Because our spirit is subjected to the limitations of matter, it is unable to manifest fully. Up above, in its own sphere, spirit has unlimited powers, it is omnipotent.

It is the matter down here, in us and around us, that imposes limitations on it.

But thanks to the constancy of our daily efforts, spirit cuts a path through, little by little, and in the end succeeds in overcoming the obstacles and in transforming everything.

Spirit is said to have ‘supernatural’ powers. No, in fact there is nothing supernatural about spirit.

What we call miracles or wonders – all these events appearing to go against the laws of nature – are neither supernatural, nor supranatural, nor anti-natural. They simply obey other laws, which are just as natural and which are those of spirit.

Make an effort to purify the matter of your physical and psychic bodies, and you will also feel ‘miracles’ of spirit taking place within you.
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov