Take an apple, peel it, cut it into pieces and eat it: this gives you a particular sensation. If you bite straight into the apple, you have a different sensation.

Now, go into an orchard, pull the branch of an apple tree towards you, and start biting into an apple without picking it: you can feel how alive the fruit is, and you experience a sense of plenitude and joy. It is the tree itself communicating this to you, because it is linked to the earth and to the sky and draws forces from both.

This example can be transposed to the domain of love. Imagine a man or a woman who has cut themselves off from the spiritual world – they are like an apple detached from a tree: they have already lost part of their energies and of their magnetism.

So when you meet them and love them, what will you be able to ‘taste’? You will of course find a few crumbs to eat, but you will not feel that you are linked to the immensity of divine love. But when you love someone who is connected to the Tree of Life, you will feel you are in communion with the heart of the universe.
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov