In my reading with him, through Linda Dillon, on Aug. 17, I asked Archangel Michael for his outlook on the plan to create a deadline for the ending of pedophilia on the planet. Here’s that discussion.

He also talks about what seems a coincidence – that three people within a week say they must be up and active. They can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch what is happening. The reading was through Linda Dillon and occurred on Aug. 17, 2018. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: I’m about to release a call to end pedophilia worldwide by January 1, 2020. Without a deadline, actions cannot be coordinated so I’m putting a deadline to it. Now is this an initiative you approve of, that you want me to be making?

Archangel Michael: Yes, but never take an accusatory stance. But yes. You know, my beloved friend, I have set deadlines for my peace initiative time and time again and many would say well, why, Michael, Mi-Ki-El, why on Earth, or any other planet, would you do that?

And I am doing that for exactly the reasons you cite. Because humans, particularly where you are right now, if there is not a deadline, it does not create the sense of urgency. It does not create the sense of immediacy for action, of stepping forward, of whether it is an external action or what you would think [of as] internal, meditation, visualization, it matters not.

So yes, creating a deadline is a highly-effective way in your human realm to get people moving. The other thing about pedophilia – and there have been many true and erroneous reports – but let us just speak of the attitude.

The practice is horrendous; it is anathema. The attitude, the behavior, this clinical, destructive, separative state of being of one who is a pedophile has to be removed as a starting point for building Nova Earth.

This level of sexual manipulation, in all kinds of ways, has need to be a thing of the past. Not a memory or historical fact that we wish to have eradicated. But it has to be a distant memory because, as a distant memory, it cannot be repeated. It cannot be resurrected because the horror of it is so great.

The other thing that occurs – yes, with sexual abuse, but also particularly with victims of pedophilia – is within that there is a very deep sense – yes, of course, of shame and guilt – but also of isolation.

And because so often the perpetrator comes from a perceived position of power, not just because they are adult but [if they have] religious or political or simply societal power, there is a sense that one must comply.

But the inner knowing and the outer social attitude of guilt and shame are embedded within the victims and this is also an area that has need to be addressed in this push.

So it is not just for the perpetrators to come to realizations. This is one of the reasons why I am speaking this day [in the reading] a great deal about compassion.

But it is not just compassion for perpetrator and victim. It is also simply for them to have enough compassion for themselves that they [the victims] may break out of this illusion of shame and blame and go forth and remember they were never isolated. They were never forgotten, even when they felt they were.

Steve: OK, thank you, Lord.

Is it a coincidence that three public figures, me – Paulette (1) and Isaac Kappy – all came alive within a short time of each other to the need to do something about pedophilia or the chaos in a society?

AAM: No, it is the next theme, dear heart, the global theme that is unfolding at the moment and it is really – might we say – one of the basest areas of abuse that has need to be addressed.

Steve: Are there others that were awakened as well?

AAM: There have been many all over the planet that have been waking and the revelations that are taking place are also awakening many to say, “Something needs to be done”. So the time is right.

Steve Beckow