My nationality is French. I’m frequently told that I live in an advanced democracy. This is very far from my own idea. The fact is that I live in an oligarchy. My opinion about this oligarchy is that, far from being advanced, it is rather primitive.

The oligarchical illusion of democracy

It’s an oligarchy, on one hand, mainly because the blank vote is not recognized in electoral laws. Today, if I submit a blank vote or if I submit a paper with an insult on it, the french republic considers that they are exactly the same expression; which is “nothing “. It’s a very very relative respect for the citizen expression, to say the least. Thus, I have only the artificial right to choose my representative among those that a pre-election system imposes on me! I know this because I experienced it; it is often mafia-like and, at least, based solely on financial criteria. I simply don’t have the right to say: « I do not recognize your choice as a free choice! » or « Nobody suits me, I want other criteria of selection! » or « I want other political approaches to represent me! » or, more directly, « Stop screwing me, please, your political manipulations and corruptions do not represent my values! ». And actualy, yes, I have the right to express it, but only to express it. No concrete consequence will be produced by the republic, that basicaly says to me : « Keep talking… ».

I do not wish to convince anyone about my ideas on the political parties, I simply claim that a real democracy cannot seriously do nothing with a vote expression (blank vote, non-voters, non-subscribed to election list) that is easily the majority in most of the elections. A real democracy create a system that can change by itself, according to the expressed majority. But today, the french oligarchy has created a system which preserves the domination of parties. They cannot do otherwise, their existence depends on this abuse. They are now prisoners of this process.

It is an oligarchy, on the other hand, because the “solely-economic logic ” has turned any politician into a puppet of financial groups which are more powerful than them or their party. You just need to be competent in any human field to notice that legislators, enslaved by different lobbies, dare to propose incredibly disrespectful laws from a human point of view. Of course, those laws are perfectly coherent for the power of the lobbies. The logic is always evident: giving more power to entities that already have enough power to make laws.

A modern and primitive society

Primitive, for its perpetual manichean logic (black and white) between “right parties ” and “left parties “. And the observations of this immature approach are very frequent and very evident. This contemporary logic of the political field is based on a defense mechanism! Let me explain. Generaly, in front of any problem in the society, a human being has first their emotional reaction, then they can become serene and finaly make actions. I’d say that if an event touches me, it talks about me. If it talks about me, there is nothing I can do but being reactive to unconsciously repair myself. Thus, altruism is just a rationalisation of what I actualy do only for myself, repairing my personal history. It is only in emotional serenity that my acts are free, mature, not self-involved!

Most of the time, this political logic doesn’t surpass the context that creates the problem (what would be the minimum is to attempt to understand it utterly), but it remains inside (unconsciously to solve their inner conflicts through the outside problem of the society). It does not get free from the problematic, it refers its solutions to the problematic itself, it remains attached to it (besides, without problematics, those politicians are not useful anymore, no more reason to be elected). It does not get outside of the problems, it is actually an integral part of them!

In consequence, the only possible human behavior in that case is the identification. Identification to protect himself from the inside fears that he cannot overcome. If an individual identifies himself to the victims of our society, then he will BE of the “left parties “. If an individual identifies himself to the winners of our society, then he will BE of the “right parties “. Out of France, the exact same psychological process happens with different forms than “right ” or “left “. It’s “republican ” or “democrat ” in USA, for exemple. Thus, the “left ” and the “right ” and the orientations that they both propose are different. But these two enemy sisters strictly have these things in common: not to take the responsability of the problems, not to assume them and, in consequence, not to overcome them. Each camp screams « Hell is the others! » and throw to the opposers the responsibility of the problems of the society. In a simplistic manner, the “left parties ” think sincerely that “the winners ” do not share enough and the “right parties ” consider sincerely that “the victims” pull down the all society by requiring too much assistance. Each of them, confined in his own duality, separates the world in two and, within this illusion, considers that the responsibility is not in their camp. Thus, by simple logic, no part can change anything as their only possible position is to try to force the opponent to change (classical and infantile solution)! The sole function of such a political orientation consists of getting enough power to impose change, either to “the winners ” or to “the victims “, according to their political side. Of course, each party sees itself as the solution and believes that it has nothing to change in itself, that it has no responsibility in the problems of the society.

Many many tribal and emotional behaviors, war-like expressions, verify this thesis! Just propose a debate between someone of a “right party ” and someone of a “left party “, on any subject, to validate the theory that I have just describe and to look at them denying their own responsabilities and blaming the opposer. Do the experiment! It’s displayed on TV each time the national-assembly debates are shown!

The concrete result is that each camp fantasizes a society far from its personal fears, but none can put in reality something else than the law of the strongest. This too is just factual!

Overcoming the adolescent request of an authority

So, facing those facts, what would I want now? Well, from you, representatives, nothing! I don’t have anymore need of you, “politicians “! I already began to build another world, a world that surpasses the neurotic manichaeism expressed above. A world, therefore, that needs no logic of power to unconsciously be protected from its own fears. A political party, by definition, can only produce winners and losers. Here again, it’s enough to pay attention and observe the show of an oligarchical election, where half of a population celebrates the failure of the other half. And this is the world that, seriously, this political logic propose: to crush, reduce, beat those who unconsciously scare the others; “the victims ” or “the winners “, according to each one personal emotional history. Well, of course, they will all deny proudly to feel any fear!

I have, for you, a simple question with multiple forms: « Tell me what we can seriously build together when the election itself has founded a split? », « Is it reasonable to continue to think that anything strong and mature could be build on this factual and deep separation? », « Who can seriously claim that a society can evolve when, inevitably, half of it has lost in advance and will want nothing but to make fail the other half at the next election? ». Beyond beliefs, dreams, dogmas, morals, theoretical principles, and especially, beyond the neurotic identifications, this deep psychological split is a fact today and prevents the citizens to build anything together! It’s also a fact that the current self-proclaimed representatives use it to get more and more power!

Plus, many events show that some politicians really don’t care of the party they pick. They use it only as a cover. They just try to pick the outside presentation that, they think, is gonna be more useful for their career. Parties go to the exit of politic schools and propose to the best students a career like if it was any kind of job. The values and specificities of a party are not in question anymore! Only the voters still believe in them. The representatives that they vote for have something else in mind! The values people vote for have become a means of manipulation!

A mature alter-globalization and cultural creativity: a peaceful internal overthrow

The alter-globalization is advanced! You, self-proclaimed representatives, think you know them because you’re in the illusion that the mass media is a system of information. So when this mass media changes the form, changes the vocabulary and sticks on the extremist movement the word “alter-globalization “, you consider that this is a reality. But you actualy have no idea, mostly, of what is alter-globalization. You mix them up with the movements of anger and rebelions, the ANTI-globalization movement. I can say more, it is impossible to know the alter-globalisation without being one of its participants. The alter-globalization is not a unique movement, it has no representative! It has so many different forms! Their country is earth, their family is humanity! You look for them as a smaller group than yours, while it is much vaster than any political party. Stop looking down and raise your nose, we are up here! You’re part of it, without knowing it. You’re part of it because your mistakes are so useful for us.

Thus, I especially want to thank you a lot, mister or miss politician. It is sincere whatever you think about it. Thank you for showing, each day to an increasing amount of human beings, that you cannot represent the smallest solution to anything! Thank you for having tried everything possible, to make us aware that all your ways cannot work. Thank you for making us definitively conscious that no group of human beings can be represented, that no logic based on any fear (visible or hidden, direct or indirect, voluntary or involuntary, conscious or unconscious) could produce something else than more fears. Thank you for having made us so strong (from our weaknesses), so multiple (from our unities), so unreacheable (from our transparencies), so misunderstandable to you (from our clarities), so autonomous (from our solidarities), so free from all types of organization (from our past bonds).

The morality encourages insidiously what it officialy forbids. Thank you for having tried all the possible systems based on morality, so we know now that none of them work! Thank you for showing us the way of an un-moral (not immoral, it’s very different) society, free from your moral/immoral duality. A society without fathers and mothers to tell us which children we should be. Thank you for having made us utopian adults! A-dult as “non-duality “, which means “unity “! U-topic as this non-space (u topos) that does not exist completely yet and that we are creating, step by step. Thank you for showing us that the illusion cannot be in the active desire to create a better and still-unknown space, but in the fear consisting to save at all cost the unhuman world that we know, the only one that you made us know, from your schools to your jobs.

It is very predictable that some readers will criticize the realism of this text, by proclaiming themselves the representative of realism. I want to remind them of a very simple notion: The reality was in the past, the reality is in the present. But, simply by definition, the reality does not exist in the future, not yet! Therefore, realism stops in the present! Whoever claims that a project for the future is or is not realistic, would express only their own illusion of what is realism. They would show only their confusion between the prison of their beliefs and a reality that, while they moan and/or criticize, we do build.

Mister or miss politician, your mission is now accomplished! You cannot help us anymore! We can help you from now on! Beyond your conceptions and your practices, are you honest? Are you simply yourself? We are! This is very simple, but this is what you cannot actualy do! The world (actualy, a part of the world) that you built (we had participated) is upside down: human beings are the slaves of your ideas, your conceptions, your practices, of your systems. We succeeded to reverse it all! We succeeded to put the ideas, the conceptions, the practices, the systems to the service of the human beings! We did not do it with only one way, only one orientation, only one theory, because there is never only one way to do it; we have just set free each human who wants it and takes the responsability of their freedom, free to give to humanity their unique personal solution. This is what you cannot do! This is what we did! This is what we’re doing!

human being

P.S : I only represent myself in this text! The “we ” that I sometimes use is just abstracted and rhetorical. To please me, do not believe anything I wrote. Do your own experience…