You may have already had this experience: you feel upset and discouraged. And then, in the evening, you go to sleep and the next morning when you wake up you feel completely refreshed.

What happened? By going to sleep, you simply managed to flee and you entered another world where the ‘inner enemies’ that were chasing you were not able to catch you.
This happens automatically in sleep at night, but you can do this consciously as well, when you are awake.

The worries, problems and sorrows you feel are entities that are chasing you, and the only way to escape them is by changing worlds. If the problem lies in your heart, take yourself into your intellect; if the problem lies in your intellect, then flee to your heart or to your soul.

If you still feel pursued in your soul, seek refuge in your spirit.

In spirit, nothing or no one can reach you.
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov