ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Celia Fenn

Beloved New Earth Family…to celebrate this Point of Balance in the Journey of Timeship Earth through the Cosmos…..we invite you to join us in this Meditation. First, find a quiet place to sit and light a candle to represent the Flame of Spirit. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply until you feel a sense of inner Peace.

Now, focus into your Heart Center and just breathe into the Heart. Allow yourself to connect with Unconditional Love and to expand into that Love until you are filled with Compassion and Grace. As you focus on Compassion and Grace you will become aware of those in the Higher Realms who are working with you and with the Earth at this Crucial Moment of Transformation. Allow your Sacred Heart to connect with all the other Sacred Hearts that are connecting with the Great Cosmic Heart at this time.

Just allow yourself to “tune in” to the Cosmic heartbeat and feel that pulsation of light being reflected in all things…even the beat of your own beautiful Sacred Heart. Allow yourself to rest in this Peace.

Now, bring the energy down your body, through your feet and into the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet. Anchor your energy there and feel how you are connected to the Earth and how the Earth supports you and loves you. You are grounded! Now, take that energy even further down to the Great Crystalline Heart of the Earth, and feel how you are a part of the Earth and the Earth is a part of you. Feel how you are coming into s state of Balance with the Earth.

Then, bring that love from the Earth up and into your Heart and hold it there, breathing deeply and filling your body with love.

Then, move the energy upwards and into the Crown Chakra and then the Soul Star Chakra. Feel yourself connecting with the deep Love of your Soul and let that Love fill your Being. And then move upwards again to the Great Cosmic Heart of the Divine and feel yourself embraced in Divine Love. Breather deeply and feel the Love and Peace. Then allow that Love to enter into your Heart, creating a perfect balance between Heaven and Earth.

Now, as you focus into your Heart…allow yourself to move deeper and deeper into an awareness of Divine Love…of the Love that fills every living being…of the wonder and the miracle of Life itself….and breathe in LIFE! And as you breathe deeply you feel yourself embraced in a River of Diamond Light, a River of Stars…a River of Dreams…..a River of Abundance…and you become part of this Dance of Cosmic Starlight. Just allow the feelings of Joy and Bliss to wash around you! You are Blessed!

Now, you see before you a Rose, a beautiful Golden and Magenta Rose, and as you watch the Rose unfurls into a Galaxy of Light that opens into the Galactic Heart and then into the Cosmic Heart of All That Is. This is the Great Rose Gate of the 11/11/11…and you are beginning to align your Heart energy with the opening of the Cosmic Rose Stargate so that you may receive the Cosmic Christ Codes and the Codes of Renewal that will begin to manifest the New Earth.

Now allow that Beautiful and Blessed energy to be transmitted through you into the Earth and into the Crystalline grids of the Earth so that the Love may be shared from Heart to Heart…around the Earth.

The Earth is Blessed and all her Children are Blessed on this Day!

Now…spend some moments in Silent Meditation and allow whatever
insights and visions that might flow to you at this time.

You are Blessed!

Now…breathe deeply into your Sacred Heart again and open your eyes when you feel ready.
Célia Fenn