water vapor to form long tails, and their are often pockets of dry air a plane will pass through so a trail can start seem to stop and then resume again farther in the flight. Now as for HAARP…That might be more dangerous in that it is run by the government, probably enough said there for now.

    • Bear says:

      Sonnyskies, chemtrails are definitely NOT regular contrails. You should watch the documentary, “What in the World are they Spraying” on Youtube. These trails can last for hours and a few people have had the stuff analyzed (that fell on the ground from the trails). The substances analyzed have a high concentration of aluminum and barium, among other nasty things.

      Chemtrails are most likely going to be used to give TPTB complete control over our food supply via Monsanto, who just so happens to have developed seeds that are aluminum resistant. There is also a possibility (not mentioned in the documentary) that the elites will use these trails to facilitate giant holograms, which could be used to fake an alien invasion, thereby frightening people to give up more of their civil liberties,enabling the elites to complete their global police-state. Aluminum and Barium also weaken our immune systems and effect our fertility.

      Here’s some stuff to check out:

      NANO CHEMTRAILS by William Thomas (article).

      Army Research Laboratory: 3D Holographic Display using Strontium Barium Nioobate. This is an army white paper – pretty freaky stuff.

    • Bear says:

      BTW, the multi-billionaire warmongering psychopaths that run much of the planet and are going for it all (i.e.,the New World Order Anglo/Euro global corporatocracy/mafia) usually have multiple purposes for their dastardly deeds. For instance, 9/11, the greatest false flag attack of all time, kicked the police-state worldwide into high gear, made billions for the banksters and defense contractors and the politicians and mega-rich warpigs in league with them, made millions for many via put options on the stock market called on United Airlines and American airlines (days before 9/11 took place) and degraded the morality of many Americans (who, for example, thought that torture was ok if WE were doing it). The elites want us to be good little slaves and mindless enforcers.

      Chemtrails are probably no different: they are meant to weaken us physically, give the elites power of our food supply, decrease our fertility in line with their eugenics program, and perhaps even use them for holographic images meant to freak people out (used in conjunctino with HAARP) to complete their police-state agenda.

      Regarding HAARP, check out Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” episode on HAARP, for a start.

  41. Davor says:

    I seen all those parts and i know our governments are not telling us everything that is why it’s making me mad we should know what the hell they are doing or at least have the freedom and control to vote or something because probably half of the stuff they are doing is not good for us and they know if they bring it to public we will protest and probably make a revolution so all i am saying they are doing many secret missons behind our backs and we don’t even realize that.

  42. Dimitrij babitzin says:


  43. Andy says:

    Isn’t at all possible that these ‘sounds’ are nothing out of the ordinary? I’m not trying to belittle anyone here, but why does there seem to be an immediate jump to something unusual or supernatural? Strange things happen all the time. Things that can’t be immediately explained. But it seems like sort of an unfounded assumption to claim that unexplained happenings must be conspiracies, aliens, or other evidenceless targets. I welcome disagreement, but I ask that you keep your arguments based in evidence rather than emotion. It doesn’t make sense to discuss a topic when neither side agrees on the reasonable goal.

    Also, if HAARP were REALLY causing large-scale disturbances or natural disasters, wouldn’t the government want to do a little better job keeping it secret?

    • Bear says:

      The government (aka, the New World Order Anglo/Euro corporatocracy/mafia) is getting to the point where they don’t care what the people know. Yes, they still try to keep things under wrap but they are becoming increasingly brazen. They believe that their plans for world domination are at hand. See my most recent reply above – government white papers such as the Army’s Barium/Holograph study listed above and PNAC’s: “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” from 2000 in which they wish for a “new Pearl Harbor” on page 52, are two of many examples. The MIAC report in which they list Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, people against the Federal Reserve, etc. as potential terrorists also comes to mind.

      As for a natural explanation for these sounds, just like chemtrails, you’d be hard pressed to find the subject even mentioned amongst mainstream scientists or criminal politicians (most ARE indeed criminals). Granted, speculation may not accomplish much, but at least some people are talking about it.

      My guess is that the elite know that they are about to complete their sabotage of the world’s economy (in order to bring about their global police-state) and are completing their underground bases to hide out in like rats as the mindless police and military enforcers clean up the riff raff up above. I could be wrong, but it makes the most sense to me. If anything “cosmic” does happen this year, I would bet my right pinky that the global mafia is be behind it.

  44. Andy says:

    Sure, perhaps the government (which isn’t actually a person) is plotting to establish world domination (whatever that really means), and maybe they built this top-secret research site to provide the technology necessary to accomplish this. Perhaps. But perhaps any number of the hundreds of other likely possibilities are also true.

    The main problem I always have with conspiracy theories is that people seem to consider the conspiracy as an end in itself, with no reference to OTHER possible explanations. The second main problem I have is that most conspiracy theorists tend to have conflicting and inconsistent ideas about the nature of the conspiracy. Some people believe dually that the government is causing earthquakes as well as using mind-control technology. But why would they need both? Wouldn’t mind-control be enough, and, frankly, more effective?

    The inability to explain a set of phenomena does not mean that the phenomena cannot be explained. But I suppose I can’t convince you. You’ve already convinced yourself.

    • Bear says:

      I am not convinced of anything, except that the government, or the criminals that control the government, are not looking out for our best interests, to put it mildly. There is tons of evidence to back that claim up if you do the research. Tons. Everything from MK Ultra to the Guatemalen STD experiments, the Tuskegee STD experiments, the use of depleted uranium in our soldiers’ ammo, COINTELPRO, Operation Mockingbird, Operation Northwoods, vaccines and their links to neurological disorders, CIA drug trafficking, chemtrails, the Franklin Coverup (re: child sex slave rings connected to the Whitehouse), Halliburton’s sex slave scandal, the evisceration of the Constitution and our civil liberties, the sabotage of our economy by design (while the government bails out the banksters and gives you and I the bill to foot) -the scary thing is that much of what they do/have done to us is in plain sight, out in the open – imagine what they ARE hiding.

      I don’t know what these noises are but something seems to be up, as many people have reported this strange phenomena worldwide. I have not heard these sounds myself. I have seen UFO’s (in a sober state of mind, with witnesses) but that’s another story. I check my sources and do research -I NEVER take anything as being verified until I verify it. Yes, some conspiracy theorists believe in some whacky things like Chupacabra or fairies and elves for which there is no evidence; I prefer to categorize myself as being a conspiracy realist.

      A conspiracy is simply the act of two or more people planning to do something illegal or nefarious – that’s all it is. This whole connotative spin that the presstitute puts on conspiracy theorists is done to ridicule people who have legitimate complaints against the system (like having your kid’s genitals groped by TSA agents or having the 4rth Amemdment simply eliminated by the recent NDAA for 2012 indefinite detention edict). True dissenters with valid complaints against TPTB can be dismissed as wingnuts (and now detained indefinitely, without trial or even specific charges). People said La Cosa Nostra didn’t exist until the 50’s, that it was just a crazy conspiracy theory.

      For instance, there is tons of evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, committed by a small faction of elite criminals within our government, assisted by other rogue governments such as Pakistan, Israel and Saudi Arabia (all puppet states of the Anglo/Euro global corporatocracy/mafia). I don’t know 100% for sure how it was pulled off, or every single person who was involved, but I am pretty convinced that it was not a bunch of Muslim fanatics living in caves who outfoxed the greatest military power in the world – FOUR PHCKNG TIMES (and we DID have prior warning, at least of the patsy network, by low-level, honest grunts within the CIA/FBI criminal network who were ignored by their bought off superiors). Webster Tarpley’s: 9/11: Synthetic Terror” is a great book, and David Ray Griffin has done some good work as well. Also, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, are good places for info on the 9/11 false flag attack. It made billions for defense contractors, the politicians in league with them and the old money powers that run it all.

      So again, I don’t believe everything I read or hear, but much of what has gone on in recent history and much of what goes on in the present does make much more sense to me than it used to, as I now start from the premise that my government is a pack of thieves, perverts and murderers, plain and simple, as opposed to the myth that these bastards give a rats ass about us. The vast majority of goverments have been despotic throughout history – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts abosolutely, as British statesman Lord Acton said. In a way, it’s not that difficult to understand.

    • Andy says:

      Bear, I think you’ve stumbled, here, on precisely the problem with conspiracy theories.

      You’ve listed several real issues with the existing system. Certainly, those in power needn’t have an incentive to put the best interests of the populace before their own, and this has led to negative outcomes on several occasions (although there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that vaccines are linked to neurological disorders).

      But then without any cause, you’ve projected these incidents into a supposed clandestine world of machinations and subterfuge in which an unknown group of people secretly exert power to achieve evil ends. I don’t dispute that powerful people very often do things that harm others. What I dispute is that there is some grand integration of these individuals; there is no evidence (something you claim to rely on) of this assertion. This leap of logic is where conspiracy theorists leave the rest of us behind in the search for truth.

      In many ways, it makes no difference if any of those examples you give are true. The fact remains that all of these examples could just as likely be the outcomes of many different imagined power structures besides your conspiracy. You choose the conspiracy because you rest on the assumption of a maniacal government full of evil individuals bent on power and domination. Thus, in many ways, you’ve assumed your conclusion as your premise

      You claim to check sources and do your research, but it becomes apparent in your post that you are not being judicious. It becomes clear that you don’t actually know the proper way to check sources and do research. There are no sources providing evidence that everyone in the government is a thief, a pervert, or a murderer. That was your assumption. The evidence you provide does not necessarily imply your desired conclusion, and thus it makes it difficult to take this sort of thing seriously.

      Contrary to your assertion that the marginalization of conspiracy theorists ridicules individuals with legitimate concerns, I think it serves to ground legitimate concerns in reality. Imagining some grand clandestine conspiracy minimizes the importance of structural factors by giving credit to a faceless group of mythical chimeras. Anyone who DOES, in fact, have concerns about the power structure should be wary of conspiracy theories since these theories only serve to obscure the true societal influences and possible resolutions. Conspiracy theorists may have legitimate concerns, but they certainly don’t rely on legitimate evidence.

    • Bear says:


      This is from today. At least there’s a handful of honest Congressmen left. Just a handful, not the overwhelming majority that voted for NDAA for 2012.

      Nope, no conspiracy here, just move along.

  45. William says:

    Its the sound of the earht, the end its coming.

  46. Bear says:

    Andy, I didn’t realize that you expected me to write a treatise on my beliefs. Re: 9/11, I gave you several sources to check out – if you don’t want to do the research, then the honus is on you, not me. I could provide many more sources for my claims but I’m a bit tired at the moment. I could dig up a bunch of articles for you over the next few days, but if you don’t check out the sources I’ve alrady listed and then claim that I don’t know how to do research (how the heck you can deduce that I haven’t the foggiest) then you are just copping out, pure and simple.

    “In many ways, it makes no difference if any of those examples you give are true. The fact remains that all of these examples could just as likely be the outcomes of many different imagined power structures besides your conspiracy.” Of course it doesn’t make any difference if you want to continue to hide your head in the sand and not stand up to these criminals, or face your own fears – that this country is run by evil monsters no better than Hitler (they just hide it a little better). Yes, I used that archaic word, evil. If I give you several sources to check out, then you claim that I gave you nothing and instead insult my intelligence, I have to assume that you are pussying out – pardon the vernacular.

    I mentioned that the CIA runs drugs. Surely, you’ve heard of Iran/Contra? Surely you’ve read about the downed CIA planes found with tons of cocaine in them a few years back. Anyone can read about how the CIA transported heroin in the body bags of dead U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam war. Instead of taking on the smug attitude that the prostitute msm does regarding those crazy “conspiracy theorists,” do the heavy lifting and do the phckng research – again, insulting me without examining my claims is weak and dishonest.

    Re: vaccines – you might want to google things like: contaminated vaccines, Gardisil and neurological disorders, or check out the links below for a start:




    No, the above links are not meant to be an all-encompassing proof; you can certainly begin to do the research and expand on it, since your mind is so vastly superior to my own mangled intellect.

    As far as their being no proof of an organized, global conspiracy, that is absurd. There is much proof that the elites consider us as nothing more than cattle. The elites have tons of white papers and books re: their plans for us. You may want to check out the U.N.’s Agenda 21 for a start. Another book is Carroll Quigleys, “Tragedy and Hope.” Science Czar John Holdren’s Orwellian wet dreams are well documented in his book, “Eco-science.” Just please don’t be lame and tell me that I’ve not given you anything to research. Did you read the Army white paper on barium/holograms? Did you check out the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website? Will you read the U.N.s Agenda 21? Have you read about the NDAA for 2012 and its “indefinite detention” clause? Will you read about the Franklin Coverup or the MIAC report or have you begun reading Tarpley’s book on 9/11? I think not.

  47. Steveo says:

    Ooohhhh… wow.!! condsider this. Geologist discovered a broken shore line that shows the cre-historic age …the pre-historic age and …..us……. Cre…and Pre.. show biodiversity fade and a thick layer of volcanic ash on top of both of them..except ours.. bio-diversity is fading as the other 2 but is missing what the pre.. and cre have except volcanic ash on the other 2. I believe this is inarguable evidence that the planet has cycles… and we are looking at some sort of mess in our life time… call it what you will. I really believe science’s pride would be wounded if they said they didn’t understand something….will you chance your lives as many civilizations did in the past.. honestly is any one slightly concerned? Do you think that something in the facts of the large puzzle are missing. I’m not a conspearist….just well..mechanically educated in all sorts of physics.. and it doesn’t add up to me. I don’t feel safety in science community expressions

  48. Donna says:

    IN the video where the colored lights were visible and they had an earthquake 11 hours later, those rainbow colors I have seen here in Connecticut many times. They are caused by aluminum reflecting in the sun. The aluminum is in the sky because planes are spraying it (Chemtrails) In this part of the country they are called Chembows and are seen frequently. In the video, Chemtrails can clearly be seen.

    • Bear says:

      And Monsanto has aluminum resistant seeds. Coincidence? I doubt it. Monsanto is going to try to gain complete control of the food industry on behalf of the elites. This is a part of the elites’ eugenics program. Many studies have been done on lab animals consuming GMO produce – fertility rates drop drastically within a couple of generations. We are useless eaters to the elites. They want all of the life extension technologies that are being developed for themselves, while the majority of humanity (i.e., those who are left after the culling) are reduced to living in a pre-industrial world. Check out the U.N.’s Agenda 21.

      With the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) for 2012, Americans can be detained indefinitely with no specific charges and no right to trial by jury. The government has openly declared war on the Constitution and the American people – they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. The elites who run this country, most of Europe and large chunks of the rest of the globe, are psychopaths – pure and simple. They are warmongering, Devil worshipping (check out Bohemian Grove, Lt. Michael Aquino, noted U.N. speaker and Luciferian/New Ager David Spangler), child molesting (e.g., the Franklin Coverup, the Belgian child sex slave ring coverup and Halliburton’s sex slave trafficking), genocidal, sadistic, cowardly leeches and liars. They are not Catholic, Jewish, Protestant or Muslim – at the highest levels they are Satan worshippers.

      That is who runs America and Europe – the rich multi-billionaires, the old money powers and royalty of Europe who have enslaved the “commoners” for centuries. This 200 year old experiment in representative government based on the inalienable rights of the people is anathema to the elite and they are working hard to destroy the last vestiges of free humanity via propaganda, economic sabotage, the phony war on terror (including false flag attacks) and the destruction of the Constitution. They are poisoning our environment (chemtrails, industrial waste, fluoride in water, GMO’s, numerous toxic chemicals in our food) and creating super viruses in their death labs that they will probably unleash on us at some point. They are psychpathic criminals and they view us as cattle. I think there is no doubt left that the line in the sand has been drawn.

  49. Jmayhem says:

    Ok soooo I live In Peterborough and never heard shit nobody else has, Personally I think that this noise is scaring so many people that kids and people are making videos of it just hyping the HOLE ENTIRE THING out of proportion.

  50. Maybe those are sounds of earth somehow, or the sun, I hope is something good and not bad, greetings from Kansas!

  51. Chuttt says:

    Sounds planets


  52. Melanie says:

    I just hope we all stay in a positive and loving state of mind that is the key after all we all just need to stay together for whats to come who knows whats going to happen but we must not fight each other and come together as one

  53. Ed meyer says:

    Has anyone considered that these sounds may be intentional?
    There are literally hundreds of these occurances recorded from around the globe…Personally I am not quite sure what to definitively make of them, but I have an inkling that they “Could” be communication. Not ,I surmise, “communication” intended for us, the human population, but maybe communication with the Earth itself., Ok call me crazy,(that is always possable, but when our ancestors suggested the earth was round as opposed to flat….they too were called “crazy”.
    These sounds “could” be an “upload” of sorts….(oh crap, and me without my trusty tinfoil hat).
    Modern gas and oil researchers currently use similar sounds in a type
    of sonar in locating gas ans oil deposits, so therein lies another possible explanation.
    Our planet IS however experiencing dramatic changes in its magnetic field, much of which is attributed to our own suns activity……much of which is not.
    If you do the research you will find that “magnetic north” no longer points to polar north. This is further evidenced by some airports having to re number their runways, whereas incoming planes use a standard compass in order to line up on the appropriate runway.

  54. James says:

    The sounds are as a result of massive changes happening within the earths core. This phenomena may be a warning and precursor to a pole/mantle shift. Time will tell, but it might be wise to be prepared for such events.

  55. Bill says:

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