Yes, but…
Part of us may seem to be doing quite well and have a great desire for success, joy, laughter, peace, sense of achievement and another part, may seem more difficult to manage.

This heavier part puts us in front of our challenges, to the inner parts that are not yet illuminated or loved and pushes us to clean again and again what must be, so that true love and our light take their place .

The current challenge is to dare to manifest our greatness!

Dare to put into action what we do best even if it can disturb our habits and those of our loved ones.

Dare to demonstrate on a grander level … that means for some, to go from the amateur to the professional stage or for professionals to dare to undertake greater and especially more harmonious with life.
More respect, more ethics, more humanism, more joy, more solemnity, more love …

It may mean, finally starting what has been in one corner of your mind for years and taking action!
For if it is appropriate to BE who we have chosen to embody specific, we must act to illuminate that being.

The world is full of people who have hidden talents and are afraid to manifest them for fear of being judged, not understood, rejected or other thoughts of exclusion.
These people forget that it is done according to their faith and that if they have 100% confidence in their talents, they will be totally accepted, loved and their donations will be made a hundredfold.

Remember the parable of the talents … the one who hides his talent, it is taken back to him to be given to him who made fruit of his …

Sometimes it takes an understanding for the brain to change the neural connections, and allows a different action.

Blockages are often unconsciously activated in childhood and, as long as they last, it is impossible to act.

Here is my example: I always feared to disturb by making known my products.
What is counterproductive for my company and, above all, and I understand it little by little, a real blockage of my mission!
Because I have good products that can interest many people and help them to wake up and be well in everyday life.

In fact, I prevent myself from doing my best and thus prevent others from being able to manifest theirs …
So why, it’s not natural for me, why this gene?

Just because in childhood, I heard this phrase dozens of times: ‘do not bother others’, ‘be discreet’, ‘do not notice’ … while my soul had a crazy desire to manifest in the light.

And I behaved like an elephant who put a big chain when he is very small to prevent him from walking and who, adult, does not move while being attached to a ridiculous chain whereas it is enough to draw a little on it to break it. I obeyed and created a restricted personality.

Because why does not he? Because his brain has connected information, by suffering that is neurologically well established.

The information also happens through the regular repetition added to feelings that has been my case, except that I become aware of it and do what it takes to change.
I dare, I change, I release … and the more we believe that the chain is big and more complicated when only one weak link is enough.
It is high time that I dare … and for some of you too.

Time to release the blocked elephant and let it live its splendor.

Because as the guides advise, dare to be!
Let us dare to put the best of ourselves into action and welcome with kindness the action of the qualities and capacities of our loved ones and open ourselves up to great change.

May the best be!
Peace and joy