Dear friends!
We congratulate you with the New Year 2015!

With you we are happy people! We live in that time when each opens the road to the salvation of all and Eternal life through the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi! Divine love reclines in the basis of this way! And the way for each is opened! It is only necessary to believe and not be afraid! any development requires to overcome internal and collective resistance, but all the time each overcoming opens increasingly the door more widely to the wonderful world of happiness, harmony, joy and eternal youth!

Sparkling nights wishes
Colored mysterious lights!
And all, what your heart wants
Let it be filled early!
Don’t let the cold disturb the soul
Winter doesn’t bring sadness,
And happiness warms in the cold
And gladness with you will be allowed!

With respect, the team

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– Facebook
Grigori Grabovoi