No doubt, have you ever heard this very widespread precept in spiritual circles: “all is illusion”. Rich in meaning, the understanding of this sentence opens on a greater lucidity about the human experience and the world in which we live.

For this purpose, it is useful to know the different levels of illusion and to see how this understanding can illuminate our lives.

We experience 4 levels of illusion:

– Imagination
– Reactivated memories
– Offset ideas or beliefs
– Everything is illusion, let’s play now

Imagination is used to invent beautiful stories, design projects or plan activities. This creative activity is very pleasant and is the prelude to our achievements. We need to believe a little bit in what we imagine, to project ourselves into a reality and begin to confront it. Even if only at the mental level, this exercise already allows us to know how we react to certain realities. This mental activity can be more or less controlled.

Sometimes memories of events from the past are reactivated and the mind uses this information to invent dialogue that is as overwhelming as it is captivating, generating fear, anger, scorn, but also joy and excitement. . The emotions will be experienced in the same way, whether it is an objective reality or it is totally subjective. Blown by a whirlwind of thoughts, comes a moment when we realize we have been swept into a completely fictional universe. Being under the influence of unbridled mental activity consumes a lot of energy and is confusing.

Some ideas or beliefs are not reflective of reality and belong to the world of phantasmagoria. For example, to persist in believing that we are in good health while the symptoms say the opposite, is illusory. Believing that others are responsible for what we are living is a dream and cutting off our responsibilities. In the same vein, to believe that we are subject to an outside authority is a lie that we tell ourselves and which dispossesses us of our power, avoiding us from taking the decisions that we should assume.

Escaping reality infallibly leads to illusion.

Discovering the truth hurts. It is not she who hurts, but the loss of our illusions. The interest of illusions lies in the fact that they prevent us from experiencing feelings deemed negative or painful. When the false illusion is no longer effective, the harsh reality is essential. It is this confrontation with reality that scares us and that we seek to avoid at all costs. Understanding how we delude ourselves is crucial.

To lose an illusion is to enrich oneself with a truth.
Arthur Schnitzler

The last level of illusion is one in which, in deep meditation and immersed in an abyssal void, it is seen that the nothing, the nothing, is the only Reality.

As soon as we come out of this meditative state, to return to the so-called “real world”, it is seen that this world is pure illusion. The manifested universe then appears as a cosmic hologram whose illusory aspect is unmasked.

Each creates his own reality.
Each experience is such that we create it. We are the creator and experimenter of our reality.

When we leave the absolute and the vision that everything is illusion, when we take our marks in the relative, we perceive it differently. Our eyes have changed. Unveiled, the look is more lucid. We realize with amusement that we take part, more or less consciously, in the divine comedy. When the farce is seen, we find the role we play, those who share the scene of our lives and all the objects that are part of it. Being disidentified from one’s character and being awake to oneself does not disengage us from our reality of being human, but makes us more apt to live our lives in consciousness. Serious and serious issues give way to serenity and lightness.

Where we are now is exactly where we chose to be.
Being aware of it, makes it free.