In many religions and spiritual circles there is a suggestion that a dark/negative force of some sort exists. Whether it be the devil, mara, astral entities, archons, demons or similar. While these terms present a distorted picture, they do in a sense refer to a genuine non-physical phenomena.
Maybe you have been involved with some strange paranormal/spiritual phenomena.
Maybe you have sensed something deeply wrong with the world.

Whatever experiences you have had in life, this ‘dark force’ is a genuine problem that exists. The troubles that it causes can be seen far and wide. It prevents people from truly living to their potential. This can be through various means such as attachments and addictions. Or people becoming obsessed with power and control.

Is it something scary? Nope. Not at all. Only if you hold onto that perception. You can do something about it. Recognise the problem. Cultivate clarity, and your intent. Strengthen yourself.

We can look to Philip Goddard, where on his website clarity of being he refers to this phenomena by the name garbage. This reinforces the fact that this is not something scary at all. It is something that we can all face. He suggests several methods for dissolving issues alongside a framework, which will all help you with self actualization. This site is highly reccomended. While several sites and authors do cover the issues of this ‘dark force’, very few are able to present clear solutions.
You have the power to do something about this issue.

So go for it!
Use your own sense and don’t get mislead by beliefs. Remember you are the only one who can do it. Rely on the power within you.

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