Some people have a shamanic soul, which they discover when their inner shaman is rising. These mysterious people enjoy a powerful connection with nature and the spiritual world, which they use to guide and heal others. To find out if this is your case, you need to spot the signs that indicate that your inner shaman is rising.

Your inner shaman is rising if:

… You feel a connection with the fauna and flora

One of the main signs that your inner shaman is rising is a growing sense of closeness to the fauna and flora. Shamans have always been connected to nature and animals, which they sometimes use as messengers. If you are more and more attentive to the environment around you, that you feel a certain connection with nature is that your natural inclination for shamanism awakens little by little. This connection can be translated in many ways: you need to be close to nature to feel good, the presence of an animal calms you, you have the impression that the trees and plants transmit you their energetic properties …

… Your psychic abilities are changing

Shamans have special psychic and spiritual abilities. If your inner shaman is rising, an inner change will inevitably occur within you. Shamans have powerful gifts that are recognizable among a thousand, and you will gradually feel the effects. The gifts of mediumship, for example, are unavoidable, as well as the gift of clairvoyance. The energies of the universe will suddenly appear to you in an obvious way, although it is quite possible that you have always felt them. Shamans are connected to the spirit world and come into contact with some of the entities that make it up.

… Your shamanic origins resonate within you

People with a soul of shaman feel their origins in a very pronounced way. When their inner shaman is rising, their ancestors manifest themselves to remind them of their origins, buried until then. Another sign that your inner shaman is rising is your deep knowledge of medicinal plants, as shamans are endowed with the gift of herbal medicine. These are the best allies of the shamans, who use them to heal many evils, preparing them in concoctions. Abigaël