Protection from Ebola virus and normalization of the situation by concentration on number series created by Grigori Grabovoi for this purpose.

For protection against Ebola virus, it is necessary to concentrate on the three number series following the image of Ebola virus:

The first series: 7897418

The second series: 589061 59487 918 32

The third series: 89888

When working with the third series it is necessary to imagine that figure 8, which finalizes the third series, creates a glowing silvery metal color beam aimed up endlessly.

For normalization of the situation in general, in relation to the activity of Ebola virus, the following series can be used:

894691 718 14

When working with these series it is also necessary to reduce the impact of the increase of radioactivity of the virus in approximately a third part of the mass of Ebola virus, reduce the processes of accelerated mutation of the virus.


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Grigori Grabovoi