When your soul leaves the body during sleep, it does not remain inactive: it travels, it contemplates the immensity, it communicates with the heavenly spirits, it is reinforced in the knowledge of love, wisdom and truth . When she returns, she brings back the memory of those riches she tries to print in the brain. Even if you are not immediately aware of it, as these great truths leave an etheric imprint on you, they end up one day appearing to your consciousness. This is how it happens that you suddenly receive an inspiration, a revelation. Suddenly there was a favorable moment when your brain was in good shape, and a truth that you had long since poured out. For these experiences to be more and more frequent, you must impose a great discipline of life. From the moment when by a purification work you develop your sensitivity to the divine world, your brain will more easily record the revelations you received during sleep. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov