The team «EHL Development» and all the people for whom Grigori Grabovoi’s birthday became an international holiday, approving the possibility of eternal life and eternal harmonious development of all wish to Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi a Happy Birthday!

Thus it left, thus it happened – we forgot,
What is infinite life, what is in us – Eternity,
Until you presented it to us again,
Arriving on Earth at the appropriated day and hour.
So that we return towards peace, Kindness and Light
And live without diseases and wars,
Again, your voice sounds over the planet,
Those, who heard it, – have been saved.
Who understood You, who accepted the spirit of freedom,
And doesn’t want to turn back,
For many, the date of « Your arrival »
Is now more important than the most glorious date.
It brings happiness to the transitory character of life,
All the roads, all the paths are opened,
When above and beyond glories is – humanity,
When without age, while is ahead Eternity,
Gratitude is beyond words,
And the facts are brighter and more powerful than words,
And then today, beside You,
A huge number of students.

Valentina Pushkar


Sources :

– Original text (Russian) : facebook.com
– French translation : facebook.com