When spirits try to contact you, they send you signs that attest to their presence, yet it is necessary to know how to interpret them. These signs mean that the spirits have a message to deliver you, it is not a mere presence, but a real contact that they are trying to create. If you recognize yourself in these signs, you will have to interpret the message of the spirits, to understand why they seek to contact you.

Spirits try to contact you if you dream of a surprising reality

In general, when we remember our dreams, they are often incoherent, even absurd. However, it may happen that we dream and that these dreams have the absolute appearance of reality. The reason is simple: it’s the most common sign that spirits try to contact you.

Why ? Simply because, when we sleep and when we enter deep sleep phases, our spiritual being is much more open and it is then easier to align ourselves with the spirit world.

These dreams can happen by surprise, without you being prepared, but you can also provoke them, if you want to communicate with one of your deceased loved ones or if you feel that you need a contact with the afterlife. For that, it is enough to ask it with a deliberate intention before falling asleep.

Spirits try to contact you if the electronic devices around you operate in a strange way

Another fairly common way for spirits to notify you that they have a message to communicate to you is to go through the electronic devices in your home. We are made of energy, and the bond that brings us together with our loved ones, even if they have disappeared, is eternal. Electric power is a good way for them to notify you of their presence: a lamp that turns off or turns on alone, the television that changes channels without touching anything, or even the radio that starts on a song that unites you ..
Spirits try to contact you if you sometimes feel chills for no apparent reason

When a spirit that is dear to you is trying to contact you, you may feel a chill pass through your body, or have unexplained goosebumps. This is due to the coming together of the terrestrial world and the world of the afterlife, which creates a change in body temperature.

If you feel chills while your body temperature is normal (it is not particularly cold or hot), pay attention to your surroundings and be attentive to the message that the mind that tries to contact you wants to deliver you. source