Reincarnation is the process by which our soul, or consciousness, passes to be reborn in another physical body after death. Reincarnation is seen as an opportunity to learn, evolve or cancel karma. The soul goes through as many reincarnations as necessary to find enlightenment. Most people still have a lot to evolve, so they have new incarnations before them, but some have already reached the last stage of knowledge and are in their last reincarnation, free from the cycle of death and rebirth.
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6 signs that you are in the last reincarnation

The absence of children

Those who have children always have them as a source of attention and concern. The person who has had children in this reincarnation will not be free to evolve because even after death, she will always worry about her children. Moreover, in this life, primary dedication will not be spiritual evolution, but the well-being of children. That’s why the absence of children is one of the signs that you are in the last reincarnation.

The detachment of money

Evolved souls follow the maxim of not working for money. They cherish welfare above possessions because they know it is ephemeral. Someone who is in his last reincarnation will never live for work and will not engage in an activity he does not like simply because he has a good salary. These types of souls know that money is only a tiny part of life.

The absence of ego

One who does not have an ego is the complete opposite of a narcissist. The narcissist is the one who believes that he can do everything, that he knows everything, that he is everything. The one who does not have an ego is one who does, who is, who learns, who realizes, but who does not consider himself better than anyone. The true absence of ego is extremely rare, so it is one of the clearest signs that one is in the last reincarnation.

Humanitarian actions

The dedication and compassion necessary to carry out humanitarian actions are rare qualities and a strong sign that one is at a higher stage of one’s spiritual evolution. The abandonment of one’s own safety and well-being to help other lives with which one has no familiarity shows that one sees oneself already as part of a whole and one has to devote oneself to something something bigger than oneself.

The fullness, the 5th signs that you are in the last reincarnation

You do not feel like losing your life or having to reach another age to reach your goals. The natural anxieties and concerns of other people in the same age group do not affect you. They seem wise, though very young, because they carry in their hearts the calm of those who know they are doing the right thing.


Mercy is the union of love and forgiveness. It is very difficult for those who have not yet reached the final stage of evolution to truly forgive those who have offended us. Laura