Traditionally, in the Catholic Church, October 2 is the feast of guardian angels. You can have a beautiful thought for your angels who, invisibly, are always with you. They advise you when you give them the opportunity, during meditation, internalization, quiet time or even when you sleep. They give you ideas …

Excerpt from a message from the angel Vasariah (nr 32 of the guardian angels):

… / The wise, balanced justice is an asset, and if you judge with the heart, the compassionate heart then you enter the clemency and you leave the judgment. You are in the acceptance of each other, in accepting each other’s mistakes, and the more you accept each other’s mistakes, the more you accept your own mistakes. As soon as an error is accepted, it can disappear.

You’ve all made mistakes, but it does not matter since the past is over. At this very moment, today, you are not making a mistake, you are there, in your heart, that’s what matters to us, that’s what matters to you, to be able to realign as much as possible , on your balance, with full of love, with clemency.

Clemency and compassion are twin sisters. Integrate these energies in you, let them return.
Clemency is not weakness, clemency is only love, love is not weak, but love tolerates, love gives time to others, love is just. Be fair, be full of love and always knowing what you want, always respecting yourself, being faithful to your thoughts and actions.

All energies are there to make you beings of light, so integrate these energies correctly. But it is not enough for them to be inside, it is useless if you do not externalize them.

You must do the double work interiorizing exteriorization so that you are perfectly in harmony with the divine.

I invite you to defend clemency, to be as gentle as possible while being firm, to be as full of love as possible so that you can spread it to others.

So you will become judges full of love, fair and you will really know what is true and you will always know, always give a chance to the other. / …


I received this message during a 24 hour angelic intensive during which I channeled 72 messages. 1 every 20 minutes.
It was an extraordinary experience, surrounded by friends and faithful friends. They are in the book ‘Teachings of Angels of Light’ published by Bussière.

The angels advise us, the guides, the masters too and it is good to listen to them and, above all, to act according to their requests.

They can not do it for us.

We are called to live as human beings!

By developing our qualities we come closer to the state of divine fullness.

May the best be!


Channel, author of 6 books on angels including ‘THE MURMURE OF ANGELS’ that you can find here: