Numerous earthquakes recorded in the Canary Islands : USGS nothing about!

October 12, 2011 by Veda  
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A significant number of earthquakes have occurred in recent days on the Canary Islands, a sign that the volcano El Hierro could erupt soon, and we find none of those listed on USGS earthquake (official us seismic observatory). I note, moreover, from just over 6 months, the USGS omits the display of certain earthquakes and evaluates it without consideration, compared to many other observatories around the world.

An Internet user, noticing this, called the USGS and he asked his interlocutor on the fact that earthquakes were recorded in the Canary Islands observatories but were not displayed on their site.

The answer he received when this call was this:

" Earthquakes are not registered to avoid the panic. We want to avoid warning! "

The "youtuber" continues his discussion by saying, " when it's enough for you to begin to report what is happening there? You expect to have an 8.9 richter earthquake followed by a big tsunami that will come on the U.S. in order to warn people? "

The guy from the USGS would have replied:

" Yes, that's probably how it will happen! "

The video of the "youtuber" in question was removed in minutes that followed the posting on this blog. Here is the video mirror that was backed by several channels youtuber (backups are made automatically knowing that youtube censorship more and more)

Look closely the number of earthquakes recorded in the last days on the site below. Strangely, nothing on USGS. Yet the site of the latter, it says "Latest earthquakes in the world", where you can see earthquakes in Europe and all other continents. Why are not those of the Canary Islands?

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