First I would like to state that I’m pretty damn sure this:

Second I also believe that it is indeed sentient and is self aware. We think WE:

are “superior” because of our “consciousness” and “self-awareness”…

I have a very different view that some here I think will share, I think we human beings (the supposed pinnacle of life evolution) are “part” of a larger organism much like the bacteria living inside our sentient bodies. How do we know the bacteria (from its perspective ) isn’t “self-aware” and “conscious”? I wonder if bacteria thinks it’s the pinnacle of life evolution? Remember that according to relativity perspective defines your reality.

I find some very interesting “parallels” between “earth” as a living organism and its functions and the human body as a living organism and its functions.

Human lungs: Job – turn O2 into CO2 (oxygen to carbon dioxide)

Earth Lungs: Job – Turn CO2 into O2 (carbon dioxide to oxygen)

There is a very obvious parallel and a very obvious, undeniable, symbiotic relationship between these two “organisms”. They complement each other and recycle each other’s byproducts, this is why nothing can be created or destroyed in physics terms, EVERYING is recycled.

Human Vascular system: Job – help move minerals and nutrients throughout the body

Earth Vascular system (lakes/streams/rivers /fresh water): Job – help move minerals and nutrients throughout the earth

Again there is a very obvious parallel and symbiotic relationship going on here.

The Heart is a bit less obvious but since the vascular system of the human body originates and terminates in the heart, the earthly parallel would be the oceans and seas of the earth as that is where all the lakes/streams/rivers/freshwater originates and terminates.

Another less obvious parallel between human and earth,

I know that is a coincidental reach but I merely put it here for the “interesting” factor.

I’m not entirely sure where the “earth brain” would be however I have pondered that it might be the collective “human” mind as we are a part of this living organism the human race in its entirety may be doing something on a larger scale that we are not entirely aware of.

Considering this I have thought a lot about the increase in earthly turmoil and apparent imbalance and overall lack of homeostasis on a planetary level and I started to think of the planet as being “sick” or having an “infection”.

WE the people being the “infection” not because we are by nature but our societies and governments have brought us here to a place of complete disharmony with our biosphere and the living earth. We live non-organic lives and are immersed in artificial lives at an ever increasing rate.

The interesting thing is that when the human body (earth) gets an “infection” (humans) the body (earth) doesn’t recognize the “infection” (humans) as being PART of itself and thus tries to KILL it off and re-create homeostasis so the HOST(earth) can survive the infection (humans). The body usually does this by means of FEVER (global warming) or raising the bodies temperature to create a less inhabitable environment and thus eventually killing off the infection (humans).

I truly believe the earth is reacting to the human infection and lack of relation humans have with the earth. The earth as a self-aware organism no longer acknowledges the human race as “part of itself” because everything we do these days is escalating out of balance and out of harmony with nature and its processes.

The earth is trying to kill us/fight us off so it can stay alive just as your body fights off unknown invaders to keep you alive. The parallels all seem to real and obvious for me to ignore or disregard as a “far reaching theory”

This is all avoidable though because humans are capable of expanding on their consciousness they are capable of controlling their actions for a purpose, when we know better we tend to do better. If the collective human race were to realize their place in the cycle of life and how its a symbiotic relationship by which we play an integral role we can therefor find some direction on how to conduct our lives in harmony with the life around us.

We do not exist independently of the earth and its biosphere we are very much an important part of LIFE itself and our role as of late is that of an infection/disease/virus that is living artificial synthetic lives outside the bounds and rules of what made us possible in the first place, life/nature/earth etc…

I’m convinced the homeostasis that made life possible on this planet is in severe jeopardy and it may or may not very well be a “part of a natural cycle” I too believe this is a fair possibility, I DO NOT believe that a carbon tax or any other synthetic man made solution will solve this problem.

I think the answer is to re-adjust our priorities and our lives, re-adjust our wants and our needs, re-adjust just about everything to live with nature in balance and harmony. That is a real and practical solution to this problem that follows the rules of nature that made everything we know possible. A Carbon tax or any other man-made solution will only compound our problems and our suffering as a race.

Knowing all this I truly believe that the ancients that built the amazing megalithic civilizations were indeed more wise and smarter than we are today. They seemed to “know better” they seemed to understand their “place’ on earth and knew it well.

Depending on whose version of history you follow you will think different things, all from traditional accepted thought to ancient aliens…but the one thing that is self-evident and undeniable and unaffected by agendas is that the ancients didn’t dabble in the “artificial” yet they were capable of creating structures that even today we could not duplicate.

I am absolutely convinced based upon this non taint-able evidence that we were once a great race that was far superior to that which we THINK we are today. The human race has been tainted and is no longer part of the biosphere, the human race is a direct threat to life itself…

The ancients KNEW BETTER…