It is, in my opinion, essential today to any being wanting to help the Earth in its process of ascension, to establish in its life a Sacred Space of daily practice, allowing it to come into contact with the Original Frequency of its Soul . This essential and unique note that constitutes our essence, that we are truly beyond the sails of our Terrestrial (cultural, social, clan or karmic) conditioning, beyond the wounds (of this life or other lives) and who have been able to tarnish, deflect or paralyze the beautiful light of our soul.

Earth’s frequencies are intensifying day by day and we have no choice but to courageously move towards our deepest essence and learn to channel the energy intensity of this period, in a constructive way for ourselves and for Earth.

Some seek their mission and think that it is about doing something. When in reality it is first and foremost about Being! Doing it, as for him, follows naturally from being …

So let us address ourselves to our original frequency so that it can communicate to our cells, to our DNA, as well as to all our bodies the essence of what it is. So she will be able to feel, speak, act through our body more easily …


There are many ways to proceed and as always, it is of course the intention and the implication that counts. However, I am committed to sharing a method using one of the most powerful tools we have: the sound of our voice. This method represents a very simple and effective way of transporting its original frequencies to our part of humanity.

The weather :
Ideally between 30 min and 1 hour per day (minimum 15 min when we really have no time)

The place :
Find a peaceful and pleasant place where you can sit in silence. You can also, if you wish, create a small altar dedicated to your essence. You can have candles, incense, fresh flowers, and even a drawing or a crystal representing your divine essence.

The process: Once you are well settled start with

1) Breathe deeply and on each expires you drop a little more in your body until you feel comfortable in your pelvis.

2) Relax all your body

3) Connect to your essence (by your mere intention), expressing to it the desire that you have to harmonize all the levels of yours to be on its frequencies.

4) Abandon yourself to your inner silence. Turn off everything you know, believe, think, everything you expect and become transparent.

5) Let the Sounds come to you. Be certain that the first sound that comes out of your mouth or that you hear will be the right one.

6) Route each Sound through the focus of your attention
You can choose one or more focus per day
for example: in each of your chakras (3 x per chakras or more), in each of your internal organs (3x or more), in your different bodies (emotional, mental, etc.), in every cell of your body or even in a chakra, body, organ or specific area where you feel you need it most. Let yourself be inspired and guided by your soul.

7) To close take a little time to thank or to feel gratitude for the frequencies received.

Remain open to changing sounds, modulating or transforming into melodies and being receptive to images, colors, geometric shapes, messages or ideas that may arise.

Always keep a small notebook and pen near you to annotate your impressions, ideas or messages. However do not have any expectations and welcome all, because often the sounds will be the most important vibratory messages to integrate before we are able to receive other forms of messages.


I love us