Gardeners who have failed to sow any vegetables are not surprised when they see none growing.

They simply say to themselves, ‘This is understandable’.

Since you have not had the time to sow carrots, you have no carrots. But you have lettuces, parsley and onions, because you have sown them.’
Humans reason correctly regarding fruit and vegetables.

But when it comes to the moral and psychological realms, they know nothing: they believe they will harvest happiness, joy and peace while sowing violence, cruelty and spitefulness. Since they do not know the analogy between the laws of nature and moral laws, they are surprised and rebel against their losses and failures.

They must learn to keep watch over themselves and to spread only seeds of light and love with their words, their feelings and their thoughts. They will then have a wonderful harvest – a future of light and joy.
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov