To challenge yourself without judging yourself, without blaming circumstances is a habit to be taken to live in peace.

If you get stuck, lost a job or a customer, an incident, a separation or something else, do not focus on what’s wrong.

This only amplifies the suffering or the blockage and does not advance the train of the demonstration.

On the contrary, accept with clemency and humility what comes into play, then focus on understanding what can create that and transform.

Visualize what you really want to live and feel the joy of living it.

Recognize that you may have been wrong or that you were not aligned with your values and that you could even allow others to lower you for lack of respect for yourself or faith, or inner strength …

Maybe at first, it’s just a sense of peace that you have to find.

Find neutrality before moving on.

Sometimes it takes time to soothe emotions unless you practice specific liberation techniques.

We are on Earth to manifest our best and radiate our talents and qualities.

To live with others and especially not just for us.

The ego that feels lost in a low frequency of thoughts can only find salvation in the higher spheres of energy where beauty, joy, happiness, gratitude and love reign.

It is then, that to integrate and radiate the powers of the 13 sacred Rays, takes all its meaning …

May the best be!