The day I am going to disappear, I will have been polite with life because I will have loved her and respected her a lot.

I have never considered negligible the smell of lilacs, the sound of the wind in the leaves, the sound of the surf on the sand when the sea is calm, the lapping.

All these moments that nature gives us, I loved them, cherished, pampered. I am polite, that’s it. They are part of my walks and my amazing happy constantly renewed.

The past is good, but the exaltation of the present is a way of being held, a duty.

In our civilization, we mistreat the present, we are constantly striving towards what we would like to have, we are no longer amazed by what we have. We complain about what we would like to have. Funny mentality!

To be satisfied, it is not pejorative. To return to the happiness of what we have, this is how to live. “

Olivier de Kersauson
French navigator, columnist and writer.

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