Dear friends, finally the time has come: we are ready to start with the most important organization of volunteers in history. This organization will take on its shoulders the Mission of Dr Grabovoi for everyone on our Planet: through our hearts and our hands the extremely powerful transformation Wave that Grabovoi emits will pass and it will be intensifying every day in the next months. To join the Mission structurally you have only to click on the link below and fill the requested fields (cooperation form in English).

From now on we will start to work together. Everyone will be dedicating the time that is possible for him/her, to realize all the activities that Grabovoi forecasted to make the Quantum Leap. Join us, even a single person can make a difference. What is important is that you offer your help in what you are good at and concentrate your time and energy to run that specific task in a professional way. Grabovoi Himself will supervise our work personally. We are looking very much forward to hearing from you !!

Big hug from all of us

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