Do you know that with some signs, you can know that you have already been reincarnated and that this is not your first time on Earth? This involves many differences with newcomers on Earth, who will certainly talk to you. Here are the signs of reincarnation, which safely indicate that your soul is much older than your physical body!

Signs of reincarnation

The first of three signs of reincarnation: you understand what happens before it happens

When you have already reincarnated, you are able to quickly understand others, their actions and you have a great capacity for understanding the world around you through your sense of observation.

You are very observant, and therefore you are able to intuitively guess others, even if you do not know them. You are able to see when someone is lying to you, when you are being honest about yourself or your loved ones, and you are quickly discovering the bad guys.

Second sign of reincarnation: you have trouble to be socially integrated

As your soul is old and therefore wiser, you seem to float above the rest of the world … But unfortunately, it is very difficult to live well this feeling, which prevents you from integrating wherever you go. From the youngest age, at school, you always feel different, out of step or even rejected by others.

You have trouble with the world’s absurdities and injustice. Above all, you have difficulty in having deep conversations with others, and you often prefer to keep quiet and stay as observers rather than starting a superficial conversation with someone.

As soon as you have the opportunity, you discuss with those around you highly spiritual things, and you are passionate: the stars and stars, dreams and the power of the unconscious, the injustice of the world, the different spiritual possibilities … Unfortunately, it is rare for others to follow you in these conversations.

Third sign of reincarnation: you like to be alone

People who have known other lives experience a certain tranquility of the soul, which allows them to appreciate more than any moment of loneliness. Being alone does not bother you because you know how to feed yourself, and you do not need the excitement of the world to feel alive.

When you meet other people, you prefer to see them face to face rather than at a party full of people. When you spend a day alone, you enjoy every moment, and you love the places far from the crowd: the mountain, the forest or the seaside in winter, the cities in the middle of the night, etc. source