The practice of white magic can be accessible to all, but it is better to know all the ins and outs before getting started. The testimonies on the law of the triple return are far from being rare and suggest that it is a very real phenomenon, which you must be aware of.

What is the law of the triple return?

As the testimonies on the law of the triple return say, this strange phenomenon is governed by the following principle: all that you do, three times will come back to you. This rule is often enough to dissuade novices from trying magic. For many, and according to some testimonies on the law of the triple return, it is simply in the same sense as karma, that is to say that when someone hurt another one, he will suffer in return, and when he acts well, he will also take advantage of this benevolence.

But this is much more specific than that in magic: any spell cast against someone will return to the one who orchestrated it, either three times or three times stronger. For example, according to many testimonies on the law of the triple return, the one who casts a bad luck curse to a third person will find himself, in return, even more unlucky. Conversely, a person who uses a spell to protect another, will be protected in return.

How to avoid it?

If you only practice white magic, the law of triple return should not worry you. But what if, one day, you let yourself be seduced by the use of black magic? Some people who have shared their stories about the triple return law say there is no way to protect themselves. According to them, it is for this reason that people who practice black magic are often unhappy and completely isolated from the rest of the world.

Yet there are many ways to avoid the law of triple return. The first is simply to choose the spells that are launched with great attention and use them sparingly. The second, which is absolutely essential, is to protect oneself from evil spells through rituals or protective stones. The last applies especially for a powerful spell: spell it with a group to spread the effects of the triple return law.


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