«I have written these Teachings to give the tool of salvation into everybody’s hands. The objective of the Teachings is to teach everybody, any group of people and public organizations how to save from probable global catastrophe and creative harmonious development. In connection with such an objective, I, first of all, have had an individual practice of salvation on the basis of my own Consciousness.

Everybody who masters these Teachings will be able to salvage both himself/herself and others under the conditions of a probable global catastrophe – this can be a probable catastrophe from existing nuclear, bacteriological, chemical weapons and other types of man-made weapons or it is a probable catastrophe, including global, from any external damage systems.

And the objective of these Teachings is to prove that any matter can be fully regenerated, any information can be restored, so destruction simply makes no sense».

Grigori Grabovoi.

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Grigori Grabovoi