It’s not supposed to be easy. The resistance you encounter is not a sign that you are on a wrong path, or that the universe is against you, or that there is something you have not yet grasped. It may indicate many things, certainly … But basically, it is above all a sign that you are a human being in a world of humans where everything is generally slow and imperfect.

I do not know about you, but I’ve noticed that I often expect everything to blossom on the first try. Especially when I exceed my limits … If I gather my courage to jump into the void, something in me expects life to take care of the rest to “reward me”, and the complications that I encounter give me the feeling of being abandoned.

It’s irrational, of course, but every time the professional contact does not remind me, or try to make the big decision and I do not feel guided, it’s kind of like it’s life itself that did not remind me or refuse to give me the much desired answer. And all of this can end up wearing out and discouraging me.

So if something in you is recognizable here, here is a brief reminder: the difficulties do not come from you, or from a superior force; they are simply part of life. After all, even Jesus and Buddha have not been spared! There are many factors that can contribute to these obstacles, and there are many esoteric notions that you could explore to try to understand them, but beyond all that, there is a simple truth: normal.

And you have done nothing wrong to deserve them. So no, it’s not easy. But it becomes more and more as we understand and accept that it is not…