I perceive my Galactic Brothers. I recognize one of them; it is Liva, our brother from the Moon. He tells me:

“We are so close to you! Our sphere is not very far from the Earth. We have lived through what you are living through right now, we have experienced the tribulations and we have been even unhappier than you are now. However, with the aid of the immense consciences of Love, we, Selenes, have been able to get beyond the duality.

You are still in the great turbulence of duality but I can assure you that you are going to get beyond it very soon.

Many human beings, especially those who are very sensitive, have much more difficulty experiencing current life; their emotional state is much more perturbed than those of beings who are totally incarnated in dense matter.

The more you evolve, the more your emotional states will be perturbed; you are constantly being pulled up higher and you are losing your footing a little in relation to your human reality, that is to say that you really wish to advance much more, whereas a part of you is retained in density.

It was the same for us, Selenes, but we have been subjected to much more than you! Many of you have lived inside of our sphere and have been worse off than you are because our Moon, at all levels, does not have the riches of your magnificent little planet. We have had to invest ourselves much more in order to survive but we have had the chance of receiving the aid of our Brothers in the Light, of our great Galactic Brothers and we have totally accepted this aid.

You, human beings, are not yet totally ready to accept the aid that is offered you by your Galactic Brothers and your Brothers in the Light because the notion of power is still too present on planet Earth. However, critical mass has been attained and this notion will fall of itself because the civilizations that have become unlivable are dying out. You are at that level: your civilization must automatically change and for that it must die out in order to be reborn in a much more glorious way, much more beautiful.

When you will be reborn to a new civilization, all the doors of your solar system and of your galaxy will be opened for you, that is to say that you will have a new consciousness and that you will see us. Even if some of you are aware that we exist, many human beings still refuse to believe it.

When you will have changed, when you will have taken the right path, when all of your erroneous habits will fall, when you will no longer be totally in the notions of power and money (money will be taken away from you) you will be ready to get on your knees and pray, asking for our help; you will be ready to meet us because you will no longer make a difference between humans of planet Earth and us, your brothers from other planets.

We, the Selenes, and I, Liva who is speaking to you, have been able to let go more easily of the old to really go towards our future because we have been much less numerous than you, which is still the case now.

We would like to tell you that inside the Moon there are immense bases belonging to our galactic brothers and that numerous Selenes are working with them to help the Earth and also other planets, sometimes beyond this solar system and that are in great transformation.

Everything is constantly evolving and right now it is the planet Earth that is receiving the most aid at the level of its evolution. The little planet Earth is precious for all of its sisters of the solar system; it is precious at the level of all that it contains at the level of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. It contains some treasures that many, many of the other planets do not have, and you, men of the Earth, are not aware of it!

You trample these treasures underfoot, you destroy them without consciousness, but if you were really aware of the existence of other worlds that are much sadder and where life is totally different and have little that flourishes, you would be filled with wonder and happy to live in your little world!

We have said it, and I, Liva repeat: the Earth is a living library! All has been brought here by galactic beings, notably many beings from the Pleiades and many other beings coming from Orion and from Sirius who have helped them with the great implantation of life in this world.

The Earth has been subjected to several destructions and it was necessary to start over and over again with implanting life there because the “library” has been destroyed several times; my great galactic brothers and especially those from the Pleiades have re-implanted life on planet Earth several times. It will not be destroyed by the collapse of continents as was the case with Atlantis but it will be re-modeled. It will not, therefore, be necessary to re-implant all forms of life, whether mineral, vegetable or human.

Some beings, coming from other parts of the galaxy will come here and will live on good terms with the inhabitants of planet Earth. At that time, you will work totally hand in hand, in the great cosmic and galactic fraternity.

It is me, Liva, who is speaking to you about this but I am not the only one to communicate it; if we are telling you all this it is also to give you a little hope.

We know that right now human beings are in despair because from their point of view nothing is happening fast enough. We are simply going to tell you this: look inside you and around you; you will then understand how much everything is changing rapidly!

You wish for great changes. Are you ready for them? We are going to say: no! Certainly, you wish for great changes but only on condition that they don’t change your life! Human beings on planet Earth love to function according to their habits but from the moment that they change a little they feel a little lost and wish absolutely to get back to them!

For you, human beings, it is this total change of habit that will be the most difficult to experience and to accept! However, we will help you even if we do not manifest ourselves; it is up to you to accept it and also for you to continue in fraternity. You must, consciously or unconsciously, share all that we give you with your brothers!

You will be taught more and more through intuition. You will be taught at the level of your behavior and of letting go, which will facilitate much more the change in cycle and the change in life. It will be as if new bases and a new way of being, of thinking and acting was being whispered to you from the invisible planes by your galactic brothers.

You will soon notice at what point everything is changing in your little world that is a little treasure at the level of your galaxy. It will be protected even if you have not been vigilant, notably by building nuclear plants and by developing the atom that you have used very poorly.

Your planet will not be destroyed due to the problems generated by your nuclear plants. We will have much more work to do to protect you from these errors and it is already giving us much work! If your nuclear plants become much too dangerous for humanity in its entirety, we will stop them one way or another! We have already considerably de-polluted Fukushima and Chernobyl and this requires and will continue to require much work and energy.

Right now, the invisible governors of the great Hierarchies of Light are in great concertation about the future. Before there are other catastrophes, we will intervene in our way and we will do so in a way that your nuclear plants, at least those we consider to be dangerous, can no longer function or that they mysteriously break down.

So this is what we wanted to tell you in relation to all that may happen concerning radioactivity! We are going to continue to de-pollute your world. If we had not done so, you would no longer be in this world to hear us!

We are also going to tell you this: you must learn much more to cut with your past and you must learn to live together without judgement and without any opinion! However, above all you must learn, and this is of primordial importance, to love yourself and to accept yourself as you are!

New tools will be given to Light workers and seekers of the Truth to allow them to better understand what they are, to better understand life and to advance with much more certainty, truth and justice in their behaviors and in what they are.

You are going to attain your goal because we know that human beings are courageous and self-willed and that, even if they are on bended knees, they know how to get up and to continue their evolution.

You are experiencing a gigantic awakening of human consciousness, an awakening that will see total unity between all human beings on planet Earth, an awakening that is sometimes painful, certainly, like the awakening of a human being can be if he does not always wake up in the best mood; however this awakening will be that of the new world, of your new reality.”
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