To awaken is to know God. It is His Will that you do so, and as you are one with Him it is also your will. Consequently, it is impossible for you not to do so. Your intent to awaken is growing stronger each day as your desire to be awake intensifies and the moment for it to happen draws ever closer.

In the spiritual realms, delight and excitement are rampant as we observe ever more of humanity twitching and stirring as you move towards wakefulness. This truly is a time of great expectations which will be mightily surpassed when awakening occurs, and you, as it were, open your eyes, stretch, yawn, rub the sleepiness from your eyes, and stare with wonder and amazement at the sight that greets you, and the awareness dawns – you are Home! The ecstasy of that most fantastic moment is waiting to welcome you.

Your inner vision, given to you when you were created, has been your permanent ally, your constant companion, the Flame within beckoning you to come Home from the world of dreams and nightmares, into the brilliant perfection of Reality. It has been calling to you since the moment of separation, attempting to attract your attention in order to lead you out from the illusion. But you were captivated by the environment that you had built and you ignored its calls to you, knowing that it would always be there for you should you ever want it, while thinking that you never would – the illusion was far too much fun. However, by the time you changed your mind you had forgotten how to make contact, and so you started to invent rituals and ceremonies that you hoped would show you the way out. None did … and yet you were still being called. Eventually a few did hear the call, without really recognizing it for what it was, as they sat in silent awe-filled contemplation of the moon, the stars, the forests, the rivers, the oceans, sunrise and sunset, and they became aware of a great and unfulfilled longing within them, but for what they did not know. The awe that they experienced while in contemplation encouraged them to spend more time there, and they began to hear the call more strongly, confirming their hope that they were not alone, and these few became your teachers and guides over many incarnations.

Over the eons, their teachings spread by word of mouth, were written down, and were made available to genuine seekers of the knowledge of God. Some of the teachings became corrupted, but the main message “Love and honor one another as your Father loves and honors you” was never lost, even though it was frequently ignored, as some men set themselves up as better than others and gave themselves the right to judge and condemn.

That time has passed, but the message of love and honor has endured, inspiring many to live their lives in voluntary service to others where they found peace and satisfaction, even amidst great pain and suffering, as they continued to share that message of salvation. By loving and honoring one another you are saved – saved from the self-destruction that the darkness of hate and self-righteousness brings upon those who follow that path. But that path, like all of the illusion, will disintegrate because all will turn away from it and head towards the Light, honoring and loving as they go. All are saved because self-destruction is part of the illusion and cannot last, although some may choose to follow that painful path for a little longer.

For the majority, awakening is no idle fantasy as the illusion would suggest; it is the culmination of eons of determined effort they have made to find their way Home, even when not consciously aware of having made that choice. Those who seek peace and love will find them because they are Reality, All That Exists, and their apparent failings and sins are just that … apparent, part of the illusion that will dissolve when belief in sins is released and the Love eternally embracing them is accepted. When Love is truly and consciously accepted, everything else falls away. And you are all shortly to move into that state of acceptance and experience the wonder of that divine and eternal state.

With so very much love, Saul.
John Smallman