A Russian geophysical weapon equivalent to the American HAARP installed in Alaska could cause earthquakes from anywhere in the world. The SURA, located near the small town of Vasilsursk about 100 km east of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, would have the same capacity for the HAARP, and can cause seismic movements in non-seismic areas like the East coast of the USA, where the majority of nuclear power plants in the country accumulates. The ghost of Fukushima fly over North America.

City of BUENOS AIRES (Urgente24) – the unusual earthquake that struck the East coast of USA on Tuesday has generated suspicion around the world.

To begin with, it is known that on the East coast of USA no faults or meetings of tectonic plates, which is why the earthquake detected on Tuesday afternoon is somewhat inexplicable. Today you can found some that another explanation of geologists on the phenomenon, although based on the model of plate tectonics, when less, implausible.

From 1897 a movement of such magnitude, according to the USGS records had been in this area of the USA. In fact, Tuesday’s was the strongest that records the history of the region in regards to seismic movements.

The quake was followed by at least three replicas on the night of Tuesday, according to the USGS. The earthquake which has caused major damage, with a magnitude of 4.8 degrees on the Richter scale, occurred in 1875, explained the USGS.

For now, the Agency Federal the emergency management (FEMA, for its acronym in English) of the USA said that it has received no requests for federal aid of any of the affected States and that there was no reports of damage to infrastructure in the area, such as bridges and roads.

The earthquake produced disruptions and delays on all services of public transport and at airports, a short cut of cellular telephony services, the temporary closure of two nuclear reactors in Virginia and big deductions on main roads in the US capital.

The unique event awakens an analogy by its geographical location: on the coast East of USA concentrates good part of nuclear power stations that USA has in its territory and a major earthquake could have provoked in North America something similar to what happened in Japan with the explosion of the Fukushima plant.

Subsequent to the earthquake in Japan exploded a video on the net in which a Canadian financial journalist based in the island (Benjamin Fulford) denounced the elites in the USA had threatened the Japanese with a “machine to produce earthquakes” making it fly a nuclear power plant.

In view of what happened in Japan, and very to regret that the island is located in an area where earthquakes of various magnitudes, they usually develop immediately spread the idea that the HAARP had used to literally destroy the Japanese economy through the use of geo-engineering technology and the nuclear disaster.

By the same logic might think the earthquake on the East coast of USA. And even the theory might be more plausible if one takes into account that the earthquake has been unusual and occurred in an area of the country where most of the country and with buildings not providing nuclear plant accumulates earthquakes.

SURA: The Russian HAARP

Then, who could be behind the artificial generation of earthquakes in the USA if it isn’t project HAARP?

The answer, at least the visible, is in Russia and his project SURA, equivalent to the American HAARP.

SURA ionospheric heating facility, is a center of research of the ionosphere located near the small town of Vasilsursk about 100 km east of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. Sura is capable of radiating about 190 MW, effective radiated power (PRE) on shortwave. Initially depended on the Ministry of defence, but this service is currently operated by the Research Institute of Radio NIRFI in Nizhny Novgorod.

The Sura facility was commissioned in 1981. With the use of this mechanism, Russian researchers study the behaviour of the ionosphere and the effect of the generation of emission of low-frequency modulation of the ionosphere.

The range of frequencies of the installation is 4.5 to 9.3 MHz. The facility consists of three transmitters broadcasting of 250 kW and an antenna crossed dipole 144 with dimensions of 300 m x 300 m. In the center of the frequency range of operation (4.5 – 9.3 MHz), as peak gain is reached around 260 (~ 24 dB), the effective radiated power (PER) of the facility is 190 MW (~ 83 dBW).

In the past, American meteorologist Scott Stevens accused Russia of being behind certain activities that could affect the atmospheric activity.

Mr. Stevens pointed out that the Russian military specialists were behind the “Fury” of Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans. According to him, Russia has built the secret team to cause a detrimental impact of weather and thus return to Soviet-era of the cold war.

USA media echoed quickly news. The rumor that Russia and USA are involved in the development of weather weapons.

But these rumors seemed too wild to find a grain of truth hidden underneath. Meanwhile, some Russian politicians say that experiments have been carried out and still that have led on any side of the ocean.

Before the death and the following destruction caused by Katrina, the Americans promptly dug the interview controversy of Vladimir Zhirinovsky who threatened with flooding everywhere in the USA when “our scientists slightly change the Earth’s gravitational field.”

But when Katrina hit the southern part of the USA were able that unlikely rumors about the weather weapon of Russia return to come to light again.

American meteorologists are not the only ones who blame neighbors for using the “weapon of the hurricane.” Unconfirmed reports and uneven on questionable experiments with climate produced by the USA and the former Soviet Union were a large number of political scandals in many countries of the world.

After a great flood in Europe in 2002, some European politicians blamed the “U.S. military” for wanting to disrupt the economy of the EU. In 2002, the Committee for the defence of the Russian State Duma raised the issue of a detrimental impact on the climate caused by the experiments involving disturbance of the ionosphere and magnetosphere. Members focused on the system of HAARP, which was still under construction in Alaska.

There are a few special facilities in a military zone about 400 miles north of Anchorage. A huge area of tundra that has thousands of antennas of 25 m, pointing to the sky. The installation is called HAARP. The Marines patrol the vicinity of the base. He is not permitted that any commercial or military aircraft flying over the base. Why?

Patriot air defense systems were installed around the base to prevent terrorist attacks.

The Navy and air force of USA combined efforts to build the facilities. Some sources indicate that it is used to cause active influence on the ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth. The results could be fantastic, according to the scientific journals. Scientific journals indicate that HAARP is capable of causing auroras you boleares artificial, can also alter and leave out of combat to the radar stations in the early ballistic missile detection systems, left incommunicado submarines in the ocean and even detect the secret underground complexes of the enemy.

Radio frequency emission is capable of drilling through the ground and look at highways and underground tunnels, can burn electronic components and ultimately destroy space satellites. The team can also affect the atmosphere and thus cause changes in time. HAARP could be used to cause natural disasters.

Three years ago the Duma members carried out a warm discussion of topics related to HAARP. They even produced an appeal to President Putin and the UN. They demanded to appoint an International Commission for the investigation of the experiments conducted in Alaska.

Speaking to Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the specialist on active influence on the atmosphere of the Federal service for Hydrometeorology and environment Valerio Stasenko Control said that HAARP is “a topic very important.” “It is nothing new that the term ‘space time’ has become quite popular lately”.

The term represents the interrelationship between solar activity, the magnetosphere and shocks and solar progress of the ionosphere in the atmosphere. Perturbations in the magnetosphere and the ionosphere can really affect the climate. Using a powerful team to deliberately cause disturbances, it can also affect at the time, even on a global scale. “I believe that members were right to finally raise the question with regard to experiments to USA” said Mr. Stasenko.

While politicians argue over the imperialist plans of the United States.UU…, its military activities, and the disasters caused by man and bloody floods, do not want to realize that Russia has a structure similar to HAARP facilities. Facilities called Sura is as powerful as HAARP. One of the leading scientific research institutions of the USSR, the Research Institute of Radiophysics.

“There are only three facilities like this in the world, one is in Alaska, the same HAARP, one in Norway and the third in Russia,” said Nikolai Snegirev, director of the Institute.

The installation was commissioned in 1981. “Using this unique facility, researchers reached extremely interesting results about the behaviour of the ionosphere.” They discovered the effect of generation of emission of low-frequency modulation of ionosphere current. Initially, the Soviet Defense Department bet in similar research projects. But no research has led to such a facility due to the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union. “Currently we are involved in international projects for the investigation of the ionosphere,” said Snegirev.

Sura seems a little “rusty and somewhat past fashion”. And against all odds, still works. There are straight lines of masts 20 m placed in an area of 9 hectares. A giant transmitter the size of a hut in the country sits at the center of the field, the sender is used to study sound developments in the atmosphere.

Researchers in the Sura not can still conjure similar to Katrina and Rita hurricanes. At least they say they can not do. However, carried out research (on a smaller scale than in the USA) of the interrelationship between natural disasters and disturbances in the ionosphere and magnetosphere.

“It is possible that they affect the time.” “However, neither the Russians nor the Americans are capable at the time of creating something like hurricanes Katrina or Rita.”

“the capacity of the facilities is too low.” The Americans will change HAARP in its design capacity. “However, will not be efficient enough to cause natural disasters,” said Yuri Tokarev, head of the Department of solar relations and ground of the research of Institute of Radiophysics.

Technologies of secret research institutes that use such technologies are classified as high secrets and are almost inaccessible to non-military researchers. One of the devices was recently tested with the help of the Russian Academy of natural sciences.

“Produce interesting results during the first test of the ion generator,” said Academician Mikhail Shahramanyan. “A stream of oxygen ions rose and could generate any result or a local break in the clouds or bring a sky covered, depending on a mode of the work of the device.” We manage form sky covered the cumulonimbus on Yerevan in April 2004. Use the type two GIONK devices when the sky was cloudless. “According to the protocols verified by independent observers, between April 15 to April 16 were registered in Yerevan between 25 mm – 27 mm of rainfall,” said the academic Shahramanyan.