“Since we have been contacting you, we have really said many things! We have repeated them many, many times, but now you are beginning to experience a new cycle, a new cycle of Teachings, but above all a new vibratory cycle.

What can a vibratory cycle represent? You must first understand that you are human; you see a human form, but beyond the human you are energy, and you are also vibrations, an energy that constantly vibrates, some vibrations are sometimes very high, sometimes very low; everything is constantly moving but you have the impression that all is immobile.

If you had the capacity to really perceive what you are, you would feel dizzy, vertigo, because there is no particle of your being that is immobile. When you meditate, you have the impression of being immobile, but everything is constantly moving. It is a magnificent dance with extraordinary colors. This is what you are!

In this new period of life for the planet Earth and for all lives, you are going to begin to live much more at the level of vibrations than at the physical level, that is to say that you are going to begin to feel within some phases of elevated vibration or lower ones, you are also going to feel more and more prickling that is, in a certain way, the manifestations of your immateriality, some manifestations of what you are as an energy and as a vibratory being.

Be reassured! At the level of the image that you see of yourself, you will in a certain way still be what you see, because you do not yet have the capacity to see beyond that; your eyes do not have the capacity to see beyond what you could perceive of yourself because your consciousness is still veiled and your capacities for perceptions are not yet born. They are in you, but they are not yet born. They are going to be born little by little, but not all at once because it would be profoundly destabilizing! They are going to reveal themselves little by little with your capacity to love, with your capacity to become wiser and wiser, confident and serene and at that moment you will be Love, obviously.

Whether you wish it or not, whether you think it or not, you are engaged on this new path! Try to visualize this path even in your meditations; it is an immense path whose end you do not see; it will be what you make of it: if you are still in tribulations, that you have created or not, you will sometimes see it as chaotic, with thorny bushes, with little rocks that you must get over, that you must surpass; if you are in a new consciousness, you will see a smooth path, without obstacles, and you could even visualize some flowers all along this path to accompany you by their beauty, their perfume and their colors.

In the days and months to come, you will have more and more another awareness of yourself, sometimes even you will feel yourself advance during a meditation, when you are at rest mentally, at rest within, without duality with yourself or with others, of course; you could feel the well-being of this new path that you pace up and down day after day, step by step.

This path will be full of Light, enlightened by your own Love and by the Love that you attract to yourself, the Love that is found all around you and that you do not yet have the capacity to integrate.

We can therefore tell you that: yes, tomorrow will be another day, tomorrow will be different from what it is today, tomorrow you will be another person!

To arrive at this “tomorrow” that we speak to you so often about, you must have the capacity to cleanse all that you have stored up as inferior, to free yourself, to enlighten your path so that all that is not Light can be consumed by you inner Light and also by all the Light that surrounds you, by all the Light that you receive not only from the planes of Light but also from the Universe. In our language, Light obviously equals Love.

Love, for us, is the essential thing! If we simply had a few words to say we would say: love yourself and love Life!

In your teachings, whether they are religious or lay, you were not taught to love yourself, and this is essential; begin by loving yourself! When you will really love yourself, you will accomplish miracles on your body, within and around you.

Our initial message, we say again, is truly: “Learn to Love!”

When you will really begin to have this new consciousness, you will see how easy it will be to end your journey in matter, your journey on this life path! Little by little, far ahead, very far ahead, you will perceive an immense door of Light, a door that will open so that you can go towards another reality of yourself, or if you must leave this world, towards another reality beyond this world.

You have several doors to go through, all the initiating doors of life. Each very painful experience is a door that has been passed through, you still have more all along your path, you will have more and more doors to go through, and the last is the most brilliant, the most luminous, the most important, the one that, in a certain way, will take you home.

This “home” can be situated in other worlds, it can be situated in vessels or in the astral, it can be situated elsewhere, and when we say “elsewhere”, we are going to say that for you this is improbable, but we will not define the improbable.

We are happy to see that human beings, like you and many others taught through different channels and our Brothers in the Light, are really beginning to open themselves.

Human beings no longer want domination that is being exerted upon them by certain beings (human or non-human) through violence, fear, etc.

As human beings are beginning to awaken more and more, they wish to live serenely; they no longer want to be poisoned by all that you put in your Earth, in the air, and in the water, they just want to live simply, happily, in harmony, in serenity and of course in Love.

If you asked several human beings, what is the most important thing for them in life, most of them will tell you: “to live in serenity, in peace, and in Love.” Others would also tell you that they wish to live beyond material needs.

You are living the beginning of a new cycle with new bases of comprehension, of civilization, a new program that is in the process of putting itself into place for the humans of today and of tomorrow, for you our brothers of the Earth.

There was an old program that really lasted for millenniums, and now you are going to begin to integrate little by little a new program with all that that entails.”

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