Even a thought of the possibility of a terrorist attack in Washington with a nuclear bomb may seem unbelievable to most, but the attack in September 11, 2001 when terrorists hijacked airliners to ram the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the White House still seems unbelievable, but it happened and we can not deny that fact. It is no secret for many of us that the September 11, 2001 was planned and organized by U.S. intelligence agencies, that carried out someone’s orders, the internal work was directed at solving specific problems: a distraction from the problems of the public in the U.S. economy, strengthening of surveillance of its own citizens, The Global War on Terror and The War in Afghanistan, economic recovery at expenses for the military industry and other nuclear terrorist attack in Washington, the U.S. government also needs to address the issues in such a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil will almost immediately bring down the dollar, and hence get rid of the huge public debt, which has now exceeded 14 trillion dollars. This attack will also be a good excuse to start war campaigns in Iran and North Korea as these countries are actively trying to build their own nuclear weapons. A terrorist nuclear attack will show the danger of having this type of weapon by the political opponents of USA. American government will impose on the Islamists the blame for what happened, – they always threatened with death for Americans from Muslim countries.
Baitullah Mehsud – “Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world”

Baitullah Mehsud Threatens Washington

After the assassination of bin Laden in May 2011, the U.S. government has thus created a good opportunity for al Qaeda to commit a major terrorist attack on American territory in retaliation for the death of their leader.
Al Qaeda vows to avenge Osama bin Laden’s death
“In 2010, American police arrested at a bar drunken members of U.S. intelligence, who carried a nuclear warhead in the car at the bar – says U.S. Department of Energy. This is not the first case, it’s 16th time of negligence in the nuclear weapons handling of the last two years» – reports the world’s media as if hinting at favorable conditions for the abduction of a nuclear bomb by terrorists.
And if to take into account the ostentatious carelessness of intelligence and security holes of the country, these tireless efforts of terrorists to commit a terrorist attack on U.S. territory will soon be crowned with success, certainly not without the help of intelligence agencies themselves.
«To prevent a nuclear terrorist attack the policy should be changed» – Graham T. Allison, director of Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
“The single biggest threat to U.S. security, both short-term, medium-term and long-term, would be the possibility of a terrorist organization obtaining a nuclear weapon,” Obama said.
Al-Qaeda Wants Nuclear Strike on U.S., Obama Warns
Over the past 10 years in the U.S. media you could see a lot of statements about the country’s top officials that an attack with nuclear weapons inevitably awaits America. As if preparing residents for such a terrorist act, which was not a complete surprise for them.
If we consider the next terrorist attack in Washington in a global sense, it is, above all, profitable for so called “world government” – most influential bankers, who are working together to create a “new world financial system.” Until 1992, the World had had two poles, both political and financial, – the United States and the Soviet Union after the collapse of the Soviet Union the world has become unipolar, the U.S. remains the sole superpower, becoming a center of attraction for the lion’s share of financial and intellectual resources. With the help of the puppet government of the United States “world government” began to dictate its terms to other countries, and who was against it – there and then the American military machine has embarked on the case. Now when the “world government” has decided to all their problems at this stage of construction of the “New World Order”, which is to strengthen its power in various countries, in 2012, will transition to the new economic and political system – a multipolar world. U.S. will cease to be a global hegemon, and its power will be distributed among the other nations: Brazil, China, Russia, India and South Africa (BRICS); recently in these countries are experiencing economic growth, while the U.S. economy is in very bad condition. U.S. debt is huge and it’s still growing, being unavailable to be paid back, and no one is going to do this, the government doesn’t draw any useful conclusions and takes no serious steps to rescue the economy, although they might have. At the same time in the financial markets of America and other countries the “Big Bubble” is growing and it’s about to explode and bring down the financial markets (as it did in 2008), it’s going to be be the last nail in the coffin of the United States. “World government” strongly encourages America to complete the bankruptcy, so U.S. are prepared for a new world political and financial architecture – a multipolar world.
A multipolar world implies the creation of many new centers of economic power and political influence in the world. These centers will include the European Union (EU), the Eurasian Economic Community (EvrAzEs), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the League of Arab States (LAS), the African Union (AU), the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the East Asian Union, the North American Union (NAU) and possibly other associations, which will be based on the type of the European Union. To date, the European Union has already adopted the single currency – the Euro, there is a single economic space, the newly adopted Constitution of the European Union, was elected president and the first High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, the EU will soon be a common EU budget. All goes to that instead of the independent union of European states, will soon be one big single independent state. Such unification processes, at different stages, we are able to observe in other countries such as Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have recently announced an alliance “Eurasian Economic Community (EvrAzEs), have already agreed on the establishment of a supranational authority, a single economic space will be available soon single currency – the ruble. Other unions are also thinking about creating a single currency, have already claimed the head of state, members of certain unions of countries. One of these alliances should be the North American Union, including countries such as Canada, USA and Mexico. It has long are persistent rumors about the future establishment of such a union with a common currency – Amero, now and then by independent journalists, leaking information, which to date has published a large number of Amero, also said the completion of the superhighway connecting these three states. In 1994 the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States in accordance with the model of the European Union, which creates conditions for further integration and the creation of later North American Union. There are strong arguments speaking in favor of what the capital of the North American Union will be the city of Denver:
1) If you look at the political map of the North American continent, you can see that Denver is located almost in the center of the future North American Union that would be a good argument for the adoption of the residents of the capital of the three countries.
2) The city is located at 1609 m above sea level and is often called “Mile High City”
3) It has its own mint and the Capitol.
4) International Airport is one of the largest in the world, under which, according to some rumors, there is a huge bunker with an extensive network of tunnels.
5) Denver is surrounded by military bases and is located between the Rocky Mountains in the west and the Great Plains to the east.
6) All the CIA office has moved to Denver from Washington, DC. In the U.S. people still wonder why the CIA moved his headquarters from Langley (about 8 miles. from Washington) to Denver? Quote from the article: «Other CIA veterans said such a relocation would make no sense, given Denver’s relative distance from major corporate centers. «Why would you go so far away? » one asked. “They (corporate centers) will get disconnected»
The current U.S. capital, Washington has a role to play in the destiny of America, before the capital moved to Denver, but this will be written below.
To replace the dollar, which today serves as a global reserve currency, there is another currency prepared – a supranational “new world currency,” which was presented in 2009 at the Summit of G8.
Official site of the project “New world currency» – futureworldcurrency.com
There are so many dollars printed by now that this currency has essentially turned into a plain green paper, which in the close future will be useless for purchasing. The falling dollar will mark the transition to a new global financial system, the U.S. will no longer control the release of a global reserve currency and at the same time this will lead to a decline of the American Empire. Each of us can see today the global integration processes throughout the world, all these processes are controlled by “world government” with the aim of creating a “new world order” and their motto – is the end justifies the means.
UN proposes to abandon the dollar
China and Japan abandon the dollar in mutual

China and Japan Dump Dollar…

Russia and China have agreed to refuse the dollar in bilateral trade
That brings us to the most important, a world government plans to replace the dollar with a new world currency merge Canada, Mexico and the United States in the North American Union and the U.S. financial power to divide between the new centers of economic power and political influence. In order to get it right “world government” would bring down the U.S. economy and dollar system dismantles with the terrorists who commit the country’s largest in the history of the world attack. Such a major terrorist attack can be carried out only with weapons of mass destruction, in which role best suits nuclear weapons, as it will almost instantly get more damage and casualties among the population, which in turn will immediately bring down the dollar and financial markets. A nuclear terrorist attack in one of the cities in the U.S. will create an excellent pretext for war against Iran and North Korea, an apocalyptic picture of the destroyed nuclear weapons would create a media bombshell: “The United States of America was the most horrible and audacious terrorist attack in the history of mankind! “; people around the world will be glued to their screens in shock from what they saw and sympathized with ordinary Americans.
The most suitable city for the implementation of this attack is Washington, there are some strong reasons:
1) The explosion of a nuclear bomb in the heart of America – Washington, DC, will create the desired effect: “The very heart of America – Washington attacked by terrorists”, “U.S. capital is destroyed,” as the world’s media will describe future events.
2) The population of Washington – about 600 thousand people, while it is not very densely populated, the population density is small and so the victim quantity will not be so much (compared with New York, Los Angeles and other big cities), approximately 200 thousand people.
3) Washington DC – subsidized city with high crime rates.
4) In order to unite Canada, Mexico and the United States in one state, a new capital is necessary, cause the residents of Canada and Mexico will not agree that their capital is in Washington – a city which embodies a history and culture of the United States, and Americans themselves have constantly reminded the city who they are. In addition, it would look like joining Canada and Mexico to the U.S. rather than a voluntary association of the three states.
to the above, you can add the following: Nearly all public servants, occupying more or less significant positions, live in the suburbs of Washington (about 15-30 miles. from the city). Therefore, for not to be hurt in the explosion of a nuclear bomb on the appointed day delay returning to work or does not come out. The specific date and time will they know in advance. As for Barack Obama and his family, because they live in the White House, it may happen that in the day of the attack they may not be in the city. If only a “world government” has no plans to destroy Washington with Obama and his family to withdraw from the intelligence services suspected of preparing terrorist attacks (this is one of the versions).
If to take into account the arguments that speak in favor of the destruction of Washington and formation the capital city of the future North American Union in Denver, we can say with total probability that Washington and its people are doomed.
“The FBI told the 100-percent probability of a nuclear attack on the U.S.” (Read all)
In the United States is ready scenario of a nuclear attack on the White House
The Pentagon established a new headquarters in the event of terrorist attacks in Washington
In 2006, in Washington in the National Guard training center have been teaching in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion of low power.
After answering the questions: why, how and where the attack happens, it still remains to answer only one question – when will it happen? I am absolutely convinced that a nuclear terrorist attack will occur in Washington in 2012, not because something like that predicted by the Mayan Indians. All these predictions about the end of the world in 2012 are total anti-scientific nonsense, to promote in the media and by some corrupt scientists on direct orders from the “World Government”. Nothing of that kind Mayans did not predict, but December 21, 2012 will end the old era and begin a new era, you can also say for example that January 1, 2012 ended the era of 2011, but the end of the world has not come on January 1st! Some scientists are beginning to raise different versions of the disasters that have to destroy our planet, from floods to nuclear war, from a new financial crisis to the collision with a meteorite. Why do some scientists and the media so actively hyping the idea that in 2012, our civilization will perish by some catastrophe, like preparing us for something? And they are preparing us to the fact that in 2012, the old international political and financial system will be replaced for a new one, this change will be accompanied by a major terrorist attack on U.S. territory, the second wave of the global financial crisis and the war against Iran and North Korea. Therefore, when these events occur, many people will associate it with the predictions of the Mayans and will wait until the end of the world in December 2012. By associating with the predictions of future events Mayan people would take them for granted, predestined, like any natural disasters have occurred through the fault of the higher powers that they have not been able to prevent. These people are not seriously analyze the events that occur in the future and even more blame, waiting for the end of the world in December 2012 they will only talk about it, and only passing mention of past events. That is the aim of the the a world government experts, broadcasting and popularizing the idea of 2012 catastrophe. Such as hysteria is in international mass media in 2009 about the swine flu (H1N1) to distract the world’s population on the topic of global financial crisis, when the epidemic was over, and with it the hysteria in the media, started out of the crisis and the rise in financial markets. After 2012, without seeing the end of the world, people will forget the past events as a nightmare and shifting their focus from the end of the world calmly to building The New World Order. Also, if someone like me, who tries to warn people of impending danger, will be taken as another horror story teller. In general, all the rumors around 2012 can be expressed with the following statements: “The world will never be the same again,” “Coming global changes”, “We are on the verge of a new era”, as if hinting at something specific.
As for the specific date, in the movie “Terminator 4: Salvation” we see the date on March 15. Certainly, many of those who read an article have seen in the YouTube excerpts from various films in which some allusions to the September 11, 2001 are given. For example, the
1) Independence Day – Jeff Goldblums computer shows 9:11
2) Armageddon – Countdown clock for the spaceship shows 9:11
3) Enemy of the State – Brills birthday is 9 / 11
4) The Patriot – Mel Gibson says 9 pounds, 11 ounces, perfect.
5) Pearl Harbour – 9 / 11 on Afflects optician test
6) Seven – Tape recorder is paused at 9:11
7) Traffic – boxes in the back of a van are stamped with 9 / 11
Godzilla – one character looks at the clock that shows 9:11
9) Terminator 2 – The bridge the T1000 hits has 9-11 on it.
10) The Matrix – Agent looks in the Neo passport with the date September 11, 2001
11) The Simpsons – Lisa shows the magazine, the cover of which the Twin Towers and the numbers 9 / 11
Movies that showed 9 / 11 to 9 / 11 – youtube.com
Video (4 parts) – youtube.com
Comparing the film “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” and “Terminator 4: Salvation” (the name speaks for itself), you can see an amazing similarity to some of the fragments. Passage where John Connor in the second terminator is trying to break away from the pursuit of robot-killer on a motorcycle, very similar to the passage of the terminator 4, when Mark tries to get away from the robot motorcycle in a truck. This apparent similarity between the two fragments is not random, as well as “Preventing 9.11″ on the bridge in Terminator 2 and figure 3.15 on the bridge in Terminator 4. The film “Terminator Salvation” was released in 2009 and 15.3 figures on the bridge clearly indicate the date of the next 911, the more close to these figures, if you look closely on the left, a little lower, you can see the numbers 911.
mirror – dailymotion.com
Day After Disaster – history channel youtube.com
2012 – Washington D.C. Scene youtube.com
Fallout 3 – sabbathian.files.wordpress.c…lding.jpg?w=640
If we recall that the bombing of Yugoslavia began March 24 and Iraq on 20 March, then March 15 is a suitable date for a nuclear terrorist attack in Washington and the beginning of the war the U.S. and Iran and North Korea.
Panetta: U.S. will not allow Iran to develop nuclear bomb, block Strait of Hormuz
Iran crosses another nuclear red line. Fordo soon on stream
Top U.S. General: Military option on Iran ‘executable if necessary’
North Korea closer to nuclear-tipped missile: U.S. expert
U.S. troops being moved from Iraq to Jordan to the border with Syria

US Special Forces Mass On Syrian Border

Of course, I’m not sure in the date of March 15, but I’m sure in the fact that a nuclear terrorist attack in Washington is going to happen in 2012. In any case, if I were a resident of Washington or its suburbs, I would have left this city as far as possible and as soon as possible, taking with them their relatives, friends, and warned of the danger of other people. For those who want to stay in Washington and to check the truthfulness of my words by themselves, I advise you to listen to the arguments above, it is too late.
Video on youtube “Strange troop movements, and the Rich Leaving America in Mass! -: youtube.com Why would it suddenly? wealthy Americans may know something they do not know ordinary citizens?
Yes, there were many such posts like mine, with warnings of a nuclear terrorist attack in Washington, and appointed a specific date, but nothing happened, and now people think that nothing like this will ever happen. Thinking this way they’re making a big mistake – remember the tale of a boy who lived in the village, who, decided to make fun of people, shouting – “Wolves, wolves, wolves are coming!” – All ran away, some with pitchforks, some with axes, to repulse the wolves but without seeing the wolves and then they heard this boy laughing. So the boy joked a few times and every time people came running to him screaming, until the real wolves came, then the boy began to call the people to help, this time really, but they decided it was another joke and none of the residents came to the rescue. Soon, they found gnawed bones – all that remained of him. This situation may happen soon so “the wolves will come in really,” I say this to the fact that a nuclear terrorist attack in Washington will soon be really true.
No need to tease the fate, the city is not safe, a lot of things show it, you can check it yourself. I wrote this article because I care about if people die or not, hundreds of thousands of human beings can be killed . So please take the arguments of this article very seriously. There is a real chance to save people from death, and not to discuss what has happened already. The short time remaining until March 15, 2012 or even less, in any case, do not wait until that date, at least in Washington. I hope you make the correct decision, perhaps the best decision in your life – get out of the town. Even if the attack does not happen on March 15, 2012, although there is a high likelihood that it will happen on this day, it’s better not to come to Washington during all of 2012. Consider that I have warned you.
This article should be extended wherever possible! Help warn people about the dangers! There is a real chance to save lives, and not to discuss what had happened already. There’s not much time left.