Start from the principle where it always comes from you.

Everything always starts from you.

Even what’s wrong.

Do you feel like these sentences can be guilt-inducing? And yet, to act with knowledge of this principle is a magic formula to put your finger exactly where it resists.

A house that is hard to find, a project that takes time to launch, a baby that is desired … Our life is marked by its own agenda that sometimes differs totally from the one we would have liked to post on our fridge. And why ?

Because we simply forget this sentence: “Everything always comes from Myself “.

If you do not find the ideal home, it may be because the criteria of the ideal decreed home have been combed through your mind that in good faith has analyzed what “would be best for me”.

But I would like to remind you of a fundamental thing. When I say, “Assume everything comes from you,” I’m not talking about your mind, your personality, or your graphical analysis of the situation. I am talking about YOU, your REAL YOU.

This being in you who may not have deep inspiration a pavilion 4 rooms St. Albert Street because it is located between the nursery and your work. He may not want to know the joys of motherhood now, when your situation, your surroundings and your whole environment insidiously encourages you to start it. And perhaps it gives you an indication of your fear of legitimacy and a lack of recognition that you try to hide by reassuring yourself about the viability of your project.

No, your true You, you can not fool him so easily.

You will have a hard time finding your home, getting pregnant, and still developing your project as long as you are not more transparent with your deep aspirations, not the ones your analyzer has declared as an official goal.

So, go from the principle that everything always comes from you and take the time to listen to yourself deeply instead of fighting outside and finding reasons outside of what blocks.

Behind resistances, there is always only your true BEING who seeks to communicate. Lulumineuse