The first step is not to discover what you want. No, the first step is to sincerely and patiently explore the issue.

If your heart has long been crushed by the weight of your ideas, it may not be expressed at the first opportunity. After spending a few years in a closet, your little inner child will probably not spring in your arms as soon as you point the nose. He needs to be reassured … He needs to feel that he is now safe, that your interest is sincere, and that you are not about to abandon him.

So, if you feel disconnected and do not really know what you want, start building a bond of trust with the part of you that will give you the answers you need. How? Ask him. Perhaps you will feel called to do artistic exploration activities, for example; you would show a sincere and sustained interest. Or perhaps it is to continue to ask you directly what you want, but with tenderness and a kind of selfless love, not with the urgency of getting an answer. And maybe it’s also asking yourself the question more often – consulting your heart not just for big decisions, but for smaller ones as well.

a part of you know exactly what he wants, and dreams to express himself. It just waits for proof that you are fully with, ready to listen to.