Our nature encourages us to seek happiness without respite. It is like a hunger in us, an irrepressible impulse, a hope that nourishes our days and our dreams. And then, at times, it arises from the depths of our hearts, without necessarily being attached to a particular circumstance, sometimes even in the middle of a difficult moment. It is a bubble of emptiness, a moment suspended, a lightness that has its weight, a presence. It is our hunger that finds its object, our pursuit, its reward and justification. It is Art that opens in the heart of our life.

I want to believe that everyone has been able to experience it, men but also animals, everything that brings life, why not plants? Why not the cat suddenly subjugated, the light leaf that throbs in the breeze in the light of dawn? …

Is there, for this fulgurism of joy and in each system, a physiological translation? What can be done for the young leaf just hatched, this privileged moment of adequation with Nature, and for us, so-called conscious beings? If we could interfere in the plant metabolism of this moment, would we discover an acceleration of photosynthesis, a sudden activation of mitochondria metabolism, or any other tangible phenomenon? And here in the convolutions of our brain, a sudden synchronism of the slow Delta waves, or even slower Theta, or still very wide and fast, our waves Gamma … or could it be also a new kind of waves? not yet identified because too subtle?

To pierce the mystery of joy is undoubtedly to break through all the mysteries. As much as not to constrain it, but to prostrate ourselves, grateful, before its evidence when it gives us the grace to come.

Yet would there be a way to reproduce, almost at leisure, these moments, to satisfy our hunger for joy, to no longer limit this phenomenon to the contingencies of chance, to transform it into a due, a source where we could drink at the second of our availability? Change the rare into frequent, the exceptional in daily? We change.

Because changing us will change our view of the world, change the world itself. “May admiration be in your eyes and not in the thing looked at! André Gide, Terrestrial Foods. The true grace is to have in us, at the same time as the organ that captures beauty, the hunger for beauty. This affinity for splendor opens wide the gates of the infinite. It is up to us to develop this secret organ, to refine it to the extreme, so as to perceive nothing but beauty in every thing, pure diamond or filth.

And here it is: life has given us the organ, our heart, and the method, the meditation of the heart. Our heart is the well where to quench our thirst for beauty, and our tool is the meditation, the seal by which we draw. The bucket never returns empty: the beauty is there, we take a quantum, a sample, but the big Everything is there, which never dry. Infinity in the finite. Such is the definition of spirituality according to André Compte Sponville: “Our finite ratio to infinity”.

Every act of meditation contains at least a moment of pure grace, and nothing is easier than making it a happy experience every day. Then this meditative experience permeates our entire life, this moment of joy multiplies, stretches, unfolds, deepens.

And our life becomes: art of living.
Le Cormoran

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