Dear Spiritual Warriors, today I wanted to share some insights, hope it will resonate and bring you some inspiration!
The ugly truth or the simplest truth is that even with all the friends in the world, or Girlfriends/Boyfriends at the end of the day you are alone in your bed…
You fall as sleep with yourself, and only with yourself, you wake up with yourself and face yourself…

Wherever you go in this world you will only be with yourself. Whoever you will meet, end of the day it will be you and yourself.

Yes you will meet amazing people, some of them will simply cross your path, some of them will leave you a bitter feeling, others will pin a smile on your face for days, some will piss you off, or inspired you, challenged you, loved you, and some of them will change your life for the good or the bad…

They will all play the exactly perfect role they had to play. Weird…

But again, again, end of the day, you will remain in the now, in your bed facing yourself before sleep with the only thoughts of who I’ve been today?

So my dear brother or sister, be sure that this version of yourself is the one you want to be with…

Who do you want to be not what but who?

And let me tell you what, I’m 30 and I’ve been running away from this version of myself during years… traveling the world, crossing 28countries believing I will find peace somewhere when in reality I was simply escaping these uncomfortable feelings with myself.

Seeking for love, seeking the soulmate, when in reality even after hitchhiking from Asia to Europe I would only find love with myself.

Addicted to the high I’ve been foolish, letting my mind guiding and driving the car while repressing my guts feelings creating this inner conflict that too many of us knows…

Because of what? Fears, lack of courage, pleasing people…

So just remember that end of the day, it will be you and yourself, no matter what, you came alone, you will end up alone.

And the best relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

Love yourself, remain in your heart, and from that, the world will become the best place to live in…

Then you realize that you are everything and nothing, and you have never been alone… The feeling of being lonely is different and will come from a disconnection with source consciousness… Remain in your heart here and now.

We are in the return of love unity consciousness

And that’s my life: weird, messy complicated and sad, wonderful, amazing and above of all, Epic. And I’m going to live it as best I can, for as long as I can.

Human design has been such a great tool for me and helpful in this self-love & discovery process!

Truly invite you to book a session and discover your uniqueness ❤

Remember, you born alone, you die alone and you go through life alone, it’s a commitment with yourself and spirit consciousness – the rest is illusion and distraction!

Together we will rebuild the Atlantis on earth ?

Commit to yourself
Love yourself
Laugh at yourself
Be yourself ❤?

From my heart, may the force be with you, and remember what is easy to do, is also easy to not do…


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