Veda : Translated from French. Sorry for mistakes ;)

An old man was about to die.
Before leaving this world for the hereafter,
He decided to give one last lecture to his family
Who gathered at his bedside.

He said:

When I was young and free, and with a limitless imagination,
I dreamed of changing the world.
Become wiser with the years,
I realized that the world would not change,
So I reduce my wishes a bit
And I decided to change only my country.

But he also seems immutable.
Approaching old age, in a supreme and desperate attempt
I decided to think only of changing my family, those I was closest.
Alas! You do not want to hear you either!

And now, lying on my deathbed, I suddenly understand:
If only I had changed myself,
So by my example, you would have also changed.
And through your actions, you might inspire others to
Find the strength and courage to improve our country and, who knows?
Maybe even change the world!

Do not try to change the world, start with yourself.
Many people try to change people that are around them.
It is in fact an almost impossible task.
If only these people were trying to transform themselves
They understand how this transformation is difficult.
The first change must always come to itself and by our example,
The other will also change.

If you want your life to be a beautiful story
Realize that you are the author and you have the opportunity every day
To write a new page.

Before attempting to try to conquer the world, so start by making
conquering yourself.

Unknown Author