“Like the tree, like the stone and the bird, you are born on an order of light, and this is to the light that you will return. A spark of matter and fire, man came to earth for a passage, to live the experiences that lead to Knowledge.

You are only travelers, do not forget it, and you will have to leave again and again. It is vain to want to stay where you should not stay, that is, on the earth. Know that death is offered to you as a means of evolution, and that you will have to live and revive again, until you reach that state of Christ Consciousness from which you are so far away. You have come to earth to experience as many experiences as possible, and know that none is negative if you know how to extract the necessary lessons. Like children, you must experiment to learn, and you have been given free will, so that you alone, on this earth, will be judged by your human conscience. You are free to live or not beautiful or such experience, depending on whether you find it useful or not. You can likewise refuse a mission, or accept it fully.

Often you are not aware of your free will, and it seems to you that your life is governed by fate. It is true that your choice of life was not made during your present incarnation, but long before, and you forgot about it. We are there to remind you, from time to time, and enlighten you on your mission, if we deem it useful. Many of you are still in a long sleep, but they will wake up one day.

Know that you have been created unique, individuals, and that in this you have all received a different mission. In each Life, you must complete a mission, but you often do not even know it. Each of you has a reason to be in the immense human chain of Cosmos, each of you must radiate your own light to ensure the harmony and balance of all things. Your most common mistake is to believe that there is a hierarchy of missions, and that some are superior to others. This is the source of many conflicts on your land, and one day you will have to get rid of it. Any mission, adapted to the complexion of each individual, is unique and deserves the esteem, if it is lived according to the laws that govern the Cosmos, and in total agreement with Mother Nature. If you live in spirituality, know that your mission, even if it seems small to you, is great. Do not compare yourself constantly to each other; remember that there can be more love in the work of the peasant than in that of the physician, if the latter treats the man in his physical body by disregarding his astral origin. Know that only the love invested in the task counts. He who has received a “humble” mission, if he lives it in fullness, will be able to move mountains. We have given some beings “big” missions, but they have misused their free will. But we’ll come back to that later.

You have not yet sufficiently understood the meaning of the word “mission”, or rather, you give it a different meaning than the one we give it. Know, only that all are equal and complementary in your singularity of individuals. By taking advantage of your differences, respecting them instead of fighting them, you will only be able to serve the future of the Cosmos.

I invite you to think about all this.
May peace and light be in you.”

Messages received through Catherine (channel)