Mastering your life and entering the Magic…
the Golden keys of transformation
and the new consciousness

Archange Michael through Célia Fenn
September 2011

The Sun transmitting the “Grail Codes”

Beloved New Earth Family.. with Joy we see how so many of you are making the shifts and changes that are allowing you to Become All That You Are and Can Be at this time. After the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal in early August, there was a huge acceleration of Frequency and many of you who were ready took the next step from the Fifth Dimension of Light into the Sixth Dimensional Realm of Dreams and Magic, and assisted in anchoring the “Dreamtime” connection to the Earth once again.

Beloved Ones, how our hearts rejoice as we see you fullfilling the purpose for which you came and aligning with the Higher Frequencies of Light, and allowing yourselves to become Multi-Dimensional Beings of Light and Matter.

The Sixth Dimension of Light is the place of Magic, the realm of the Magical Child and the Creator of Dreams. It is the Dimension from which the Planetary Consciousness generates the Dreams, Desires, Fantasies and Projections that manifest as “Material Reality” in the Lower Dimensions of Matter. To walk in the “Dreamtime” means that you need to be “awakened” from the controlling illusions of the Third Dimensional reality, and fully grounded in the New Fifth Dimensional Reality Grids, and so able to access the Magical Realms of the Dreamtime and its flows of Abundance and Joy without losing your grounding in Material Reality. This is “Mastering your Life”, and indeed it is an aspect of your personal desire to evolve and grow with the Earth, and to achieve all that can be achieved within your present Planetary Reality.

So, Beloved Ones, at this time we will speak of how you may fully ground yourselves in the Fifth Dimensional Reality, and then how you may move forward into the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness, if you feel ready to make this shift.

The Fifth Dimension :
The Grail Codes and the Golden Keys of Transformation

Beloved New Earth Family, in the last ten years and in the process of your Transformation, we have spoken frequently of the “Grail Codes” and their importance in your Evolution. The “Grail Codes” are the Light Codes or Cosmic DNA Activators that bring you “online” with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness and the energy of Inner Balance.

As you enter the Fifth Dimensions of Consciousness, you access the Cosmic Christ energy that was anchored by the Christ Avatars, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. This Cosmic Christ energy, via the Grail Codes, provides the Awakening to Who You Are. Once you are awakened, and those who are drawn to read these words will be, then you are ready to begin to master your Life in the Fifth Dimension. It is here that we offer you the Six Golden Keys of Transformation. The “Keys” are already a part of Who You Are anfd Who You Are Becoming, and we seek simply to assist you to activate these Light Codes as you proceed with your Journey.

The First Key is the Light Code for Mastery of your Light Body and the Harmonics of Light. As you awaken from the illusions of the Third Dimension, you understand fully that you are a Human Angel and a being of Light, and you begin to activate your Light Body until all the meridians and connections are in place to facilitate the Sacred Union of body and soul. You move into your 13 Chakra system and you anchor fully in the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras. You become a master of Light Harmonics, able to receive, decode and transmit the pulsations of Light from the Divine Cosmic Heart.

The Energy of the Divine Heart is Love, and so as you activate the First Key of the Light Body, you then begin to activate the Second Key of Divine Love. Here, Beloved Ones, you understand that everything is an expression of Divine Love and you strive to live in alignment with Divine Love and Compassion as they are revealed to you in your life. And so, you begin to become a Master of Divine Love.

As you feel the Flow of Divine Love moving through the Light Body, Beloved Oners, you begin to understand that life, experience, everything you are, is an aspect of the Flow of Time, and that Time itself is Infinite and is an Expressed in many different ways in different dimensions. Once you are freed from the illusion of Linear Time, you are able to begin to use the Third Key to become a Master of Time, and to align with the Inner Flows of Galactic and Cosmic Time.

Beloved Ones, now you are ready to fully master the Fourth Key – the Key of Manifestation and Creativity. As you move through Space and Time with Divine Love, you begin to see how you are able to use your Divine Gifts of intention and Desire to manifest what you need from the flow of Abundant Love that is also called Time. For you are everywhere surrounded and embraced by the Flow of Divine Love and Abundance that seeks to be expressed through your Creations of Love.

Now, as you become more assured of the Fifth Dimension, Beloved Ones, you move into the Fifth Golden Key and its Light Codes, the Key of Community. This is the Activation that allows you to connect on the Heart and Soul grids with those who are your Soul Family and Community. There are many different forms of Community in the New Earth Fifth-Dimensional Reality, and you will find that you will “flow” into and between many different kinds of Communities as you seek to express your Light, your Power, and Who you Are. It is Flexibility and Flow that will be the nature of “Community” in the New Earth Reality. Many different forms of Community will be tried as you head into the New Earth, searching for the form that best expresses Who You Are.

And, finally, you activate the Sixth key, the Light Codes that allow you to access and express your Soul Purpose in the New Earth. Beloved New Earth Family, the New Earth is about Freedom – the Freedom to Choose. And so, you will choose how you will express your Soul Purpose. Perhaps you are a Wise One, a Wisdom Keeper, Teacher or Healer? Perhaps you are a Day Keeper, a Master of Time? Perhaps you are an Earth Keeper, or an Ocean Keeper, or One who works with Devas and Elementals of Crystals? Perhaps a Spiritual Warrior, or an Artist or a Musician, or an Elder? Or perhaps a New Earth Soul, one who simply epresses Who They Are in the New Energy and the New Consciousness.

Beloved Ones, you will discover for yourselves what is your Purpose and Passion in the New Earth Energy as you Activate and Master the Golden Keys.

Entering the Sixth Dimensional Realm of Dreams and Magical Creation
The Sun transmitting the Grail Codes and the Diamond Light…

Beloved New Earth family, once you have mastered the basic Fifth Dimensional Life Skills and you are completely grounded and anchored in the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras, you may begin to enter into the Sixth Dimensional Realms of Dream and Magic. You must be fully grounded, in order to move between the fading illusions of the Third Dimensions, the New Reality of the Fifth Dimension and the magical and Dream World of the Sixth Dimension. If you are not grounded, you run the risk of becoming lost in y0our own illusions and delusions.

To walk in the Sixth Dimension means to be able to distinguish between the difrferent kinds of Dreams and Illusions, and to be able to distinguish between your own dreams and creations and those of others in the Collective or Joint Reality. For, in truth, there is no real difference between “Dreams” and “Reality”, they are simply different aspects of the realms of divine Light. To understand this enables you to walk in many “Dream Realities” with a firm grasp of your own “reality” and your own dreams. You will not get lost in the Dream World of another’s creation (unless you so choose) but will stay true to your own dreams and manifestations.

To enter the Dream World of the Sixth Dimensions requires that you activate the “Magical Child” within. Beloveds, the Great Teacher Yeshua said to you that to enter the Higher Dimensional “Kingdom of Heaven” you should become as a “little child”; he also said that the “Kingdom of God” is “within you”. Yes, indeed, the realms of Creative Magic are the Inner Planes of the Collective Dream reality of Planet Earth, and to enter this space requires the innocence, trust and purity of a child.

Beloved Ones, it is the “Pure of Heart” who can enter the Dream World. To be “Pure of Heart” is to be like a Child, playful and filled with “imagination”. It is to be unafraid and trusting in the Higher Good and a Higher Purpose. If you are not “Pure of Heart” and like an innocent child, you run the risk of encountering illusions and deception as the ego mind struggles with the nature of Magical or Dream reality for which is has no reference point.

As you enter into the Magical realms of the Sixth Dimension, you once again awaken to the Creative Power of Myths, Archetypes and Stories. You understand that these are the Creative Substance of reality and you understand how “believing” and “dreaming” are the ways in which Material Reality is woven from the Stories and Myths of the Archetypal Realms.

Beloved Ones, this is a powerful place to enter, and as you begin this Journey you will experience physical changes. Initially, you may feel extreme “exhaustion” and tiredness. In reality, what is happening is that your brain is dipping into “Theta” wavelength in the waking state. Now, your body experiences Theta as a sleep state, so when you enter the Sixth Dimensional Dreamtime in the waking state, your Body thinks it is sleeping, and so extreme “heaviness” and “tired” feelings are experienced as the Body becomes temporarily confused at this change.

Then also, you may become mentally confusedf as your brain shifts between Beta, Alpha and Theta brainwave states in waking consciousness. You may experience lucid dreams in the daytime, or you may become forgetful, disoriented or dizzy as your brain settles into its new “shift pattern” to allow you to move between the dimensions and to process information gathered in all these spaces so that you have a firm grasp of the different layers of reality.

Yes, Beloved Ones, reality is becoming multi-layered, like a “sandwich”! Within the layers of the “Reality Sandwich” you begin to navigate between the Dimensions with a clear sense of what belongs where and to which level or layer of Reality, and what is Dream, Magic, Illusion or Delusion.

Indeed, Beloved New Earth Family, as you master this New Dimensional access, you will find a powerful connection to the Realms of Abundance and Manifestation. You will learn how to manifest your Heart’s Desire, both individually and as a Collective, by accessing the Magical Realms of the Sixth Dimensional Dreamtime.

We wish You Joy and Abundance and Love in the time
that lies ahead as the New Earth rises into manifestation!

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